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Very pleased (2023-10-30)
Excellent repro, very pleased to have it delivered so fast. I recommand this seller.

Millar - FR
Great find (2023-10-22)
Good quality, works great and seems to be well made.

gruner - US
Top quality - fast delivery +++++ (2023-09-04)
Top company - top products - fast delivery +++++

Frombach - AT
Really nice product (2023-02-13)
I was very pleased with this flashlight. Worked just fine. Good price too.

Minor - US
Built Good (2022-03-09)
The flashlight itself is built pretty nice, i've ran into no issues with it. I will say that you should pack extra batteries and maybe an extra bulb to an event, but other than that it works like a dream!

Bolton - US
Wonderful replica (2022-03-05)
I bought mine a few years back and use it from time to time. Well built and shines way brighter than the original's did. Not exact copies but your friends will never know

Bykfixer - Virginia-US
Wonderful replica (2022-03-05)
I bought mine a few years back and use it from time to time. Well built and shines way brighter than the original's did. Not exact copies but your friends will never know

Bykfixer - CountryVirginia-US
TL-122A Flashlight Must have for your WW2 Impression (2022-03-01)
Sturdy rigged all metal reproduction that will hold up well in the rigors of boonie stomping.

Teo - New Hampshire
Nice Flash Light (2021-11-23)
This is the second one that I brought, nice for keeping in the car, in case of trouble. The only thing that I worry about is if I can find a new light bulb when I need to replace it.

Franta - US
Great flashlight (2021-11-04)
Great flashlight of the original one used in WW2 early on
and into the end stages as well.

Langston - US
Amazing Flashlight well worth the money (2021-10-19)
Well impressed by it, working really well, and a very faithful reproduction, the cap thread are good so easy to unscrew or screw, switch has a positive feel, I just love it. I wish I could show you a photo , but I have aged it and it look like the real thing apart from the cap with the WPG stamping, I wished they would have used a real name stamping with the WPG discretely stamped somewhere else like under the clip soyou could have it positioned laying on some kit without the cap giving it away! But anyway, Fantastic job Lee

Fantastic reproduction (2021-10-18)
Very please with it, worked straight from the box, high quality feel like a decent flash light. Once weathered this will look spot on. I should have bought the plastic one as well. Shame about the WPG logo on tail, but this way this will not be sold as a real one

Jean Luc - United kingdom - England
Excellent repro TL-122A (2021-08-21)
High quality repro of the TL-122A, everything works as it should.
Fantastic item to complete your re-enactment gear set-up

Cook - NL
Well Done (2021-08-19)
Nice Belt ,good quality and the best (always at wpg) the fast shipping ,sometimes parcels inside germany needs longer

Outdoor Adventure - DE
Outstanding flashlight (2021-08-10)
I got this reproduction flashlight for my 1941 Plymouth WWII staff car. Super fast shipping. Excellent quality, works great. I'll likely purchase another one for my Jeep.

Lammon - US
Very nice (2021-07-12)
A very nice product.

Lennane - NZ
Awesome Repro! (2021-06-09)
This reproduction works perfectly and looks and feels like the increasingly rare original. I was also impressed with how fast it shipped to my house. I wasn't expecting much for the price so I am very pleased.

Pat - US
Fast! (2021-02-27)
Love it...would be hard to tell the difference in the real thing.

Hickman - US
Very Accurate Reproduction at a Great Price (2021-01-26)
I bought this because I just found an original that required some work to make it look presentable, but it still would not work (switch issue) but I loved the style and wanted one I could use. Found this one for just $25 and it looks great, event when placed next to my original. Very few discrepancies and the ones it does have are so small that it doesn't matter. I highly recommend this product!!

Crawley - US
Very Good (2021-01-12)
As always it can't be better.

Faltesek - US
Greatest (2021-01-12)
As always, the best.

Faltesek - US
1st Class (2020-04-21)
Great flashlight, fast delivery Thank You

Richards - UK
Amazed by fast delivery and responsive (2020-04-07)
As the title suggests, I am amazed by the quick ship time and amazing customer service that responded quickly to my issues. Fed ex screwed up my package and I received an empty box when it was delivered the 1st time. I contacted Jerry and he informed me they would ship another one ASAP which they did. Great guys and great product, have done business with them before and will do so again!!

