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Great quality, fast delivery (2024-05-27)
The boots are of the upmost quality kinda stiff so takes some breaking in to get them comfortable and the hob nails are great

Armstrong - CA
Good Boot for the price (2024-04-12)
I buy this boots for a civilian impression, fits true to size, i wear a UK 10 and buy a US11. leather is good, maybe a bit to soft, the soles are on the thin side. I replaced the leather insole and the Hobnails. Not perfect but a good Product for the Price

Rueegg - CH
Sends very quickly (2024-02-13)
Comfortable and quality Canadian boots

Dumont - FR
best boots (2022-08-19)
Was needing these for an impression I’m doing, and these are awesome and comfortable boots. Arrived and looked exactly how I was expecting them. Amazing quality, and the craftsmanship is great. The shipping was crazy fast for it shipping overseas. My only complaint I have is that when I got these wet to stretch them black dye was leaking pretty bad, and the bridge of the boot is slightly tight- but I have really arched women's feet, so that could be just me. Overall, I would recommend and look forward to purchasing more from WPG!

Erika - NE
Excellent product and fast, efficient delivery (2022-01-11)
Product was all I wanted and Fedex delivered right on time, very pleased

Evans - CA
Very good! (2022-01-07)
Very good! Better than expected and fast shipping!

Thai - CA
Screws loose (2021-11-29)
Great boots overall, my only problem is that the screws on the right toecap come loose constantly.

Ander Camps-McCaffrey - US
Well Executed (2021-08-14)
Fast, on time as expected, excellent workmanship

Patarcity - US
Fast shipping (2021-08-08)
Boots look really solid and I'm nicle surprised of good quality. Cant wait for use them

Gabex - CA
Excellent (2021-07-15)
Fast delivery, very nice boots. After some wear they are able to break in and they fit nicely with my original 1944 Canadian uniform! Props for such a cheap and brand-new boot to fill an integral part of a Canadian WWII uniform.

Hoffman - CA
Tasty boots (2021-07-12)
These boots will make a fine addition to my collection. Memes aside, these boots have been great so far and breaking into them will take a bit of time, as expected but they’ll be good for my Canadian impression. Fast af shipping by the way.

Alex - Canada
Never ceases to amaze me (2021-02-04)
Great quality boots, fits like a glove. No doubt will last me my entire reenacting career. Arrived in three days after placing order.

Cheers to you Jerry!

Corley - US
Superb Ammoboots w/o toecaps. (2020-10-27)
If you are looking for correct Ammoboots for your Canadian uniform, these are the ones! Fit like a glove and are very well made! Shipping was fast and the costs were quite cheap! I'm a happy customer and I'll buy more in the future! Thanks! Until next time!

van den Broek - NL
Impressed with delivery! (2020-08-12)
Bought these for a Canadian impression.
A massive thanks to Wajed for sizing advice, being a UK10, ordered a size 11 and got a perfect fit.
Construction is certainly fit for purpose.
I was absolutely amazed at the speed of order processing and delivery.
Bloody good show!

Coppin - UK
Good Boots (2020-06-11)
These are actually remarkably comfortable once broken in and after being properly laced and greased. I got mine soaking wet and them wore them for a day hike to break them in and was not disappointed with their quality. The boots come with the appropriate hob nails, toe and heel caps. Recommend future buyers grease their laces after commando lacing to smooth out any difficulty with getting boots tight.

Jake - United States
Fast delivery with a twist (2020-03-05)
The product arrived fast and in order, everything about the product is exactly as needed, but because it got randomly inspected at the customs in my country, and it had a different price on the box, than what I had paid (which Idid not know, since it wasn't said anywhere) I got charged another 60 dollars at customs for trying to "cheat"

Koval - CZ
If I ever go back, which I will, this is the place every time for me (2020-02-14)
WPG, dam, great stuff, boots a perfect, the price, excellent, do buy here

Kilpatrick - US
Another happy customer! (2019-11-05)
Impressed, well made, fast shiping, and excellent customer service. Kudos to Mr. W, always a pleasure to deal with! To cut it short, order with confidence you won't be disappointed!

Oram  - CA
Nice (2019-05-14)
Nicely made for what I paid. fast delivery.

Clifford - CA
Quick delivery, well made. (2019-05-12)
These boots are definitely one of the more interesting items I own. However, these run a bit small. It would be nice to see some half-sizes, since I normally wear a size 11 with insoles and thick wool socks, but these were a bit tight.

Valente - CA
Excellent 1037 Boot (2018-06-13)
I bought mine in 2005, and have only had to resole them after 12 seasons. The upper leather is so thick, that I should be able to get many more years of wear out of them. These boots are truly 'tank-tough', great job, WPG!

Eddie - Pittsburgh, PA - USA
Very happy (2018-03-13)
These were part of a larger, first, order with WPG. I'm an 11.5 shoe size, so ordered the size 12 to give me some latitude. I put some work boot insoles in them and that snugged them right up. Very happy with these, and the rest of the items ordered.

Henry - Canada
British ammunition boots (2018-02-06)
Boots received, and I am very pleased. Should ware quite will here in the back country of Arizona.

Montgomery - US
Great! (2017-11-08)
Very fast service and awesome product! Thank you!

Mark - CA
Very Good (2017-09-03)
Great price, and very fast shipping! Can't wait to take them to my first event! Remember that you do have to sign for the package when it's delivered.

