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great product. better then expected. (2024-05-04)
very impressed with company.delivey time o.k. will remain a customer in the future. best regards and many thanks.

hounshell - US
Perfect (2024-04-10)
This is a really well made bag. I can see it being a useful work and everyday bag, with plenty of room. I think I’ll take advice in other reviews and treat it with waterproofing.

Pleased (2024-04-06)
Shipping time from half way around the world was only 4 days. The WWI haversack replica appears well made and matches historical pictures. Thank you!

Boline - US
My everyday carry bag (2023-09-22)
I wear this bag every day and have done so for a couple years now. It's wonderful and is aging beautifullyit looks much like the preserved original in the National Museum of the United States Air Force now.

I only knocked off one star because one of my sword hooks was not crimped and there was a chronic issue with the spring piece pivoting sideways and the strap coming off. I think I've finally fixed that, however, with a pair of pliers.

Dave - Vermont
Well done! (2023-04-08)
Product is great. Everything I needed it for.

Dunigan - US
Great bag and very fast delivery. (2022-12-23)
The officers haversack is nicely made. The delivery was very fast.
What Price Glory is on the top of my go to supplier for WW1 British.

Irwin - US
Awesome bag! (2022-12-15)
I love this bag! It is my favorite travel bag. Lots of room and convenient pockets. And it is historical, which is important to me.

Mark - Minnesota
great bag ! (2022-08-21)
Great bag made of very sturdy canvas. Great for WW1 impression and also for an everyday all around bag ! Would highly recommend ! Been buying from Jerry Lee for nigh on 20 years, never been disappointed with the quality

Johnson - US
It. Won't. Die. (2022-03-20)
I have had this for a year, and have been using it for an everyday bag to put some wear on it. It still looks new. The leather holds up remarkably well, and has no scuffs. The canvas while dirty, is showing no wear either. The hooks hold up well, I have stuffed this bag to bursting and easily 25# and it held up.

Chris - Il USA
Great bag (2021-07-26)
It shipped quickly just in time for a reenactment. Well made and held plenty of items for the weekend.

Ratcliffe - US
Great Products and Service (2021-04-12)
This bag is the perfect addition to my kit. After treating leather and canvas, serves well for carrying essentials in the bush: fire, 1st aid, tarp shelter, land nav, cook pot, a few dehydrated meals, some tools, misc. bits, and a hand axe. Clean, simple, and organized - thanks, WPG!

Setlock - US
Fast delivery (2021-04-06)
Very pleased with the bag

Tasker - UK
Good addition (2021-01-04)
This is my second bag - I managed to set fire to the first (long story). It's a great piece of kit, not just with my WW1 British officer impression but as an everyday "man bag". I'll try not to burn this one....

Rob - UK
British Musette Bag (2020-11-03)
Very satisfied with musette bag. This my second one. Gave my first to my son. Very well made. Use it daily.
Jerry: Can you explain purpose of inside loop?

Diaz - US
Best (2019-11-13)
very satisfied with all the items, I have been using them recently in a trip through the desert and all is great...

Correa - HK
Very Nice bag (2019-11-01)
I have had to refinish the leather to make it age better and take polish/oil and now it looks really cool.
Makes a great work bag

mccabe - UK
Great Bag (2019-10-24)
Nice bag, strong materials. Based on some other comments here we'll see how the snap hooks hold up over time. I removed some of the color from the leather to bring it down a notch or two. Another nice reproduction from WPG. Quick shipping.

Mark - USA
Nice!! (2019-05-04)
The bag was delivered four days after I ordered it. Amazing. It is very well made, quality material and perfect stitching. Well done.

Harding - US
Great (2019-04-15)
Loved this item

Gormley - US
Super bag (2019-03-08)
Once again, WPG is great to work with and has speedy delivery. This bag was ordered to carry my WW1 era cameras in and it is perfect! Good quality item, as always.

Sam - Tennessee, USA
Wow!!, (2019-02-18)
You guys did an awesome job on these bags. I now use it as my everyday bag for my weapons, wallet, etc. I get a lot of compliments at the VA, even my wife likes it as I have always carried an old usmc haversack for my stuff. Thanks guys, keep up the excellent work

LCDR Hobie - Mass
Better than expected. (2019-02-11)
Was surprised by the quality considering the price.

Wheeler - US
Tough and resiliant. (2019-01-27)
Great leggings! I weatherproofed them with beeswax, and now I wear them on all outdoor excursions. I hiked Mount Rainier in them. No snow got into my boots, and they were praised by many of the folks I encountered.

Jack - Washington, USA
Excellent! (2019-01-14)
What Price Glory is one of the most efficient online stores I have come across. The inventory is great, the ordering easy, and the delivery was very fast. Thank you very much.

The Musette Bag is great, very well made, and exactly what I wanted.

Hoffman - US
Outstanding bag! (2018-11-08)
Ordered the British 1918 mussette bag. It shipped from UAE and arrived in the US in 2-3 days...very fast service and deliver. The quality is excellent for a modern reproduction. I no longer have to carry a bag for work but I do still carry more than my pockets will hold. This bag is distinctive and goes very well with my "retired look".

Adventure-Ready (2018-11-08)
Absolutely love this bag! I assume a 1920s-30s adventurer persona and this is perfect for my outfits, whether or not I am using my Sam Browne! The bag itself is durable and has a surprisingly large storage space inside. I was pleased to find the pair of center pockets to hold my smaller belongings, such as a phone and notepad. I also enjoy that I can just shake the beads of water off the outside when it rains, useful for Florida weather.

