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Second pair of these (2021-11-29)
I now have two pairs, I love these to death. Great fit and the cargo pockets are very handy.

Ander - US
Daily Driver Pants (2021-11-12)
These pants are some of the best damn pants I've owned. The size of the pockets is absolutely incredible, the look is great (I removed the leg ties), and they are durable. I am quite hard on my possessions, and these pants lasted a year and a half before needing retirement.

Ander - United States
Amazing reproduction! (2021-04-19)
These are absolutely superb! Fabric looks and feels authentic, and they fit perfect! The shipped to me (in Canada) from the UAE, and arrived even quicker than some of the stuff I have shipped to me from the States!

Sleik - CA
Great service (2021-01-05)
As always great quality. In this case the sheen on the M-43 are just as it should be. 3 days shipping from Dubai just amazing.

Coyle - US
Fits Well (2020-05-19)
Thought the smallest size (size 34) may be a bit too large, but once washed, they were perfect.

Hodges - US
Excellent (2019-08-29)
Waist sizing is right on the money. Quality of materials and manufacture is TOP. Best reproduction M43 Trousers. Thank you!

Santiago - US
Very Happy (2019-08-07)
Trousers arrived from UAE to Ireland within days so I was very happy with speed of delivery. Had a query on the tracking number I was given and the customer service team from WPG resolved the issue promptly. Trousers are spot on and fit perfect. I'll definitely but from WPG again

Jim - Ireland
Super fast delivery (2019-01-25)
Got my package before I left for my event. Didn't expect that.

Meek - US
Quick delivery (2018-09-09)
Had to re position all fly buttons because not in line.

Nelson - US
Great product (2018-08-28)
These are perfect, ordered my pant size and they fit perfect, quality construction and material.

Justin - Kingston Pa
Excellent quality (2018-04-14)
Excellent quality, exceeded my expectations!!

Gowen` - US
amazed (2018-02-07)
The para pants are marked a size BUT do NOT fit, the size is marked wrong, has to be a size 40 and NOT a size 44...........

Rock - US
Brilliant! (2018-01-29)
I needed a new pair of 43 Para Trousers in a hurry, and received them just in time. I really don’t need to mention the high quality and perfect fit that I get with everything I order from WPG! Brilliant work, everyone! Thanks!

Walsh - US
Top Grade (2018-01-05)
Fabric, construction and sizing are perfect. No complaints here, but as someone else pointed out, the watchpocket is a bit on the deep side. Best quality/value available today.

Doug - Pennsylvania
Excellent in all Respects (2017-11-26)
The items in question arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Overall quality was excellent and the fit was as expected. If anyone is interested, these field trousers are cut to easily go over the wool trousers. If this is what you wish, order your normal size.

BTW, have you ever considered making M1951 Field Trousers?

Kritikos - US
Great (2016-12-12)
Great fit lot cheaper than at the front and better quality than at the front
Better than the Chinese crap they produce

Super (2016-08-12)
M43 uniform good quality, quick delivery

Alba - ES
M43 trousser (2015-11-03)
verry good, I like it!

Fournier - CA
M43 para trousers (2015-07-19)
Arrived with Jacket. Both seem well made. Ordered my waist size and fit is perfect. Did not think about when I ordered, but would have been helpful to have trouser length option as these are super long. I am sure I can hem them for better length fit. very satisfied.

Watts - US
Nice for airsoft game (2015-06-21)
These trousers are nice for me to use airsoft game, but waist size is a little small size 36 compared to other trousers same size.

Squadronleader - Japan
US Army M43 Para Trousers (2014-12-23)
appears to be good quality for the price. I will need to see how they work on the field. the size is exact so if you want larger for wool pants underneath or the holiday meals got the best of you, order larger. also, the buttons may need to be restitched as they appear weak and my pop (especially if you had too much holiday goodness).

Reed - US
US Army M43 Para Trousers (2014-09-23)
Perfect. Fast shipping and high quality.

Benitez - ES
m43 paratrooper trousers (2014-09-08)
The trousers are perfect (even the legs)
I order same size as my jeans and it fits perfect.
fast shipping.

Cpl. Bulldog (medic) - NL
M43 paratroopers pants (2014-08-27)
It''s the best reproduction of M43 trousers I ever seen ! I''m very happy of the product for ; colour, quality, finition, ect ect ... You can buy it xithout problems guys !!!!!

