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Rhodesian Camo Shirt (2024-06-10)
Again very pleased with the workmanship, quality materials, order processing, shipping and delivery! You can order with confidence!

Rivas - US
Great Shirt (2024-05-24)
This shirt was very well made and true to size. I am extremely happy with the product.

Clayton - U.S.A
Good service and quality shirts (2024-02-26)
My order came in a timely manner and as in the past the merchandise quality was excellent in quality materials and sizing.

Mike Kline - US
Rhodesian service shirt (2023-06-26)
Very nice. True to size and excellent quality. Great shirt.

bailey - US
Well packaged and fast secure delivery (2023-06-09)
Very close to the original item. Many Thanks

Imbriks - UK
Excellent service (2023-03-25)
The shirt is exactly as described and it fits,
I received it ontime and i am happy with my purchase, thank you

great (2023-03-24)
Sizing is perfect, comfortable, lightweight. Pattern is awesome, shipping was fast. A rhodesian set was my first order from WPG, and I have to say one of the best online shops I ever had experience with.

csypa - HU
Cool. (2022-09-09)
Always wanted something like it!

Thompson  - US
Love this shirt (2022-06-27)
Its a good quality shirt and I love the pattern. Goes really well with the trousers. The shipping was so fast, I'm a major fan of WPD after seeing the quality as well.

Foster - US
Nicely made product with a few problems (2022-05-16)
The Rhodesian general service shirt is nicely made, historically accurate. Only one problem, the sewing on the buttons is crap. Half of them fell off the first time the shirt was washed and those remaining were about to fall off. Easy fix, resew ALL the buttons before using. Not a problem but you shouldn’t have to resew all the buttons on a new garment.

Other than the button issue, good bit of kit.

Byrn - US
Great fit (2022-04-16)
Accurate sizing, quality fabric. Will purchase again

Laf - CA
Looks great. Fits great. (2022-03-22)
As titled mentioned. Just not sure how to wash it. A little worried about that but overall Iove it.

Zach - Texas
Great shirt, size is just right. (2022-01-09)
Nice quality very well made. All items I have purchased from WPG are top quality.

Bending - US
Rhodesian Shirt (2022-01-03)
Good looking shirt fits well. A++

Allen - United States
perfect (2021-11-29)
bought the shirt, fits perfectly, looks amazing and super fast 7 day shipping was amazing. Will definitely buy from wpg again

smith - NZ
Perfect (2021-11-09)
Great product, quality superb. The shirt have a good look. Very recommended. also the shipping was very fast.

Sebastian - Spain/ Vizcaya
Comfortable (2021-11-05)
A great pattern and the pockets are nice. The buttons feel precariously far away from the shirt which always makes me nervous about them falling off. It fits fantastically and is airy and breathes nicely. I recommend this.

Tennett - UK
Excellent (2021-05-03)
Well-crafted, authentic shirt. I bought more!

Hall - US
1st quality (2021-10-06)
Shirt replaces an original (Rhoesian) that I gave to a friend. It fits great and looks great, and service
was in keeping with the quality of the shirt. Thanks.

Jeans - US
Great item... Looks fantastic.... (2021-09-29)
Very fast shipping... The shirt is really great.. Like to wear it open, with a T-shirt under it... Exactly my size... Will be careful to wash it in a cold water only, by hand, and not to use a dry machine... I am very happy about this shirt...

Riman - CH
Happy customer (2021-07-23)

I really like these shirts and the Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern. My only criticism is they need to have more room in the armpit shoulder area.

Even going 1 size larger for a loose fit they still grab a bit when raising a rifle to my shoulder.

Other than that, they are well made and hold their colour.

Nicholls - AU
outstanding. (2021-06-27)
Great shirt. Good fit. Wonderful product.

Simmons - US
Much better (2021-06-23)
I did receive a bit of a dud in my earlier purchases, but all since have been good quality.

As the only place selling reproduction Rhodesian camouflage - I recommend.

Carter - UK
Great quality (2021-05-31)
Arrived very quickly, top notch quality, true to the size.

Dominick - US
Really nice shirt. Sizing is a bit off (2021-05-11)
Really nice lightweight shirt. I ordered a 40" chest and the shirt was huge, about 46-48", which I don't mind as long as the sleeves are long enough. Once I finish tailoring it I'll have plenty of extra material for repairs so I take it as a plus and the way it's constructed its real easy to tailer

Dahl - US
Good quality (2021-05-04)
Excellent quality repro, arrived on time.

Beckett - UK
Ok (2021-04-01)
Shirt is very lightweight. Mine came with buttons on cuffs but no button holes! I will have to send out to get it repaired.

WILLIAM - Michigan, USA
Good reproduction (2021-02-13)
Shirt fits very well and camo pattern looks good

Kilian - AT
Love these shirts (2021-02-12)
Pattern is perfect. Fit is great. Price is awesome. I have a small concern about the sleeve opening construction - looks like it could be a stress point where the opening ends and the sleeve seam starts, but a bit of extra hand sewing to strengthen the area should take care of that. All in all, I'd say if you haven't purchased this shirt yet...what are you waiting for?