Thatcher - US
Perfect size (2018-02-04)
This is the bag I have been looking for. Use it for day long and weekend Scout Leader training exercises. The right size for essentials, and lunch

Farnan - US
Excellent (2018-01-22)
Best quality thing WPG supplies in my opinion. Extremely satisfied!

andrews - US
Excellent product, fast delivery ! (2017-11-09)
I bought one of these fine bags a few years ago and unfortunately left it behind in a pub never to see it again...

So this time around I ordered TWO just in case and am glad to be back in business !

Leonard - US
A tad disappointed (2017-10-26)
I am afraid I found the Officer's Musette bag a bit disappointing in terms of quality. While it looks great, it did not fare very well with use. After just a day of (light) use as messenger bag for office supplies one of the metal bits broke.

Not a catastrophic failure, but I was expecting a higher degree of workmanship. Something that would at least last for more than a day or two.

Sieh - US
Pleased (2017-09-17)
The bag looks just like originals. Very nice shoulder bag for general use and travel.

MacLeod - US
Superb Reproduction (2017-08-22)
I saw an original in the US WWI museum and had to have one. Outstanding reproduction.

Thomas - US
Good design, sturdy construction (2017-07-17)
Good reproduction of a very good bag design. Wide , adjustable strap is very comfortable. Bag is deep and wide, can hold a lot of stuff--even my 15-inch laptop.
Clasps work well and buckle easily onto the repro Sam Browne belt.
Had a few pen markings from construction (piece numbers, centering lines, etc.) Where possible, the people sewing the bags should take care these are put to the inside of the bag or erased. But I've seen originals with similar markings, so it doesn't bother me much.

Pelikan - US
Unbelievable value! (2017-01-17)
GREAT bag! Quality product, very well made. Besides its obvious, intended use as military kit, it is a great everyday carry bag, or, god help us, "murse."

Harding - US
Outstanding fast delivery. Great quality (2017-01-08)
This bag is very roomy. I use these for small grab and go bags as well as for other things. Would buy again.

Watts - US
Bag update (2016-12-03)
It's just a quick update for anyone interested in this bag.I have been using mine on a daily basis as a man bag for exactly two years now. When I say a daily basis, I mean that it is always with me carrying my personal effects, camera,medication, name it. It still looks amazing. I did take the leather colour down a few shades and have added some waterproofing just to make sure. It's part of my everyday dress as my Akubra and Barbour are. I'm thinking of buying a spare.

Pontius - Ireland
very quick delivery (2016-11-10)
Great musette bag; it was popular at the recent WWI event in Pa. Very pleased.

Nicholson - US
WWI Officer Musette Bag (2016-08-05)
Perfect bag. Excelent quality!

Emidio Britto - Brasília, Brasil
WWI Officer Musette Bag (2016-03-05)
perfect.Very nice replica,good quality

boido - IT
WWI Officer Musette Bag (2015-11-07)
I really like this bag. Not sure I'd weigh it down much, but I can see the utility in it's design. Well done.

Foster - US
Mr (2015-07-13)
Great bag except for some stitching on the leather at the front. I shall have to re-stitch it by hand. Otherwise exactly as I expected. Prompt service. I keep coming back.

Pearson - AU
Outstanding! (2015-03-21)
Great, well made bag. Looks identical to the one prominent in "Secret of the Incas"!

Robert - KY USA
WW1 Officer's Musette Bag (2015-02-24)
Good quality and very attractive but check to see that side pouch button is securly fastened. Well worth the cost however.

Kose1 - US
Great Bag, some shipping problems (2015-02-03)
I have had an Indie bag, a Finnish Gas Mask bag and others but this is by far the best for day to day. It is durable but stylish and large enough for all my day to day needs. It is great to have a military bag that does not scream out "Military Surplus!"

The only problem I had was errors on the shipping label so customs took a while...

Hekala - DE
Nice bag (2014-11-26)
When I eventually got it back from the daughter and wife it has gone into daily service now as my manbag. It''s actually quite strong as well as looking good and can carry a load of milk and cat food etc that would break my other bags. Just don''t forget to remove the Webley before you get to the checkout lol.

Pontius - Ireland
WW1 Officer Musette bag. (2014-11-22)
This is a superb item made of quality materials and one of the few sources of such an item as this.
It would easily achieve a 5 but for two minor matters - the spring clips on the otherwise very tough bag are somewhat weak and prone to slipping sideways and the leather base is much too light a brown - easily rectified with a touch of mid brown leather dye and bootpolish.

Craig - GB
Love It! (2014-10-31)
Great bag, looking forward to getting to use it at my next event!

Lord - GB
bag (2014-10-29)
Very pleased with it Thanks!

Cooper - CA
Great Bag (2014-10-12)
Fine quality bag. I'm very happy with it.

Waszak - US
Recommended! (2014-08-30)
Bought originally as a general day to day bag for trips out of the house, however upon it''s arrival I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was and it has now entered my living history kit pile. The pattern is very similar to my original (slight strap difference) and nigh on identical to a number of originals I have seen. The bag itself is rather well made and has endured a number of heavy burdens over the past few weeks. I''d highly recommend it.

Pip. - UK
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