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Ammunition Belt (2015-12-08)
All good except one eyelet was not installed.

Gwaltney - US
Best thing going for us fat guys. (2015-11-27)
A great reproduction, and since, with a size 42 waist I am not getting an original to fit anytime soon, a blessing. Keep up the good work.

Hoff - US
m1923 belt (2015-08-31)
The color is a bit yellow but a few days in the dirt will fix that.
Some loose and uneven stitching.
Fast shipping as usual.
Great price too.

Phil Jahnke - US
M-1923 Cartridge Belt (2015-03-08)
VERY Nicely made. Doesn't quite expand as far as advertised(48"), but is very well made and the enbloc magazines for the M-1 Garand fit very nicely. I agree that the color is slightly
off, but looks "seasoned" as is.

Lamb - US
Cartridge Belt (2014-09-25)
Great repro. Only complaint is that a couple of the rivets on the pockets of the snaps pulled slightly through the canvas, shouldn't be a problem though.

Banuelos - US
Belt (2014-02-06)
It's a very good quality reproduction, almost Original!

Kuipers - NL
Mr. (2013-09-30)
Being new to reenacting I think to cartridge belt is very good , well constructed. I am satisfied. I was wondering if there was some type of lubrication to put on the snaps to make them a bit easier to open and close

Punt - US
Michael Beyer (2013-08-29)
Overall- Good quality. Some of the "lift the dot" female fasteners have bent over tabs that intrude into the stud hole. Not enough to keep it from working.
I bought this belt to feed my scout rifle that I built on an 03 Springfield action. This belt will do the job!

Beyer - US
US Ammo Belt (2013-06-01)
Quite satisfactory, glad it's extra long.

Cerda - US
Cartridge belt (2013-05-27)
Very solid well made belt, very pleased.

Gavel - CA
M-1923 ammo belt (2013-04-30)
Super fast shipping. The quality of the belt is great. One more item to complete my tribute to my grandfather who was in WWII. WPG keep up the great work and good job of keeping history alive.

BaileyJr. ,Wm F - US
Very good (2013-03-30)
Very good looking, nice quality.

M1923 Cartrdigde Belt (2012-11-06)
It's a deal!

Rossi - IT
Belt (2012-05-15)
Good looking belt. A little light in color, but nice material. Only problem is, there is a rip around one of the lift the dot posts.

Layman - US
US M1923 Cartridge Belt (2012-03-28)
Great belt, great price. Couldn't ask for more!

crahen - US
Excellent (2011-12-21)
Excellent quality, color and construction.

Santiago - US
US M1923 Cartridge Belt (2011-06-29)
Excellent !

Kohlmorgen - DE
M-1923 Cartridge Belt (2011-06-16)
I used to have a cheap $20 repro cartridge belt but since it was falling apart I decided to buy a WPG repro. I am amazed with the quality of the canvas and the metal parts. It looks and feels very stable. Altough I haven't got a chance to use it "in the fied" yet I'm very pleased. Thanks!!

J. van Duin - The Netherlands
US M1923 cartridge belt (2011-04-13)
Just received the goods. Like always very nice quality !! Once again the 35th infantry division belgium is equipped with 100% items of WPG.

Cartridge Belt (2011-04-07)
NICE! Thanks again WPG!

Kibler - US
Cartridge Belt (2011-03-30)
My cartridge belt arrived today and I''m very happy with it. My M1 clips fit very well and the belt is of solid construction. I''m very pleased.

Michael - Monterey, CA
good job (2010-09-14)

Mang - US
M1923 Belt (2010-07-19)
Completely satisfied. Much better quality
than "gun show" types.

Locke - US
belt (2010-07-17)
looks good, fits the clips with no problem

Sferruzza - US
US M1923 Cartridge Belt (2010-03-05)
Well made, looks the part

Robinson - US
M1923 Cartridge Belt (2009-10-22)
Good quality. Color alittle light but in the range. Nice product all around

Michaud - US
Cartridge Belt (2009-07-30)
Terrific reproduction - quite happy!

Park - US
Cartridge Belt (2009-07-30)
Poor US stamp but looks to be very well made and sturdy.

Andy - USA
Mr. (2009-07-16)
The M-1923 Cartridge Belt was of Very High Quaility and much better that I had expected. I have gotten other repo's in the past that have been of much lower quality that this. I would highly recommend this product to my freinds along with WPG. Great job in quality on this one guys!! Thank-you!!

Barbeau - US
Excellenet ..... (2009-06-29)
Sorry about the delay in offering feedback on this order. The item arrived in excellent time (it must be better to send it that way round the World!!!) and is, of course, of excellent quality. I am also very impressed by the speed of your replies to email requests. Excellent service.

Baker - GB
Carttridge Belt (2009-06-11)
The colour is far too yellow.
But the quality of the item is good!

Cartrige belt (2009-06-11)
Nice repro! Compared it with several originals and am very happy with the color and fit!

Sawyer - US
a lttile short (2009-02-27)
Quality was great, but overall it is short for us big guys. I guess this says more about me then the product. It would be nicer if they could produce a even longer belt

Lange - US
Great (2009-01-19)
Great stuff just like I expect. Took it into the field just yesterday served great. Color is a little light compared to my other gear but totally within standard.

Matthews - US
US M1923 Cartridge Belt (2009-01-18)
Great looking belt. My only complaint is that 5 of the 10 Lift Dot studs slightly cut the canvas on the bottom which may cause premature ripping. Secondly the edges of the metal tab on the adjustable strap have extremely sharp points on the corners. Had to file them down so they would not damage clothing when wearing.

Anderson - US
garand belt (2008-11-14)
great repro , very strong metal parts and webbing . the best , only small thing in my opinion the color is too light than the original

Andersen - FRANCE
Garand cartridge belt (2008-07-04)
This is a very nice cartridge
belt for the Garand 8 round en-block clips. This is the best looking belt I''ve seen.
Would highly recommend this one.

Steve - Missouri
Very well constructed (2007-09-20)
The M1923 Cartridge Belt looks great. Very well constructed. I was not too crazy about
ordering a Repro, but this belt from WPG has made me feel a lot better about
my decision. I look forward to ordering more in the future.

James G. Rea - Pensacola, FL
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