Olshansky - US
Exceptionally Crafted and Speedy Delivery (2017-03-28)
I had finally wore out the pair that you made in 2006 (I had them re-soled once) and this pair fits even better, as my poor old feet have changed over the years. Keep up the good work!!

Smith-Christmas - US
Excellent boots! (2016-12-20)
Great pair of boots, just break them in a little bit and their ready to go! And as always, very fast shipping with DHL. And as a nice surprise, they came with extra laces and hobnails. Very satisfied overall with WPG, and will definitely be back!

Goddard - US
Very quick delivery. (2016-11-07)
I like the boots, they fit well too.

Connell - US
Find product (2016-09-09)
Delivered quickly . Fitting well

Hebron - NZ
Quick Delivery and High Quality! (2016-08-14)
Arrived quickly considering the distance, and was easy to track
When it arrived it was well packaged and the boots seems to be of solid construction, can't wait to use them some more!

George - UK
Good value (2016-02-01)
I got the Commonwealth ammo boots w/o toe caps. They arrived in 5 days from UAE, so fast response. Construction is sturdy. Two issues: need half-sizes for people like me with extra-wide feet (10 1/2 EEE). I bought a pair of size 11's for extra width, and this would have been sufficient, except for my heavy woolen socks and orthopedic insoles. Had it been available I would have taken a pair of 11 1/2's. Other point, I add my voice to the suggestion of offering the ammo boots without the hobnails and toe- snd heel-plates. I had to spend an additional $28USD to a cobbler to make the boots suitable. I might have spent that money on more merchandise from What Price Glory.

Daniel  - US
Ammo Boots (2015-12-30)
The boots are sturdy and seem very well made. I have worn them for one WWI event so far and they worked just fine. They do require some breaking in, though. To get them to be comfortable, I soaked them in hot water for a few hours, then wore them wet for a day. Now they feel just fine and I ran around at the event all weekend without getting any blisters.

Brent - Ohio, USA
Ammo Boots (2015-12-16)
Awesome quality, all leather construction as advertised. Extremely quick delivery as well.

Kevin - Michigan
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2015-09-01)
Hard as the devil. I wore the previous pair until the metal parts in the bottom virtually disintegrated

del Horno - ES
5 (2015-08-18)
Good quality, very fast delivery, very reasonable prices and reliable seller! I can just say that I'am very satisfied customer!

Salakka - FI
British Ammo boots (2015-06-16)
Well made and delivered quickly. These need to be broken - in, but several work shifts have already made a difference!

Mike - US
Ammo Boots (2015-06-02)
Great boots. Built tough, look just like the originals. True to size. Thanks so much!

Burch - US
Fantastic Boots, Great Service (2015-03-05)
They look fantastic, are decent quality, got here fast and if there is any issue at all, WPG is fantastic about solving it in a timely manner.

Müller - US
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2015-02-25)
Great Seller
Received my boots very quickly
Look and feel great, Excellent Repo!!!!

Hays - US
Good experience, one minor issue (2015-02-09)
Got these because, the unit I joined allowed the ammo boots as captured equipment and these because they were roughly in my size and I could get them before the event. The boots arrived on time and fit great. One issue is there seems to be a nail or something in my right boot, this is not a big problem as I filed it down to where it wont cause me problems. Overall great.

Nate - Iowa, US
Ammo Boots (2015-01-27)
I am really glad to get these, the fit was spot on. The pebbled look and no toe cap made them perfect for my Empire Impression! Many thanks!!

murphy - US
So good I bought another pair! (2014-11-21)
Well, I ordered my "old" shoe size the first time (forgetting that I have gone up a size in the last year or two) so they are too small, really. However I was so impressed with them, for the price, that I have just ordered and received a larger pair!

Rombough - CA
Brit Ammo Boots exchanged for Cdn 1914 style (2014-11-14)
I had originally requested the Canadian (brown suede exterior) style ammo boots but Jerry informed me they were out of stock, so we received the British style with cut back upper leather. Wondering if the Cdn style are coming in soon, so we can order them instead, sending back the one pair of British style (of two send) to exchange for the Cdn, as we want the whole RHLI 4th Bn CEF Ceremonial Guard in Canadian 1914 kit. Pls advise. Thx. The Brit Ammo boots are, nevertheless, good quality!

Moll - CA
Good (2014-11-07)
Excellent boots and fast shipping

Korneev - RU
British ammo boots (2014-10-02)
Well done; plenty wide, and they already feel good.

Ryder - US
Shoes (2014-09-26)

The shoes are of good quality, shipping was very fast and accurate.
many companies can still take an example here.

Nijhof - NL
drew (2014-06-25)
Very good service and the boots are of very good quality

Crichton - GB
Boots (2014-04-10)
These boots are great for Victoria boots Zulu war boer war Etc

A diehard - England ,staffordshire
Great Period Correct Piece (2014-03-31)
An excellent fit for Canadian boots. The boots are pebbled and need to be deglazed and bulled proper for a great shine. However, the quality of construction is excellent. Suggest oiling the soles after wearing a bit to prolong the life of them. Extra nails and laces are great. Laces are strong latigo leather. Long enough to a proper lacing job. These boots can be used for 19th century Victorian portrayals as well.

Warren - Canada
Great boots! (2014-03-11)
Excellent reproduction boots. Very well made.

Robson - GB
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