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Nice (2020-07-16)
Cleans up well with Neetsfoot & brown polish.

Brimecombe - US
US M3 Shoulder holster (2017-05-27)
It fits my 1911 like a glove. Outstanding Jerry.

Burns - US
Good Quality Item (2017-03-21)
On my two holsters I applied lots of neatsfoot oil, put my pistol in a plastic bag and with a lot of pressure made it fit (leaving it at least overnight). It darkens the leather but makes a very nice fit. I'm not sure that the holster is made of steerhide leather but using the above process makes for a fine looking wwii look alike holster.

Livingston - US
love the quality, but... (2016-08-26)
I'm 6.0, 235 lbs. and I feel the m3 holster strap is about 4-6 inches too short even on the lonest setting.
I think I can add to make the length more amenable to my frame, though.
The quality is outstanding, and delivery was quick.

about what I expected. (2016-04-18)
Adequate quality. We'll see when I start using it.

Textor - US
Very fast delivery (2016-02-02)
Very nice holster, thick leather with good hardware used, fast delivery.

Lo - US
Beaut Holster (2013-08-26)
A lot better than I expected. Extremely fast shipping to Australia and a great product to top off my first shopping experience with WPG

Dave - Australia
$60 (2013-07-16)
Surprisingly excellent quality, from fine saddle leather and buckles equal to overall workmanship. Very satisfied.

Moss - US
Shoulder holster (2012-04-12)
Thanks so much the shoulder holster came in so fast, and it is really nice quality. Thanks so much

Nadeau - US
Great (2012-11-21)
Amazing quality

Gaz - ES
Great (2012-05-05)
Looks amazing!

daly - US
Dirty Holster (2011-08-30)
The Holster came with a white powder type "paint" all over the leather. I need to see how I can clean it up in order to use it.

Hurst - US
M3 Shoulder Holster (2011-07-24)
Well made of excellent materials. My M1911A1 was too tight a fit at first. The solution was simple. I soaked the holster in hot water, wrapped the pistol in plastic wrap, put it in the holster, fastened the safety strap and let it dry overnight. It now fits perfectly and is easy to draw and re-holster. This holster compares very well with my original Enger-Kress in both appearence and fit.

Charlie - MA USA
US M3 Shoulder Holster (2011-03-17)
Mine came quickly from Dubai and was covered everywhere with a white waxy substance. I'm guessing wax to make drawing easier. My Springfield GI 1911 did not fit, so I soaked the holster in hot water, wrapped my pistol in plastic, stuck it in, fastened the safety strap, and let it dry. Fits perfect. It's well made and I'm very pleased.

Supancic - US
Holster (2010-12-25)
Great quality leather and extremely fast shipping, but the safety strap was too short and requires a lot of stretching before it can be used.

Pedersen - NO
US M3 Shoulder Holster (2010-06-24)
Looks good. After a little aging, it will look great on our WW 2 Navy pilot.
Thanks for the quick service.

Shappee - US
M3 Shoulder Holster (2010-05-04)
All seems fine. Very quick delivery.

Hardin - US
Holster (2010-04-24)
This is an excellent holster. It is well made and quite authentic.

T. Velling - Illinois
Shoulder holster (2010-02-18)
THis is an awesome holster, and shipping was very quick. I love it, it will be handed down to my son and so on.

Firkins - US
alan (2010-02-09)
Best repro shoulder holster i have seen.Turn around was very good as well.

Farnfield - GB
M3 holster (2009-10-17)
This holster is as good as the M3 I was issued back when I was a crewman on an M48A2C tank.

Dular - US
High quality item (2009-09-24)
As others have noted, this is a substantial holster, rugged yet handsome, perfect for a Springfield GI.45 1911A1 I'm buying. I'm 5'7", so the extra 12 inches on the strap make for some excess strap flapping around, and though I don't really want to cut it down, I may have to. It feels comfortable and the bottom strap on the holster can clip to a belt, either directly unde the arm or positioned on the stomach.

Shipping was fast and thankfully without complications (owing to the well-marked value on the documentation), though I would note that it arrived FedEx to Canada when I selected USPS/EMS as my shipping option. I generally loath and avoid couriers since they can charge rip-off "brokerage fees" (think Brown), or if taxes are assessed and you're not home when it arrives, you have to go to some godforesaken part of town to collect it. DHL was used instead of USPS/EMS when I purchased another item in July which led to mucho aggrevation since the driver couldn't find my house; I will from now on include a comment with the order to use ONLY mail service, though this shouldn't be necessary of the shipping method selection means anything. Please take this as constructive feedback.

Mac - CA
Mr (2009-09-12)
This holster really fantastic and the color is excellent.
And it arrived in fast time.

Toohey - AU
M3 shoulder holster (2009-01-05)
one more comment. It arrived in record time!

Decker - US
M3 better than expected. (2009-01-05)
Just got the M3 and it is nicer color to it than in the picture. In the picture it looks very light colored but it actually has a nice tan color to it. The leather is thicker than I had expected and it looks to be really sturdy. Much like my
Galco hostler. Actually might be a tad bit thicker than the Galco. Can't wait to put some oil on it and see how it looks!

Decker - US
OUTSTANDING then and now (2008-09-05)
Excellent Quality. Being a Historian/Warrior/Scholar ;) I brought it with me on my second deployment. Darkens very nicely (helped by some neatsfoot oil). Holds up great. And - get this - I have received numerous comments about how good it looks, this in the day of Blackhawk and SOG, nylon and zytel and all the other artificialities.

Nathan - Afghanistan
perfect repro (2007-09-11)
this holster really is way better than the band of brothers ones and the color is great

jason - takoma park MD
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