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Perfect (2023-10-30)
Very good quality for a so difficult item to find.

Millar - FR
very cool (2022-03-29)
They look awesome on my tanker helmet

Harms - US
Great Item (2020-11-30)
Look like originals and finish off the tanker helmet perfectly.

Charles - US
great goggles (2020-09-10)
Near perfect copy of the famed tanker/aviator goggles. Excellent attention to detail and very comfortable to wear.

Donovan - US
The Perfect Repro (2020-03-02)
The only problem is now I have to buy a second pair because the first are so good!

Tom - US
M1938 Tanker Goggles (2019-10-18)
Outstanding reproduction of a very difficult original item to find. Attention to detail is first rate. Don't hesitate to purchase this item. You will not be disappointed.

Richard - U.S.A.
All great (2019-06-26)
I get items faster from WPG than I do here in the US. and better than that its always right. Thanks WPG

Card - US
pefetto (2019-06-11)
articolo eccellente , consegna velocissima. tutto perfetto

valentini - IT
Tank You Very Much! (2019-04-13)
Outstanding googles, Brand new looking fits perfectly with my new looking precise replica Tankers Helmet. Looks exactly like originals in National Archives Color Photos

Chuck - USABOT
Super fast (2019-03-28)

Webb - US
Very impressed with these (2019-03-18)
These goggles exceeded my expectations in build quality and comfort. I use my WWII style motorcycle frequently at our flying museum, and these are a perfect match for my tanker helmet as well as being the most comfortable goggles I own for riding the bike for daily use. Far superior to any modern plastic lenses in clarity and comfort.

Mike Potter - US
Super fast delivery (2019-02-19)
I’ve never seen a real set of these goggles but was surprised to find that the face cushion is, what seems to be, a silicone. I’m sure they’ll work just fine and they definitely look good on my Tanker helmet. Now just need to figure how to make a period correct looking chin strap for my helmet so I can ride a motorcycle with the helmet and goggles. Don’t know how they do it but shipping from overseas is always unbelievably fast.

Jeff - US
Super product! (2019-02-19)
These tanker goggles are fantastic and, in combination with the tanker helmet, really make watching Brad Pitt and his crewmates in "Fury" a lot more enjoyable!

Kuoni - US
Outstanding Service & Quality (2019-02-18)
Extremely pleased again with your reproduction goggles. It compliments the tanker helmet in every detail! It matches historical pictures in details!

Rivas - US
Outstanding Service & Quality (2019-02-18)
Very pleased with the quality of this reproduction and exceeded all expectations! Thank you

Carl - US
Great delivery time! (2019-02-18)
Bought them for display only on the tanker helmet I bought from you. But was tempted to wear them at least once while riding my 1942 Harley. Great product. Thanks.

Landress - US
Great! (2019-02-13)
Delivery in 1 week to The Netherlands....excellent!
Premium quality goggles ready for use

Sven - Nederland
Tanker Goggles (2015-05-08)
Bought the goggles to go with tanker helm, what can I say it looks awesome! Extremely pleased with goggles and quality of item!

Mateos - US
goggles (2015-02-03)
Received goggles fast as always and very good product Jack

troutman - US
US M1938 Resistol Tanker Goggles (2014-12-29)
Perfect to use with the tanker helmet. Good quality and fast shipping. Very impressed

Henry - CA
M38 Resistal Goggles (2014-11-20)
Exceptional reproduction and great addition to my original Tanker helmet.

Kose1 - US
US M1938 Resistol Tanker Goggles (2014-11-16)
Product looked as good as advertised. My only real complaint was the shipping document from the UAE showed the cost of the goggles was a small fraction of what I paid. I know that there is a markup but I would have preferred not to see how much! It made me feel like I had paid more than I should have for this product.

Knuth - US
M1938 Resistal Goggles (2014-10-02)
Looks wonderful. The only thing was the that there was a shortage of fabric material on the bottom part under the hinge over the nose bridge area. There was a big gaping hole where dust would be able to blow in. I had to do a bit of repair to close it. Otherwise the metal frame, rubber face piece, and straps were great. Maybe closer inspection before it leaves the shelf would identify and eliminate such deficiencies before shipping.

