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Top quality (2013-04-24)
Fast shipping and very good quality. Nice WWII cut.

Vilanova - ES
spot on (2012-06-21)
These trousers are great.
They are a very authentic 1940s cut.
There is no way I could improve them.
Very fast service.

drew - GB
Wool Trousers (2012-02-18)
Fast delivery service, best price and great quality. I compared them to an original pair and they are spot-on with the exception that your trousers are about one inch larger in the legs than the originals. Makes them a little baggy but will be able to get long-johns under them with no problem.

Hart - US
oversized (2011-11-28)
I received the trousers today and immediately noticed something was off. The trousers are a size 38 and fit perfectly around the waist. The rest however is very much out of proportion. I can''t imagine the US army issuing trousers that have room for 2-3 legs in one pipe. Took them to a tailor right away and they thought it was a production error. Too bad, but with a little extra spending these will turn out fine (I hope).

Joeri - Belgium
M44 Trousers (2011-09-15)
A quality pair of trousers that are the closest one can get to the real thing. Texture and color is that of the original wartime M44 trousers. A wonderful addition to the Ike or four pocket tunic.

Slesser - US
Trousers for Ike Jacket (2011-07-07)
O.K. I got the exchanged pair. They are a better fit, but still could use about an inch in the waist. I think that I know what happened. Your guys measured the pants size on the outside diameter. Pants are always measured on the inside of the waistband. On the outside, you must add three inches. A 36" pair of pants should measure 39" on the outside diameter. A 38" waist should measure 41" on the outside edge. The exchanged pair measure 38" on the outside, so that they are really a 35" not a 36". Solution: renumber your pants inventory to the correct size. As before, quality is good, but the pants do not match the Ike Jacket. They do, however, match the EM 4-pocket Class A Coat quite well in fabric and color.

Speer - US
bleeding (2011-01-31)
Ok quality but the dye used for the wool is not colorfast. One wash on the wool cycle caused dye to bleed onto the cotton lining. The pants still look normal from the outside but i didnt expect something like this to happen.

Also the buttons are almost nothing like real ones that i have seen and felt.

Christian - Sweden
Wool Pants (2010-10-29)
Excellent quality material..matches the Ike jacket. Bill

Pace - US
perfect (2010-03-14)
a very good repro
perfect in size, style and colour !
thank you wpg for the great service !

Schatull - DE
US Matching trousers for Ike Jacket (2009-11-12)
Good quality, fast dispatch, excellent service as ever
Many thanks

Gillingham - GB
Reenactor's best pick (2009-05-13)
I never have to worry that something wont look right when I order from WPG, You have already done the homework so all I have to do is order.
I have never had to send anthing back because it was not right. Thanks for all your hard work to make us look great for our shows.

Anderson - US
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