Shockley - US
Very fast delivery (2021-02-04)
Great shirt. I ordered 2, one to make short sleeved, the pattern and color are fantastic but on 1 of the shirts I had to stitch the armpit and left side seams a tad. Other then that I am entirely pleased.

Baker - US
Great Shirt (2021-01-10)
Cut and fit are great. This is a bang up reproduction!

Bob - LA
Rhodesian camo general service shirt (2021-01-06)
This shirt is an exact copy of the original I was issued in 1979 and still have.

William - Queensland, australia
Great pattern (2020-12-28)
Great pattern, the shirt had a button sewn on wrong, but other than that it is a great shirt. Happy.

hughes - US
Fast Delivery (2020-11-09)
impressed with pattern and quality

Tuckey - NZ
Amazingly cool and tough-feeling (2020-11-02)
Seriously this shirt is PERFECT. Very high quality material but also very light, so it's good for hot weather. Like everything else at wpg, it's great! Fast shipping from wherever it came from.

Jacobus Piepus - US
Best Repro (2020-10-29)
Probably the best Rhodie reproduction. Camo pattern and colours are about as spot on as you can get. The cloth MIGHT be slightly lighter weight than originals but hard to tell.
SHRINKAGE: Being 100% cotton it did shrink app. 1" in a cold wash & tumble dry low. So maybe order one size larger if you don't want to line dry your camo.

Looks Great Even on Me! (2020-10-19)
So I am not the svelte bush war soldier of lore. Still, the larger size fit well without looking roly-poly. Everything looks very professional and should last. Also thanks for helping me track down the shipment and break loose the 'log jam'.

A great shirt for the Veldt (2020-10-14)
I appreciate that the sizes of these shirts measure across the chest as I often have trouble in terms of my shoulders and chest being too large, but thanks to the sizing WPG opts for this was not an issue.

The shirt is great with only 2 minor complaints.
The first is one of the folds on the collar seems a tad bit off, but with some ironing it'd sort itself out.
The second "complaint" is that the buttons can be a bit tight at the start, but much like the trousers after repeating the action a few times it gets easier as the holes stretch to easier accept the button passing through it.

Overall a great reproduction. Rhodesian Veterans have given positive feedback about the uniform as a whole

Taine - Hong Kong
excellent (2020-10-13)
i ordered several things now, and have been impressed with everything so far. the quality, the color and shipping speed all exceptional.

Hunter - US
Authentic (2020-10-11)
I have an original, the material in this shirt is 100% correct. If yo wash it a couple of times, you can't tell it from a shirt that has actually been worn In the bush wars.

Jesper - Denmark
First and best so far (2020-10-08)
This is my first Rhodesian shirt and uniform in general, and the quality is great from what I know. I would recommend this to anyone.

Ayden - United States States
Rhodie shirt (2020-10-04)
Got here from Dubai to rural Arizona IN THREE DAYS! WOW!! Shirt is exactly what hey said and now that I seen the fabric I'll order the hoodie. Thanks, job well done!

johnson - US
Excellent (2020-09-29)
Very happy with my new shirt! Excellent pattern. Only minor thing is the button holes were stubborn and too small to accommodate the buttons without a little alteration.

KimV - US
Best repo by far (2020-09-18)
Picked up a Rhodesian combat shirt very impressed, and some cut of shorts every thing was great . I will say you need to order waist size correctly tho as the instructions say . Now on my second order .

Clark - UK
A Great Reproduction (2020-09-17)
The shirt is probably the closest reproduction I have seen on the market, and at an affordable price. The material is of great quality, and the shipping was surprisingly quick.

DeWolf - US
Top notch (2020-09-10)
Having seen several examples of the real deal and then purchasing this, I cannot express how pleased I am with the product. The fit is a bit off but I am not your average size guy and as a company, the fit should be based on the average. The material is spot on and I am excited to assemble the rest of my kit with this amazing addition. Nice work gents.

Very good (2020-09-10)
thank you for shirt and excellent communication regarding change of size. All good!

Brackley - UK
Quick Delivery (2020-08-20)
I’m so impressed with the quality of the shirt, trousers and shorts.
The fit is accurate and quality is excellent.
Easy to order and delivery very quick.
I’ve been looking for Rhodesian cammo for a long time and this company does not disappoint.
I highly recommend them.

Partridge - US
Runs just a little big (2020-08-16)
Otherwise great fit. Their exchange process was quick and simple and no restocking fee, though I did need to cover shipping.

Crane - US - California
The best there is (2020-08-13)
I ordered two shirts, and they're the best. The material is very light, but does seem like it should hold up to abuse. The colors are beautiful, and the pattern effectiveness should increase ten-fold upon fading.

Sizing is on the slim side, so get your measurements very precise or go up a size. The armholes are perfectly sized, allowing for full range of movement. The hem is a but shorted than I was expecting, but this shouldn't be much of an issue if worn with high-waist trousers.

Like I said, these really are the best you can find

Noah - US-TX
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