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Very good item and the customer service was excellent (2021-07-16)
The customer service was very good and after my first order did not arrive they got a new one to me within 3 days.

Denison Smock (2021-02-27)
Absolutely first class!! Excellent quality and fit.

Johnston - US
Great service! (2021-02-18)
The replacement smock arrived in short order and fit really well. Very happy with item and service. Two thumbs up!

Roberts - CA
Really nice quality (2021-01-28)
The smock was really nice quality Had a good feel and the pattern looked very good as well. Unfortunately, the sizing seems a bit small. I used the sizing guide, but the item was still too small in the arms and around the chest, especially if one wants to wear a sweater under it.

That said, I got a RMA number with no hassles and shipped it back for a larger size. I currently await that item to be shipped to me. I'm really looking forward to getting one that fits because it I want to wear it. Will probably add a velcro tab to hold the "beavertail" up under the back of the smock.

Roberts - CA
Top notch quality reproduction. (2020-07-10)
Ordered my son's Denison and was pleasantly surprised to find it in the mail the following week. The fit and finish is "spot on" and right up to spec. Thanks to Jerry Lee and everyone in his chain of command for your hard work.

Roop - US
ordered the new one ! (2019-09-13)
This model have a sleeves problem : they are too tiny for normal arms. So it's a return for the jacket i ordered.

Thanks to malik the go back procedure is clear and fast !

Bomba - FR
Amazed (2019-02-11)
I was VERY pleased. Very fast shipping and awesome service.

Egorov - RU
Fast delivery and awesome items (2018-07-31)
Very fast shipping and awesome service.

The smock itself looks excellent.the colors are great, even if the sleeves are a bit tight, it fits nicely.

Portilla - CL
Super fast delivery and great communication (2018-04-13)
This item is great for the price. I washed and dried the smock even though I feared it would shrink. The shrinkage was minimal and it looks great!!!

Chris Tucker - US
Quite Nice (2018-03-20)
I was VERY pleased. Too often, these reproductions have such bright colors, in stark contrast to the actual item. This one was spot on (and I've had an original, so I am not just spouting).

DHL made things a tad complex, but we made it work. I will know better next time, and there WILL be a next time. Looking forward to me next purchase.

Amazed (2017-02-17)
Very quick shipping. Very pleased with the service.

The smock looks excellent. I do like the new colours and the overall garment.

Points of improvement would be widening the sleeves by at least half the size they are now. Furthermore I would suggest widening the space between the 6 newey poppers on the front for the tail. They're currently too close together.

The new press studs look the part but are fairly weak. When I opened the top pockets they already ripped open.

Dicky - NL
A couple of minor adjustments (2016-11-02)
A great smock!

If the narrow sleeves were made considerably looser, the knitted cuffs just a wee bit shorter and the front crotch poppers wider spaced.. this would be THE best printed pattern smock on the market!

Matt - Chalk Living History

Yates - UK
fast delivery (2016-11-01)
Tired of using my original denison smoke, I bought a denison WPG, I would say perfect colors, heavy fabric, council do most wide sleeves, with a BD below, it is difficult to move, and take off, however it is PERFECT

pauletto - IT
Denison Type I (Improved) (2016-10-21)
The Denison has long been on my list of "must haves" since I saw Connery, Hopkins, and others wearing them in "A Bridge Too Far" on the big screen and I was not disappointed. In fact, I ended up buying two of them. Yes, as others have stated, the sleeves are narrow but - as part of my education on this particular garment - this is indeed accurate. The Type Is apparently had narrower or tighter sleeves than the Type IIs and this is the case with WPG's Denison Type I (Improved). I'm not an expert on this garment so I'll leave the sleeve discussion for others to arbitrate and comment on. For me, however, I simply moved up a size and problem solved. I'm 6'3" & 215lbs, so sizing is never easy for me. This was also my first chance to experience customer service; WPG did not disappoint here either. I had to do an exchange - a process that was both easy and well-run thanks entirely to WPG's staff, one person in particular. To avoid mistakes on sizing with this or other garments, do not hesitate to reach out to these folks for assistance on finding what would work for you - they're very nice, extremely patient and super helpful. Thank you!

Brian - US
Excellant (2016-07-05)
Jacket was excellent.Thanks

Hutchinson - NZ
Great faded colours (2016-06-14)
I bought this Denison to replace an earlier Denison from 2012. The colours of the new one are great but the sleeves are narrower. It is a Large, same as the one from 2012 that has larger diameter sleeves. ugh! I wish I could buy some fabric to match to widen the sleeves. Wearing over my BD blouse is tight in the sleeves. the length of the sleeves and body are good.

Maloney - US
Excellent (2016-02-07)
Very good seller. Competetive prices, fast delivery. I would recomend it to everyone.

Szumicki - UK
1st Pattern Denison Smock (Improved Run) (2015-10-10)
I received the smock in good time, please with that part of the service. Initial impressions are good, colours very pleasing and a major improvement(bearing in mind the previous offering from WPG). Very similar to K&C/Gmax/Military Tours in shades. Newey poppers 'look' much better than those on other repro smock and almost look the same as the ones on my original smock. However, the poppers appear to be weak, within x5 minutes of receiving the smock in the post two have come off through simply opening the pockets for the very first time!!! Not best pleased as I now have to replace them! My only other criticism is the front centre bottom panel which contains the x6 newey poppers for the crotch riser. They are far too close together for the 1st pattern Denison (which is what I bought). They should be much wider apart. In the second pattern Denison they are closer together. All in All a MUCH better smock, a few small improvements to be made, but a viable option to the current repro smocks on offer from other traders.

ansell - UK
Almost Perfect Smock (2015-10-04)
WOW ! These smocks are the best you can get these days. Heavy cotton, better colours and camo print then SOF. Comes very close to the King and Country smocks. This smock is the new standard.
I am 186cm tall and ordered a size XXL-L withs fits very good around chest but maybe a suggestion to make the sleeves a few inch wider with a next batch for a more comfortable fit,
Combined with the perfect WPG service a must have for British Airborne reenactors

Peter - Netherlands
Denison Smock (2015-10-01)
I love the color and this product was better then I expected.When I get the money I plan to get the other type. Fast delivery.

Taylor - CA
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