Mika - France
m43 para trousers (2014-04-24)
comfortable to wear a bit baggy
waist size for me a little small size 36 compared to other trousers same size

McMurtrie - AU
Mr (2014-03-20)
Excellent service and speed of delivery. Ordered size too large so have to exchange but impressed with quality. I'm 6 foot 4 inches tall but trouser length too long even for me. Will need new trousers shortening!

scott - GB
M43 Paratrooper pants (2014-01-14)
Superbly made item. The size and fitting are right on the money.Shipping was fast and the updates were timely. A great place to do business!
Thank You!

Klock - US
M43 trousers (2013-04-15)
quality of the trouser really excellent, the contruction is very pretty, seems solid, beautiful colors ect as good

Jordan - Belgium
US M43 pants (2013-03-08)
Very good quality & fit. Well done Jerry Lee. I will have some more business for you soon.

Morrison - GB
Excellent Service (2013-03-06)
As with every order I have received from WPG, their quality, fit, and delivery is perfect, thanks for being a trusted Vendor!

Mike - US
m43 pants (2012-10-17)
These r great n warm. I order a 32 and the fit like a 31. I regulaly where a 42. So if your gonna be bundled up for a good winter fight order one or two sizes up. Remember stuff shinks once washed even dried on lowest temp. No complints they r greaaat!

Ben Parker - USA OHIO
Victory again with (2012-10-11)
Great quality, fantastic construction and just beautiful work

Roschbach - US
m43 (2012-07-09)
these pants fit like a glove. or at least like a good pair of pants. they are a little on the long side, but if your going to be blousing them it wont matter much. simple hem could fix that. color matches the jacket perfectly.

Pegis - US
Another winner (2012-06-01)
Great quality, perfect color. These pants run a little big but so did the originals so zerp complaints from me. WPG scores another win with me.

Roschbach - US
SSGT (2012-02-27)
The new improved M-1943 Field trousers are better than the previous run. Sizing is accurate so order your normal waist size. However, the Para cargo pockets are placed much to low on the legs giving the wearer a stubby legged image. I removed my pockets and relocated them at the front pocket seam high on my legs. Otherwise great product.

Danover321 - US
m43 pants (2012-02-09)
color excellent, material excellent, BUT sizing about 2 sizes too SMALL than tagged.

mike - CT
m43 pants (2012-02-09)
color excellent, material very good, BUT sizing about 2 sizes too SMALL than tagged.

M43 Jump Trousers (2012-01-13)
The look and feel of originals. Heavy duty and durable with enough room to wear woolen underwear underneath. A smash hit at any WW2 outing!

Slesser - US
US Army M43 Para Trousers (2012-01-06)
Like the M43 jacket, a good replica!

Majoral - ES
Review Update (2011-12-21)
Review Update: Order your normal waist size IF you do not plan to wear anything under the trousers. Otherwise, order a size (or two) bigger depending on how much you plan to wear under. I actually ended up ordering a 36-pair (one size over). I tried them with sweatpants under and the 36-size trousers fit perfectly.

Santiago - US
M-43 para trousers (2011-12-16)
good stuff, nice color, looks fine;

duysters - BE
Order your Normal Waist Size!!! (2011-12-13)
Excellent quality. Perfect color. Quick delivery as always. Fitting note: Order your normal waist size. These trousers are cut with wide pant legs but waist sizes are right on the money. I ordered a 32 waist instead of 34 thinking the waist - like the legs - would run bigger - WRONG! I had spend more money to get an exchange, of course. Thanks WPG!

Santiago - US
M 43 Para trowsers (2011-11-19)
Good quality product, quick delivery (Shame for the Packaging which was in bad shape at arrival) so all in all good stuff! Thank you WPG

Fletcher - FR
M43 para pants (2011-10-10)
Fast shipping and very good quality. The only problem is the size of the legs more large.

Thomas - FR
M-1943 Rigger Mod. Trousers (2011-10-06)
Looks and feels very good, thanks a lot WPG!!

Jelle van Duin - Netherlands
US Army M43 Para Trousers (2011-10-05)
Perfect quality. Item delivered quickly. The only problem is the size of the pants, which is too large.

mathieu - FR
M43 para trousers (2011-08-24)
Perfect article, very fast shipping and good price.


Lara - ES
US Army M43 Para Trousers (2011-04-27)
Fast shipping and very good quality

Cassar - CA
4 (2011-04-13)
Item arrived quickly, material and appears of great quality. Only drawback is the leg lengths. I guess one size fits all with the appropriate waist size. One must alter the leg length accordingly. All in all good quality.

DeShong - US
paratrooper pants (2011-04-12)
The pants came quickly and with very good tracking of shipping. They are a bit large in the legs but, they are made that way on purpose I guess.Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!

Leland - US
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