Collantes - US
Goggles (2014-09-21)
Great goggles, fast shipping. Thanks.

Culligan - US
US M1938 Resistol Tanker Goggles (2014-09-17)
These are very nice and can be actually used driving or riding in your Military Vehicle. Again the elastic needs to be better. Just a little more and these would be absolutely fabulous

Dan - USA
Great replacement for original! (2014-07-23)
These work great with my tanker helmet for my WLA impression. I worry a littlr about they elastic strap not holding up but has so far.. FYI I I I have been told original lenses will not fit if you break one just FYI. !!!!

Matt - Fredonia / WI
Lunette de tankiste us (2014-06-26)
Superbes reproduction de lunettes! Moi je les utilises comme lunettes de tankistes britannique en ayant retirer le caoutchouc, seul point négatif: le prix! Mais la qualité, comme toujours, est présente! Merci.

Sebastien - FR
helmet (2014-05-02)
great itme

Peeters - BE
TC M4A1 Sherman (2014-02-04)
Goggles arrived as advertised. They were in great shape. They look great on my tanker helmet.

Smith - US
ristrol goggles (2013-07-31)
These are out standing copies of the original , again these are out standing

gatford - US
Robbo (2013-07-30)
These goggles are great and look fantastic on my WW2 tanker helmet. WPG has fantastic quality products and extremely fast postage to Australia.

Robinson - AU
goggles (2013-04-18)
Perfect, exactly what i was looking for.

Zimmerman - US
Mr. (2013-04-18)
Well done..

Griffin - US
M 1938 goggles (2012-10-18)
Excellent replica. I will get a lot of use from these.

Paul Paturel - New Caledonia South Pacific
Resistal goggles (2012-04-23)
Spot on , mighty fine

US M1938 Resistol Tanker Goggles (2012-03-19)
Best vintage style goggle in my motorcycle life.
I like this goggle.

Uchiyama - JP
Goggles (2012-01-24)
Nice replica, well done!

Hulshof - NL
Resistal Driver's Goggles (2011-12-06)
These are just plain beautiful. I put them on the tanker helmet and they look great! Thanks for remembering the small items to help complete the impression. Jerry, you are number one in my book...AGAIN!!!!

Speer - US
Curator of Exhibits, American Airpower Museum, NY (2011-05-21)
Very impressive copy of the originals... even the Resistal name was stamped into the frames. Good job overall. Add a little grime and you're with Bogey on Lulabelle.

Hart - US
Goggles (2011-04-30)
Not as good as the original, but still satisfactory.

Cerda - US
Goggles (2011-04-27)
These are just the best I have ever seen in my 30 years of collecting WWII items. Perfect copy. I highly recommend them to complete your tanker helmet!

Muranyi - US
US M1938 Resistol Tanker Goggles (2011-04-20)
Great goggles.

Bruce - US
nice (2011-03-08)
I'm pretty sure those distributed in 1940 were no better than the one I received today

pauwels - FR
Resistol Goggles (2011-02-06)
Happy to have these, quality is really great

Kosmeijer - NL
US M1938 Resistol Tanker Goggles (2010-11-22)
Very well made. They look and feel O.E.M. A good value.

brown - US
tanker goggles (2010-03-07)
Goggles were very nice, I am very pleads. very good guality.

Cervantes - US
FEEDBACK (2010-05-01)

Resistol Goggles (2010-03-06)
The real deal! Truly makes a tanker helmet stand out!

jones - US
Resistal goggles (2010-03-03)
AWESOME!Just received these and a set of headphones.They really make a tanker helmet stand out.Many thanks!

Kenneth - Alabama/USA
resistol googles (2010-03-03)
Excellent product, when compared to originals I have on hand there is no difference in construction or quality. Would happily buy again.
Chuck Shook

shook - US
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