Manzi - US
Fantastic. (2019-11-04)
The look is spot on, the beam is bright and it feels great in your hand.

Ott - US
5 stars (2019-05-23)
a friend of mine bought one many years ago , it still works. original ones have their place on a shelf, this one is ideal for reenactment.

Fast delivery (2017-12-11)
Just what my son wanted

Jalowiec - US
Great item (2017-11-08)
Very nice repro. Glad to buy it.

An Excellent Flashlight (2017-06-22)
The flashlight is of good quality, consisting of a brass tube body and cast zinc head, both painted a pleasing shade of olive drab. The switch assembly, lens bezel, and battery cap are also of stamped sheet brass, albeit painted black. The only steel components are the clip, and the folding hang loop on the cap. All components are well-finished and seem robust. One thing to note. I am unsure if this is a peculiarity of my example, but I had to install the batteries reversed compared to what I am used to with other flashlights. Instead of putting the batteries in negative terminal toward the spring in the cap, they had to be put in with the positive terminal toward the spring. My flashlight did not work at all with the batteries installed opposite to what I described. Overall, I am very satisfied, and can see this item lasting a long time.

Alex - US
Tl-122 A (2017-02-17)
Good looking item. Good price. Looks pretty darn close to original except the bottom. Close enough for what need. Had to fine tune battery/switch connections, No problem. Got to rough it up some now to look used.

richard - US
Awesome (2017-01-22)
Great reproduction..

Carver - US
Nice reproduction except the WPG signature (2016-06-17)
Nice reproduction except for the WPG signature on the bottom, that's a -1 in my opinion. A WPG sticker on the inside should be less disturbing...

de - NL
Very fast delivery (2016-03-07)
Very good reproduction flashlight. I had to make a small tweak to get it to work and it's worked just fine thereafter.

Ford - US
Love the metal (2016-01-10)
I was pleased at it's metal construction and obvious durability. Good threads on the cap and spitting image of the original. I love these guys, no matter the project, they do a great job.

Cooper - US
Great Flashlight (2015-05-30)
Excellent reproduction of the metal flashlight - brighter than my later plastic versions! And fast shipping of course.

Brian - US
TL-122A (2015-05-05)
Exceptional reproduction and a quality retro flashlight too. Very highly recommended.

Kose1 - US
TL-122A Flashlight (2014-12-23)
Great product. Thank you for keeping history alive.

Stewart - US
TL-122A Flashlight (2014-08-29)
Very pleased with the item. Works perfectly. Arrived promptly. Thanks.

Krupa - US
angle flashlights (2014-07-14)
Product is awesome! Very exact repro.Would recomend it to any one.

Pace - US
GI flashlight early model (2014-07-06)
Super nice and accurate ww2 us flashlight. Very fast shipping 👍

klem - US
TL-122A flashlight (2014-06-25)
Sturdy, solid repro- works fine with no problems. Clip is solid. Awesome deal for the price! Will look even better once it has seen a little use and worn a bit.

Steve - Melbourne Australia
TL-122A Flashlight (2014-06-24)
Very nice product!

Carpenter - US
Flashlight (2014-05-18)
Very pleased with my purchase! Thank you

J.Hammond - US
0000 (2014-01-21)
exellent item! never seen in offer in germany, only the green plastic item, super!

niedermeier - DE
Tl122a (2013-07-16)
Great bit of kit!

mitchley - GB
so cool; (2013-07-05)
I liked flashlight very much, order and shipping was just fine , thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spinosa - BR
TL-122A Flashlight (2013-06-03)
Good for the price, but the switch doesn't work properly. I have to "wiggle" it for it to light up properly. Previously ordered a TL-122B light with same problem had to take it apart and repair it. Just minor setbacks and YES I still recommend either one or the set.

Chapman - US
description (2013-03-06)
tight thread

Brazhnikov - RU
Nice copy (2013-03-06)
It didn´t work but after some tampering it started to work, maybe too much paint between the body and bottom cap ;)

Bergstrom - SE
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2012-10-13)
excellent repro!

Hao - CN
Very impressive! (2012-08-30)
Brilliant reproduction. I did have to adjust the brass connections inside slightly (had to bend the brass tab forward that connects to the lamp) but then she came on brighter than any incandescent I've ever owned! Item arrived SUPER fast, and am very impressed. Thankyou WPG!

James - AU
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