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Superior piece of headgear (2022-07-15)
Very good hat with a nice wide brim which comes out about three inches both sides. It’s not hot to wear at all and the material has kept it’s colour despite a few washes in the machine and out in the rain. It pulls taut when wet and doesn’t let much water in at all. As for size, I’m usually a 7 3/8 but went for 7 5/8 to allow for any shrinkage and to have it sit lower above my ears, that was the right decision. Perfect for this UK heatwave!

Bob - UK
Very unique bush hat (2022-06-01)
Arrived fast for an APO order. Camouflage was the correct pattern. Hat size was correct. Buttons on back flap are well sewn. Now awaiting the rest of the order.

Schweinhund - US
nice bush hat (2021-12-26)
Face it...we all like bush... bush hats that is... Nice bush hat... for the bush... recommended.

Harrington - US
Super fast (2021-10-26)
Great boonie hat colors and fit. Brim too wide for my taste. But easy to trim

Benecke - US
Nice (2021-10-13)
Small hiccup with shipping, but everything was resolved in a helpful manner and the hat came as promised!

Kvasman - US
Great quality (2021-10-09)
my hat was great and fit great

Tietjen - US
Bush hat (2021-08-20)
Well made and very good copy of the camo pattern. Hat seems to run small. Might order a size up next time.

Christian - United States
Awesome! (2021-07-13)
Great fit, delivery and quality!!

Muthart - US
Great delivery time. (2021-06-27)
Better than I thought.

Simmons - US
Excellent hat (2021-06-10)
As an avid hiker, in an area with lots of forest AND open grassland, this hat is just what I need.

The construction is VERY solid, the pattern is excellent, and I expect to get many many years use from this hat.

Likely will collect shirt and shorts to go with :)

Collins - US
Great company to deal with (2021-05-29)
These Rhodesian items are definitely European; they're built for skinny people lol but they're authentic and definitely thick and durable. The customer service actually answers the phones & emails and that's VERY rare nowadays. Would definitely buy from again in the future.

Osborne - US
great stuff (2021-05-18)
correct camouflage color and pattern plus great material

Cuesta - ES
Sizes are off. (2021-04-16)
I ordered a few sizes larger than normal and they are pretty snug. However, not uncomfortably so. I figure with some wear, they will loosen up

Adam - United States
Another great item (2021-04-12)
WPG is on the mark as usual. I agree with other reviewers that the hat needs a few tumbles in the wash to soften it, but I love it.

Hall - US
Bush hat (2021-04-01)
Sizing was kind of a guess and I ended up with the wrong fault. I requested a return and was subsequently sent the patrol hat in the return. I contacted CS and they promptly sent me the correct item with no charge....outstanding service!! As for the bush is outstanding quality and finish. The only thing that may be lacking per usual boonie hays is the chin strap but I never use it anyway so no lose for me. Overall a great product and I definitely recommend!

Brown - US
Very nice! (2021-03-20)
Arrived quickly and was very happy with the quality. Fit was a bit small initially I do wear a 7 7/8 patrol cap and this was very snug at first being sized 7 3/4. I soaked the hat in tap water and stretched it around my melon and it fit nicely after that.
Now looking at buying the uniform from WPG.
Well done and cheers!

Crapgame - US
VERY PLEASED !!! (2021-03-18)
Excellent bush hat, strong material & well made, stiff at first, will soften over time. The one I received was a tad tight at 62cm / 7&3/4, soaked hat cold water and weighted down for better fit. A little stretching made better fit. Another top notch item from What Price Glory !!! Very pleased, many thanks to Jerry & Co !!!

Hoffman - US
Very fast delivery (2021-02-04)
It's a nice SF hat. Quality stitch work.

Baker - US
Nice fast delivery (2021-01-28)
within a week from warehouse to my door in NZ, only comment the size was a little "snug" but have soaked and stretched it.

Tuckey - NZ
Excellent reproduction (2021-01-10)
An excellent product, well made and it will be durable. I initially ordered the wrong size, but exchange happened very quickly, thanks. Overall, great service thanks.

Wilson - AU
Great hat, very well made! (2020-11-02)
I've already got a Rhodesian camo bucket hat, and this seems more like a boonie and thus exactly what I wanted. Like everything else at wpg, very HIGH quality. Sizing seems pretty good to me.

