US WWI Officer Tunic

105945000 2kg

Beautiful recreation of WWI style officer uniform coat

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 We copied this tunic from an original made by an English Savile Row tailor for an American officer in the AEF. Like the original, it is handmade by a master tailor, with plenty of handworks involved. It includes a center back vent, which was not called for in regulations, but is found on some tunics made by English tailors. Fabric is hard-wearing wool whipcord - favored by many officers. Expect some minor tailoring to be required for a proper officer fit. Also, sleeves must be adjusted for individual length before the sleeve braid (included) is applied 3 inches from the end of the sleeve.


Matching breeches are available, but these tunics can also be worn with our drab whipcord officer breeches. General Pershing banned this combination, which only made it more popular.

Insignia IS NOT included with this uniform.