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Ted, Dearborn (2010-05-28)
Your service was great, and the item was perfect. I will recommend you guys to all I know.

Dumbrigue - US
* (2010-05-23)
Very nice, fits a 48" waist if run all the way out.

Michael - US
Great Belt!! (2010-05-04)
Excellent reproduction, again as many have said, the paint work on the buckle chips fairly eaily, but the web and construction are fantastic. Best repro out there.

Mark - UK
Excellent Reproduction (2010-02-11)
I believe this reproduction to be better than the original! Quality is outstanding.The belt keepers seem to be wider, which makes them easier to slide. The originals are much harder to slide. Great job!

Mike - Missouri
US M1936 Pistol Belts (2009-12-22)
Beautiful and fits! fast shipping and high quality service as usual!

Stewart - US
nice (2009-12-22)

Sferruzza - US
Belt (2009-12-02)
Same as above. Buckle requires breaking in and paint chips off in process.

Seerey - US
Nice belt. (2009-11-17)
The paint is too thick on the buckle, it chipped off the first time I put it on. I may have to grind down the metal a little and repaint. Other than that it is a great belt and I am very pleased. Thank you.

Kaiser - US
36 belt (2009-09-28)
Nice overall, buckle mold edges were not rounded off before blackening which makes it harder to buckle/unbuckle than original item

Harper - US
Garrison belt (2009-08-03)
looks great fits good,looking forward to adding it to my class A uniform

jones - US
pistol belt (2009-07-04)
This belt as to be the best i've seen beats anything offered here in the uk

wade - GB
Pistol Belt, M1936 (2009-06-07)
This has got to be one of if not the best repro belts I have found. Not to mention the fact that it fits really well. The only complaint I could think of is that there were some sharp edges I had to sand down but that should not discourage anyone from buying one of these excellent belts!

Portz - US
Good Belt (2009-04-24)
Good belt, good price. But the first time I put it on some of the black paint shipped off of the buckle exposing silver metal. Overall good belt though.

Taylor - United States
US M1936 Pistol Belt (2009-04-23)
Belt looks good. Buckle metal is too thick, which made fastening quite difficult. Paint stripped off the buckle the first time it was fastened. A little metal will have to be shaved off the buckle for it to open and close smoothly and easily. It then will need to be repainted. It's obvious that nobody checks this at the time of production or this would have been sorted out by now. A disappointing flaw in an otherwise good product.

Wilton - UK
pistol belt (2009-04-10)
color good, size good. havent used yet, will let u know.

Tysenn - US
Pistol Belt (2009-03-31)
Pistol Belt arrived. Excellent. Will fit at least a 46, 48 may be snug but doable.

Jones - US
Missing Item (2009-03-27)
WPG immediately emailed me that they would ship the missing pistol belt. I can forgive a slip up as long as they promptly respond to the problem. Everything else in the order exceeded expectations.

Jones - US
Web pistol belt (2009-02-08)
Excellent detail & quality. Fast service.

Denny - US
Pistol Belt (2009-01-30)
Nice belt but a tad shorter than I'd like. Barely long enough for my 38" waist.

Seitz - US
Good item (2009-01-11)
Seems solid but putting on the belt is a little hard. Over all, nice belt.

Marcum - US
Pistol belt (2008-12-15)
Great reproduction of pistol belt and better than many others I saw here in Europe.

Merker - Luxembourg
Almost perfect, but still looks the part! (2008-11-11)
Only thing I am disappointed in is the thick black paint on the buckle, it chipped off the first time I put it on. The sizing is off too, if you have a 40+ waist or plan on wearing it over a jacket go with the XL. I've taken all the slack out of mine and it's still tight around my 40" waist.

Bransford - US
Very nice pistol belt reproduction (2008-07-04)
I ordered one of these and I am very happy I did. Nice belt and looks as close to original as I have seen in a reproduction. WPG is a very good place to order from. Fast shipping and if there is any problems with your order they will work it out with you in a fast and friendly manner. I highly recommend this web belt and WPG.

Steve - Missouri
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