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Fast delivery (2020-02-24)
Good repro, and bullet fast shipping Dubai to NC in four days

Coyle - US
D-Day Gas Brassard. (2014-11-01)
Excellent quality reproduction. Color is good and it appears to be assembled correctly. I wish there were size options though because I had to add material (inside seam) to fit my arm as I'm pretty hefty. Not the products fault however, really nice repro.

Zachary - US
Gas Brassard (2014-08-07)
Good re-creation. My D-Day impression is complete. Priced reasonably.

Punt - US
Wicked (2014-05-14)
Great !

Dipardo - CA
AMAZING (2013-06-24)
This is an amazing reproduction! I might have to buy more! Really fast delivery. A++

Max - Armed Forces Europe
US Gas Brassard (2012-10-22)
A beautiful re-creation of an almost impossible to find item. Fantastic service from one of the worlds top military dealers!

Graham Lovegrove - GB
brassard (2012-08-25)
good item quick shipping

silvers - GB
D-Day Gas Brassard (2011-03-22)
Now my D-Day impression is complete. Thanks Jerry, I've never even seen one of these before. I have learned alot from you. You are the master.

Speer - US
WALES (2010-05-26)
Just like the originals and very sturdy...

Excellent price and reproduction! Looks great! (2010-05-21)
Excellent price and reproduction! Looks great!

Lizyaev - RU
Gas Brassards (2010-05-07)
Excellent price and reproduction! Looks great!

Panacy - US
great (2009-12-26)
really good reproduction, completed my Ranger impression. Thank you!

Nick - Germany
US Gas Brassard (2009-10-07)
Excellent reproduction at an excellent price. I've seen instructions for making these from hobby paper and HBT webbing... buying here is much easier.

Lynch - US
Mr (2009-08-25)
Good Quality Item 10/10

Toohey - AU
US Gas Brassards (2009-07-29)
Excellent detail!!! Very well made!

Ed Corley - US
Quality repro brassard (2009-07-09)
Looks good, low price, fast shipping.

Bubert - US
Gas Brassard (2009-07-08)
My collection is complete I couldent find one as cheap anywhere else, not to mention as realistic, thanks

Wickersham - US
Mr (2009-06-01)
Good Quality Item Recived with canteens on the 21/05/2009.

Toohey - AU
US Gas Brassards (2009-04-04)
Fast turnaround.

Barebo - US
US Gas Brassards (2009-02-25)
Superb, Thank you.

Malbecq - BELGIUM
Excellent (2009-01-31)
Excellent quality and very speedy shipping and delivery!

Mike - MI/USA
US Gas Brassards (2008-11-17)
As ordered and accurate recreation

Crinigan - US
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