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Better than boots (2023-04-04)
I live in upstate NY. Snow is not what it was, but can still be troublesome. As i get older, bending & pulling on high boots to get out on a snowy morning is just not on. These gaiters fit well enough over sweatpants or dorm pants, go right down to my BeanBoot moccasins, &c.. They look great (and good enough for the sartorially correct Douglas MacArthur) and give me protection to the knee. Ignore the photo; a bit of mink oil followed by a cream polish smartens these gaiters up handily, and the quality of the leather is just fine. I'm past my riding days, but think these would have been OK on horseback so !ong as one was not reliant on subtle leg aids (these are a bit thick). Also, better worn with britches regular trousers bulk up around the ankle. NB: Now listed as out of stock; might be worth restocking, promoting with a better picture.

djenner - United States
Great, fast, efficient ! (2021-12-11)
Hello, Thank you very much.All perfect !
Best regards, ALAIN

Awesome pieces of kit! (2020-07-14)
These will be tracking through the desert just as soon as I can get out!

Boido - US
INCREDIBLE!!! (2018-11-29)
These are AMAZING.

I got them for off trail adventure hiking. I wear White's Boots, 12". I live in the Mojave Desert and everything out here is just plane nasty. Nylon won't work and canvas will fill with stickers.

Jerry is great. WPG is amazing. I absolutely love what they are doing. Their products are incredible. I wish their "about us" was more in-depth. I bought a WWI Mackinaw and it is freaking amazing!!!

I am having some issues with getting these sized right. I got size 1, too small. I got size 3, a bit big.

But it depends on pants, boots, what YOU are using. The measurement is the width of the puttee, not the length. So think 'around' your leg. Problem is, I don't know where the 'around' part is on the puttee.

What Price Glory - you are amazing. Please keep up the amazing work. I can't wait to get more stuff from y'all.

Mojave Ted - California, USA
Very satisfied (2018-09-05)
These are nicely made, ready for the dye/colour of your choice. They are sized correctly, so order with confidence. Shipping was fast, only 4 days from order to delivery.

PA - Philadelphia
quick delivery (2018-06-06)
Great pair of puttees. They are worth the price and will get well worn at our camp.

Sepulveda - US
Leather Puttees (2018-06-02)
I ordered these to wear when riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle. They give that perfect old school look. I selected the wrong size, but they were exchanged very quickly. Love them.

Mark - Texas
M1911 Puttees (2018-05-08)
Arrived quickly, excellent quality better than one shown. Has correct stitching along edges, brass grommet for strap, lining at top. Was able to match my boots with dye and oil.

Barry - Washington, USA
M1911 Puttees (2018-05-08)
Arrived quickly, excellent quality, much nicer than sample shown, top edge lined, brass grommet for top strap, correct stitching around perimeters, double stitching top and bottom. Was able to dye and oil them to match my boots. Highly recommended.

Barry - Washington
M1911 Puttees (2017-11-02)
Fits great. They run a little large so I ordered down a size. Sturdy item made of good leather.

Ditto - US
SUPER FAST shipping!!! (2017-08-27)
Great item - Thanks

Yeager - US
Authentic, well made item (2017-06-20)
A nice alternative to the canvas leggings when one is going "full officer". As with my other WW1 replica uniforms and gear, I shop first at WPG, and haven't been disappointed yet.

Eisel - US
Great work ! (2017-05-07)
The puttees are very high quality. Once dyed cordovan, they look exactly like examples from the time period. One suggestion - list the size range they will cover. My pair fit well, but I could have gone 1 size down.

Freeman - US
Just what the doctor ordered! (2017-04-17)

The order got here on the 12th, intact. The leggings were just what I needed and I have been working with them to oil them up and soften them. So far, they have taken 4 coats of Lexol, an American brand of Leather Conditioner. At $20.00 American per liter it is relatively expensive but it does the trick. I use it on ALL my leather goods, saddles, boots, shoes, motorcycle saddlebags, just about anything that needs conditioning or softening.
I do need to warn you though, the leggings came in and were VERY dry. That's why they are taking so much Lexol. You might want to think about letting them breathe a bit and not sucking all the moisture out of the air in the bags.

Dorsey - US
Fast delivery of robust gaiters (2017-01-15)
These are ideal for game shooting and beating through thorns and brambles in the UK. I've been looking for something like these for years. Fast delivery.

Winchester - UK
Fast Delivery (2017-01-10)
These are very well made and very handy to strap on while only wearing jodhpur or paddock boots. I used a similar pair in the 1950's and 60's that had belonged to my grandfather. I doubt I will ever gall my calf with a stirrup strap again.