Jacobus Piepus - US
Lovely hat fast delivery (2020-10-29)

Everingham - CA
Beautiful hat! (2020-10-19)
I love the quality and construction. Fit may be a little small but I expect to be able to give it a little stretch. Everything looks very professional and should last. Also thanks for helping me track down the shipment and break loose the 'log jam'.

Happy with the purchase (2020-09-25)
I ordered my 7 1/4 size and it was a bit snug, but I can manage that by wetting and stretching. Construction is tops. Shipping is great too.

Emmenegger - US
Excellent Repros (2020-09-08)
Very nice reproductions! Very Happy with the order overall. Will be ordering more.

Ram - US
Super (2020-08-11)
Well made and rugged. Thick material and will hold up well in the bush.

Armbruster - US
Great (2020-08-02)
Well constructed, looks great. Glad I got this one vs some of the other companies that don't look as genuine pattern wise.

Quality item quickly recieved (2020-07-21)
Bush hat is well made, fits well, and it arrived surprisingly quickly. Glad to see this camo pattern available.

Black - US
Bush hat (2020-07-16)
I ordered the bush hat and the cut down shorts. Bush hat took a while to get to me but I do enjoy it, fits great and looks great. When I ordered the shorts it appeared that they were in stock on the website. After getting confirmation I heard nothing else until I reached out to the company to then find out they were out of stock. I think it was mainly just a programing error for the website, however great customer service on the companies part!

McHenry - US
Fast Delivery! (2020-07-10)
Super well constructed hat, very authentic. Fabric is thick and camo pattern excellent. Will last a long time in the bush. Heavy duty stitching is superb.

Armbruster - US
pattern is dead on (2020-07-09)
Ordered the bush hat and the patrol cap. Fast shipping and as soon as I got them I compared them to my original long sleeve Rhodesian shirt and the pattern and color are a perfect match! Time to order the pants.

Scotty - WV
Very good fit, fast shipping, excellent customer service (2020-07-04)
At first I ordered the wrong size but after contacting the customer support the problem was resolved in less than a week.
Both boonie hat and shirt I ordered were excellent.

Red Ivan - US
Excellent (2020-05-20)
bush hat was delivered very quickly. Good quality and good communication, I am a happy customer!

Bennett - UK
Great product (2020-05-11)
All of Jerry Lee's are top notch. The patterns and construction are superb. Timely shipping, good communications. I would do it again and will.

Jackson - US
Another great repro (2020-05-08)
Hat fit perfect to size. Hardy construction. Highly recommended.

Reed - US
This company is so fast and efficient (2020-04-11)
Any Rhodie would love this, the best made floppy hat I have ever owned. The camo is so close. Brand new this hat is really stiff, and looks just too new to be worn right away, you’d look like a tool foshuwa, It needs a couple of washes and time in the drier with some takkies to give it life. Trim the brim first to give it a frey
I had to order a second one coz my lil wifey liked my first one so much
Check my pics out on insta …

Wonnacott - CA
100% Satisfied (2020-03-12)
100% satisfied. Meets or exceeds my expectations

Exellent bush hat (2020-03-10)
Perfect fit and colors, very well made with heavy duty fabric.

Cameron - United states
Excellent Hat! (2020-02-29)
The fit on the Rhodesian Bush Hat or Patrol Hat is spot on! The construction is excellent, as I've come to expect from WPG. I expect to get many years use. Great job!

Craig - US
Fast shipping and great quality (2020-02-20)
Shipping was fast and overall quality of the hat is great!

shelton - US
Great (2020-01-23)
Nice product. Size/fit is perfect. Cut is bit "american" like on modern BDUs and I wasn't happy with that. So few washes in warm water and brushing softened the brim enough to looks better.
Pattern, even tho 1st issue, looks okey on such small piece of clothing. Colors, in my opinion one of a best on a marked. I am very satisfied and it is not a last piece of Rhodesian gear I purchased from WPG.

Patrik F - CZ
GREAT BOONIE (2020-01-02)

Byrnes - US
fast post thanks (2019-12-27)
excellent great colours well made great fit couple of washes will fade the newness off looks great on with the rest of my kit I got from you thanks

simpson - UK
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