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Super Fast (2023-05-10)
Very well made, authentic version of this superb smock. Pockets hook/loop and all details are authentic. Loose fitting so works great with a Commando sweater underneath. One of my favorite WPG DPM 68 Pattern Smocks.

Armbruster - US
Excellent customer service and pleasant shopping experience with fast shipping (2023-04-05)
Very nice and well made Windproof SAS Smock the 68 Pattern DPM is spot on and the fit is excellent a really good piece of kit I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a really nice historically correct SAS Smock keep up the awesome work WPG and thanks.

satterfield - US
Recommend (2022-11-15)
A very nice well made item. Perfectly matches my old worn out smock too. Initial wash on delicates with colour fast detergent has resulted in a few white lines along creases which was a bit of a shock but then the well used original trousers that I have also have white lines along the creases so still matches well.

Leggett - UK
Super fast delivery but sack your qual control guy (2022-08-20)
I’m made up with my smock, nice and lightweight … impressive quality too, I was less impressed that I had to sew on one of the Velcro cuff squares which was missing 50% of its stitching, however that said I’m still a happy customer.

Brownlow - UK
Excellent repro of rare smock. (2022-06-24)
Although I have a later genuine version,these earlier ones in the distinctive dpm colours are extremely hard to get.This is a brilliant copy barely distinguishable from an original. Very pleased. Just waiting for some cooler,windy weather to try it out !

bates - UK
DPM Windproof Smock (2022-06-24)
My DPM windproof smock arrived a few days ago and I'm very impressed! After a wash to get rid of the new shine to the fabric, it looks like a mint original in every regard. The attention to detail is amazing so well done to WPG for a fantastic piece of kit!

Donovan - US
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