Collins - US
Above average quality and fast shipping (2016-06-23)
Saw these on WPG web-site.. Fair pricing, seems I placed order on a Friday and they were in my mailbox on Tuesday...Amazed at the quality, close your eyes and put up to your nose and you feel like you are walking thru a South Texas Saddle factory....Real leather, great smell. Per directions, measure your calf, use that measurement, no need to order next size up as adjustment will loosen OK, just not tighten.. Caution, oil before handling very much with extra virgin olive oil or the Fiebling's.. No petroleum based (Neats Foot ) oil should ever be used on quality leather

Bradshaw - US
Come to find out, they're stylish! (2016-03-28)
I saw these and found them interesting. A novel solution to high boot. I wear them with my Justiin plain westerns & laceups, as as well with my Type II service shoes. Worn then all winter- not waterproof obviously, but they are handy around snow and mud. Got a lot of complements and questions when I first stated wearing them. This winter it seems to be the style to keep the pant legs tucked in the boots in the country- another plus. Probably look better to most worn incorrectly with the straps and buckles on the outside than the correct way in the front. When my brother-law saw then, he noted I'd gotten a pair of snake chaps. Authenticity need not be a big worry, as most of these were purchased privately by officers. 5 stars for fit, quality. compared to a pair of originals, not as stiff and more comfortable

Dennis - US. KY
US M1911 Leather Puttees (2015-11-07)
Great fit, and look like they'll be serviceable in the field. Match the color to my marching shoes and I'm think they'll look outstanding.

Foster - US
5 (2015-11-06)
Great item. Well made and fit perfect. I was a little confused on what to measure(around or length of calf) but I measured around my calf and that was correct.
Thank you

Murphy - US
Perfect (2015-04-05)
They botched the size big time on the first set I received, but Jerry was quick to fix it and my proper size arrived quickly. Once fitted, the straps can't really be tightened so to say, but they can be loosened a bit. Over all the leggings fit really well and after a few coats of Fiebings med. brown they matched up with my farm shoes perfect. I'm sure I'll get a lifetime of use out of 'em.

Ellis - VA
Leather puttees (2014-11-26)
Am I wrong or was Brad Pitt wearing them in "Fury"?

Paul - England
Puttees (2014-11-20)
Great putteees and well made from decent leather. Looked after they should last a lifetime. I added copper rivets to the buckles and straps just to make sure but really no need as the stitching is very well done. They should last a lifetime. They are very close to an old pair that was hanging around the house when I was a kid years ago from my granddad. Off to add some horse wear, sweat and grease. Thanks Jerry, nice kit.

Patrick J - Ireland
shin armor (2014-02-24)
These are fantastic...i'm 5' 10" 230lbs and these puttees fit like a glove. The 15" works well if your like me and wear high top hiking boots. Leaves enough room for the high top and you knee to move comfortably. I used some extra virgin oilive oil to condition the inside and outside of the leather and they darkened up nicely!

zant - US
US M1911 Leather Puttees (2013-08-20)
Everyone asks me: "where did you get them"? I am talking about people that are not even remotely interested in re-enacting. You see, I live in the land of the "Mojave Green". This is a rattlesnake to you tenderfeet. In San Bernardino County, California every hospital has rattlesnake antivenin. If you ever saw a buddy writhing in agony, foaming at the mouth, while blood oozes out of every orifice, then you'll understand the obsession with "Girding Your Loins". Thanks Jerry, another magnificient piece of leather work.

Speer - US
US M1911 Leather Puttees (2013-03-24)
Good workmanship and appearance is first class! The delivered quantity is exactly the ordered. Thumbs up!

Vogt - DE
Leather Puttees (2013-03-06)
Very Impressed with the puttees, a decent fit, and nice quality leather.

Atkinson - AU
Puttees (2012-03-30)
I thought they well made and they fit well. I'm very pleased with your products and how quickly I've received them. Thank you, Terry

Patterson - US
Leather Puttees (2011-10-27)
The things seem very well made of good leather, but the sizing is very specific, and therefore pretty hit and miss as a mail order item.

Boyce - US
Leather Puttees (2011-10-05)
Solid construction and great fit. Not only do they look great, they''re excellent as additional protection while riding my motorcycle!

Jess - Seattle
Re: Leather puttees (2008-12-02)
Ordered these leather puttees after much searching online and print adverts. Must say I was very impressed with the product, and more important, the level of service from WPG. Looking forward to doing more business with this company.

Rolando - New York
You Did It Again! (2008-04-26)
Fellow customers, you don''t need to order leggings from England! They are here an they match the US models to the detail. The price is well worth the wait! KUDOS WPG!!

Carl - USA
1911 Leggings (2008-04-12)
These leggings are meant to cover several sizes. I wear a 16 1/2 and they are a little large, no problem though I can fix that easy. Other than age and shade of color, they are like my small original pair. Jerry did it again!!

Mike A - Nebraska, USA
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