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Economical, and LOUD (2022-05-17)
A great little novelty gift, sounds very crisp and loud. Mine were blank and did not have the "U.S." markings as some other makes might.

Vrdoljak - CA
Really fast delivery (2021-05-04)
The item came faster than I expected honestly. Really cool little item for the collection (louder than I expected). Very happy with this purchase.

Jacques - AU
Really Happy with Product (2017-04-07)
Great cricket. Solid product, even better than I expected. Will look great with my display. Highly recommend.

Crickets (2015-07-20)
Nice product. Looks and works fine.

Pace - US
Awesome product (2015-03-13)
It shipped quick and was everything i wanted, Thank you!

Redmond - US
Cricket (2015-01-11)
Great JOB !!!!

engels - BE
good (2014-10-21)
fast delivery, quality item.

Olivieri - CA
Cricket (2014-07-07)
So cool to have these. I ordered two, and broke one trying to figure out how to make it click. But I repaired it so main suggestion is some simple instructions for those of us who never used one before.

Lloyd - Alaska
Cricket (2014-03-09)
Very happy with them, plan to order more !

rice - US
US D-Day Cricket (2014-01-03)
Works great.Very good price, too!

Levedakis - GR
Things i ordered! (2013-07-17)
I have received all the goods i ordered from you in perfect condition!!! Thank you very much i will order again from your site in a month! Thank you again!

Nasioulas - GR
So far, so good. (2013-07-17)
Feedback was requested, so here it is. Just received my cricket. Shipped in a very timely manner. Since I just received it, I really can't speak to its durability. Seems well built, and is very loud with that distinctive "click-clack". The price is great, try buying an authentic cricket! Thanks WPG.

Daru - US
D-Day Cricket (2013-05-19)
Great reproduction, looks great.

Radford - US
Perfect copy (2013-03-06)
These crickets really look the part! Well worth the price

Bergstrom - SE
Excellent Service (2012-12-10)
Received my order fast! Crickets are very much alive and loud. Thank you.

Sanders - US
5 (2012-08-04)
cricket is perfect in everyway!

Walder - US
better than my friend's (2012-07-16)
I reenact 5th Rangers and bought the cricket as a 90/10 item for my kit (90% documented gear, 10% oddity they may have picked up for whatever reason). A new guy in our unit used to do Airborne, and after showing him the cricket his comment was, "wow, that's a lot louder than mine." I'm happy with the volume and sturdiness and can't wait to use it.

Tyson - US
US D-Day Crickets (2012-03-07)
This cricket is beautiful. It sounds great.

Irving - US
Cricket (2011-12-21)
Sounds exactly like the original, I love it!

Schell - US
D-Day Cricket (2011-06-03)
I have seen an original cricket in the WWII Eisenhower museum in Abilene and this cricket looks just like the original. Great item at a great price

Fass - US
5 (2011-03-31)
All items as advertised, service great, shipping on time. Have bought before and will buy again. Gordon

Calahan - US
cricket (2011-03-23)
Perfect addition to our airborne impression

Stanley - US
Clicker (2011-01-26)
The thing is great nice and loud I wasn't expecting it to be this good.I began to wonder it is. Repo or the really thing for WWII

Ward - US
The Cricket (2011-01-19)
Neat item to have for collectors. Would recommend it to any Normandy setting re-inactments.

Wight - CA
Great stuff!! (2010-10-11)
the sound Fells you like in Normandy!! excelent piece!

Ricardo DÀvila - US
Cricket (2010-06-25)
The sound was so real that I was looking for some crickets in my apartment in Yonkers, when the other crickets hear it, they started to try to come thur the screen windows. I recommend it. Henry O

Ordosgoitia - US
cricket (2010-05-12)

williams - GB
Cricket (2010-05-11)
Good price, a great piece to have.

Jim - US
Crickets (2010-04-04)
Cricket had some damage due to shipping. Was able to repair. One also had some glue on it.

wilgus - US
Cricket (2010-03-03)
I bought a cricket for my lesson, it will fit in perfectly.

Nitz - US
D DAY CRICKET (2010-02-09)
Awesome little piece. Looks the part, and give a good, strong Click Clack when used.

Coulter - US
Re-enactor (2010-01-19)
Works great, it's everything that I expected.

Doug - Wi
Excellent reproduction (2010-01-07)
Excellent reproduction, solid and very usable

Chris - NZ
D-Day Crickets (2010-01-01)
Fast service, good product A++++

Lamberto - Italy
Good! (2009-12-26)
Nice accessory

Nick - Germany
US D-Day Cricket (2009-12-17)
NICE Cricket! LOUD!

Winder - US
Received (2009-12-12)
It is what hoped, good product, ok.

Gascón - ES
US D-Day Crickets (2009-12-01)
It works as it should work, good copy of the original

Schulmer - BE
greatttttt (2009-10-19)
Jerry , Love all the new products , your service has been so good and
fast frieght.... great job!!

Lumb - US
The crickets (2009-10-19)
You cant beat these crickets for the price .There great

Lumb - US
Great Item! (2009-10-12)
Fast service, good product!

Pntek - HU
US D-Day Crickets (2009-10-08)
These crickets really look the part! Well worth the money.

Rinkel - US
Mr (2009-10-04)
Items arrived better than other order of crickets, well worth a rating of 5 or more.

Toohey - AU
D-Day Cricket (2009-08-30)
Looks good and sounds right.

Meyer - US
US D-Day Crickets (2009-08-22)
excellent, I will do business with you again thanks

D-Day Cricket (2009-07-29)
Great copy of original item! Essential for a D-Day paratrooper impression! Great service!

Ed Corley - US
Mr (2009-07-19)
Above rating should have been a 4 not a 5.

Toohey - AU
Mr (2009-07-19)
The cricket arrived crushed a little this is due to packaging and freight, I was able to repair it.
Still well worth the price, and looking forward to future purchases.

Toohey - AU
Cricket a Welcome Addition to Living History Unit (2009-07-11)
This cricket will fit perfectly in my WWII living history unit that I teach! I use hands-on artifacts to present history as this is what kids remember. A welcome addition to my classroom collection!

abril - US
CRICKET (2009-07-07)

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