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Great jacket - go up a size (2023-05-30)
Have looked for a few years for Portuguese camo. What is out there is minimal, and that goes for the size as well. The twill, patter, and colors all look to be a match if the one small original shirt I have. Based on another review, I did go up a size (XL to XXL) and it fits perfect. Glad WPG has brought this pattern and style back to life. (Now just need to find a Portuguese model AR10…)

Matt in AZ - US
Go larger if you can (2023-05-05)
These are cut a little shorter/tighter than other WPG items so I ordered the XL Long. Glad I did as the original XL was too short in the sleeve and length for me. Excellent camo repro from Portugal's colonial wars.

Weidman - US
Excellent but sized for...Portugese people (2023-04-18)
And that's not an insult. Anyone who knows Portugal and these items knows that most made were smallish in sizes. For me I ordered to XL but it is very short (I am 6'2" and 220lbs with a 35" sleeve). The standard XL barely gets to my hands and the hits me just below the waist. If this one shrinks it will not fit. Can't have everything but I wish WPG offered this in a long size as with other items. The camo and quality are spot on and this lizard pattern from Portugals African wars is very hard to find. I will definitely purchase the matching trousers!

Weidman - US
Fast delivery, but one small flaw (2022-12-18)
Overall, everything was excellent. The only quibble is that on mine was the sleeve cuff buttons. Either the buttons were too big or the holes were too small. I fixed it without difficulty by transferring the small buttons under the shoulder strap to the cuffs. Easy mistake, easy fix. Either that or this was the reason most photos of the Portuguese in Africa rolled their sleeves.

Shiell - US
Fantastic repro (2022-11-21)
I own an original portuguese hooded smock, and I must say this is a near exact replication of it. The colours are perfect, the cut is perfect, even the buttons are correct color. The only difference is the material has more sheen, but that will go away with use and a wash or two.

Corbin - United States
Portuguese lizard camo jacket. (2022-11-20)
Still waiting on it.

Kline - US
THE GREATEST (2022-10-29)
Thank WPG for this, I've been waiting many years to have 4 pocket Portuguese camo jacket IT's PERFECT. I'm gonna get another soon. Always the best CHEERS.

Byrnes - US
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