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Perfect Copy (2023-07-23)
The color of the material, buttons and weave are a perfect copy of original shirts. Just remove the gas flap (like originals) and you'll be happy.

Remy - Kansas, USA
Mustard wool shirt (2022-04-30)
I was very pleased with the quality of this item, this is the second item of clothing I’ve bought from WPG, and the quality has surpassed my expectations! Can’t say the same for some other well known companies. Thanks again, WPG!

Jake - US
Great Shirt (2019-11-14)
I have an original. Same color, feel, may be a bit heavier, but not much. However, the WW2 uniforms varied in color, weight depending on the manufacturers.
Got it quick, real happy.😃

Prosser - US
m1937 wool shirt, enlisted (2018-12-28)
A+ 100% Outstanding!!!!!!!

devlin - US
Efficient Service, Excellent Product! (2018-11-05)
I ordered an M-37 wool U.S. Army enlisted man's shirt. My order was promptly sent and delivered and the shirt is a terrific reproduction that fits very well. I was extremely pleased with my dealings with WPG.

Pennington - US
Quality Product but sizing? (2018-02-13)
First rate material and quality. I did order my dress shirt size but item was fitted very close in abdomen (duh) and chest was tight. Waiting for a replacement in an even larger size.

Branam - US
fast shipping (2017-06-20)
EM Ike jacket, khaki tie and wool shirt. Fast and friendly service and shipping! We're very happy and
our WW2 Veteran is happy as well! Thank you Jerry and all...

Kievlan - US
Great item and super fast delivery! (2017-02-17)
Thanks so much for the wool shirt. It fits perfectly and arrived very quickly.

Cassady - US
The best shirt (2015-06-17)
Ok, I have only tried this and the one from SoF, and felt an original. This shirt can pass as original, SoF definitaly can't...
Very pleased.
But... waist/stomach would suit someone 7 months pregnant....

Johan - SE
Mustard wool shirt (2014-10-24)
Nice product. It seems you cannot use tie on this shirt.

Garcia - US
US M1937 Early War Mustard Wool Shirt (2014-02-28)
Very good quality, but for tall and slim guy with thick neck

Romanov - RU
Great shirt (2013-05-26)
Took two whole weeks to get to were I live. But it was worth the wait. Looks just like the originals . Thank you.
Great quality.

PrejeanJ - US
jacket (2013-03-07)
Very nice product and can't believe how fast it got here!

Webb - US
US M1937 Early War Mustard Wool Shirt (2011-06-09)
Excellent quality, great color. The neck is a bit wide. 18 inches on a 17x36 shirt. Fine for combat, but no way with a tie.

Kohlmorgen - DE
M37 wool shirt (2011-03-07)
This is an excellent garment, very accurate and the fit is correct.

Cervone - US
US M1937 Early War Mustard Wool Shirt (2011-02-18)
Very nice shirt and it FITS. Great service.

Winer - US
Customer (2010-02-11)
Nice quality, with more than ample room across the chest and more than ample length.

Mikesell - US
M1937 Mustard Wool Shirt (2009-08-23)

Excellent quality on the material used.

Macasinag - PH
GI Wool Shirt (2009-05-23)
Very nice product. Fits very well and is very comfortable. Thanks again Jerry.

Zuver - US
US M1937 Wool Shirt (2008-12-05)
Superb item, best repro shirt I've seen! Thanks.

Keras - US
Professional service (2007-06-09)
Jerry, Thanks- I got the shirt today. I really appreciate your professional service.

Gary A. Keith - USA
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