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Exactly what I wanted. (2023-06-09)
I wanted a means of carrying enbloc clips for my M1 besides the bandos. At the same time I wanted to rock my 1911a1 clone and extra ammo for it. This belt allowed me to do that. The pouches all line up correctly, and fit loaded enbloc clips easily. Clasps are solid. Color is good too and seems quality material.

5centshooter - US
US M1923 Mounted Cartridge Belt (2020-10-04)
A most excellent cartridge belt. Excellent workmanship. I was amazed how quickly I received the item sent from the UAE.

Very fast delivery and good quality (2018-09-18)
I am always stunned at the speed in which I get items from the UAE. Mounted Cartridge belt stitching is fantastic and the entire belt feels very solidly put together. My repro 1911 mag pouch snapped in place perfectly and stays put. Thank you for yet another instance of great quality and service!

Wilson - US
Great reproduction! (2018-01-19)
The quality and workmanship on this product is outstanding! I cant say enough good things about this belt. I waited almost two full years for this belt to come back into stock, it was worth the wait!!! The quality is fantastic, and it allows me to carry the 1911 mag pouch properly, which I also ordered from WPG! Do not hesitate to get this belt and pouch combination!

Phillips - US
A Smooth Transaction! Super Fast Shipping! (2017-11-08)
A good looking piece! Great Quality! I have originals and this compares in quality and craftsmanship! My Original P B & Co 1918 pistol mag pouch snap lines up perfectly on this belt. Really impressed with the very quick shipping from the UAE!

elder - US
nice product (2013-08-10)
Nice matterial and hardware. Company also has excelent customer service. Only one gripe. Button cor mag pouch is a little lower than original. Still very mu h worth the price.

levi - colorado
1903 cartridge belt (2013-07-25)
after my purchase of a 1940 enlisted man raincoat witch I was very pleased with,I also found the 1903 9 pocket cartridge belt with space for a 45 MAG pocket,I was a bit concerned about the quality as I've seen some nasty reproductions.But on receipt of the belt,I'm again very happy with the quality.I would recommend WPG to any member of a re-enactment group or collector.

US M1923 Mounted Cartridge Belt (2013-07-15)
The belt is great! Service and product were superior. The pistol mag doesn't match up with the belt (the button does not line up or stay attached), but they are still usable together. WPG is the only site I buy from now!

Tomlinson - US
US M1923 Mounted Cartridge Belt (2013-06-18)
Thank you Jerry Lee it was just as advertised and a great addition to my collection, and a special thanks to the folks in shipping for helping me sort out all of my confusion and their friendly attitude that never failed... five stars to you all

Reese - US
US M1923 Mounted Cartridge Belt (2012-07-06)
Very well done replica. Color and material is very close match to a couple of original 1918 dated pistol mag carriers I have, and there is enough room for the WWI pattern or a 1923 pattern from WWII. The button on the beltdoesn't match up with WWI pouch, but this does not interfere with the fit. I bet this is a subtle difference between 1923 and earlier patterns.

Will-Ko - US
US M1923 Mounted Cartridge Belt (2012-06-19)
Excellent items and service! Thanks again Jerry and please keep up the great work!!

casariego - ES
US M1923 Mounted Cartridge Belt (2012-03-07)
The cartridge belt is awesome! The space for the magazine is a little narrow. The attached mag pouch overlaps the the buckle slightly. This makes it hard to buckle.

Irving - US
Mounted cartridge belt and .45 pouch (2011-04-27)
Excellent items and service! Thanks again Jerry and please keep up the great work!!

Kapsalis - US
M1923 belt. (2010-10-24)
Excellent reproduction M1923 Belt. I own one original, but I must admit that I almost can not see the differents.

WPG is an excellent Seller, with very fast handling and great communication. Thanks!

Airbornecollector - NL
M1923 mounted (2010-06-12)
Had been looking for a Mounted belt so that the originals I have, could be retired from field use to preserve them. This product compares well, in general and should serve well in the field.

Minor problem was one of the grommet eyes was not properly installed and the belt slides need to be a little more finished, round the corners and edges and make them a little more uniform, otherwise I am happy with my purchase.

Miller - CA
Kevin (2010-05-24)
Fantastic repro and very rapid service to the UK.

Rowley - GB
US M1923 Mounted Cartridge Belt (2010-04-18)
Great product. I have been trying to find a mounted cartridge belt for awhile. The lower eyelts could have a larger washer on them. 1 of mine was blocking the hole and made it hard to use. Otherwise a very good product and it will not keep me from buying from you again. Great fast shipping also.

Phillips - US
Mr. (2010-03-22)
Very good product, looks like original, thanks

cord - US
US M1923 (2010-01-26)
very good stuff in this price level for a reproduction

Braeuer - DE
Re-enactor (2010-01-19)
Not as good as your competitors $100.00 belt but well worth it at half the price, the color matched my unissued 1928 haversach and works very well in my display kit. It could use the larger flanged eyelets on the bottom which would make it more authentic looking and stronger for field use.

Doug - US
owner (2010-01-13)
I am well pleased with the item. Keep up the good work. John

Knight - US
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