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Good quality (2012-05-23)
The flashlight is good quality and works fine.

Rumrill - US
Amazing (2012-05-10)
Great product: looks sharp, very sturdy, very bright. Incredible deal for the price!

Bergin - US
Flashlight (2012-04-30)
Great reproduction! ;)

Cruz - ES
US GI Flashlight TL-122A (2012-04-29)
WPG is my favorite vendor for WWII militaria. They always deliver quickly and produce the best quality items for my impression! Thanks again folks!!

David Savoie

Savoie - US
***** (2012-01-31)
Well made!

Bengtsson - SE
TL-122A flashlight (2012-01-24)
Excellent product. works right out of the box and is very bright!

Hersche - US
USGI Flashlight (2012-01-19)
Looks great, works great, I'll be ordering more

Sjostrom - US
Excellent! (2012-01-15)
I have always been a military buff. I decided to buy this light for work purposes to replace my mini mag. I anxiously awaited it's arrival to try it out. I have been using this light from day one and I am not disappointed one bit. I am amazed at how close this is to the original. The belt clip does not seam flimsy at all. I would recommend this light to anyone reenactor or military buff. I use at at the garage all the time. I will be ordering more. Thanks Jerry for making things like this availabe.

Brass - US
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2012-01-12)
Excellent repro, well worth the money. Very fast shipping.

Roe - US
Excellent! (2012-01-05)
Just received my reproduction flashlight. I love it. For a reproduction it is extre,ely well made. The belt clip doesn''t even appear to be as flimsy as others have reported either. Maybe it was improved? I will be ordering another one.

David - Pennsylvania, US
GI Flashlight (2011-12-20)
Very good reproduction. My husband will be happy to get this.

Teresa Groff - US
TL-122 A repro. Flashlight (2011-06-22)
Most probably the best TL122 A flashlight reproduction in the world !

5* (2011-06-06)
The best TL122 reproduction on world market..

We have more than 10pcs WPG flashlights and all are GREAT!!
I have my OWN TL122a more than 7 years and looks like ORIGINAL!!


sgt Stanley - CZ
thank you (2011-05-29)
verry good thank you from france

US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2011-05-26)
Very good quality, very pleased

Kohlmorgen - DE
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2011-05-22)
Bought this for a friend. I have an original TL-122A and this looks exactly like the original. What a great reproduction! Also, the shipping of my items was very quick.

Wilson - US
TL-122A FLASHLIGHT (2011-05-17)
This is a really neat flashlight works great nice color very well made.very bright i like this item alot THANKS WPG and Jerry.

Flashlight (2011-02-28)
I am looking forward to using this in the field. Very nice repro.

devers - US
TL122A (2011-02-08)
It's a nice flashlight, but the "WPG" on the bottom is a bit annoying. Works fine though.

Holloman - US
Flashlight M-122A (2011-02-07)
Excellent reproduction and fast service.

Mable - US
flashlight (2011-01-29)
Great Repo, Fits our vehicle perfectly.

McCue - CA
TL122A (2011-01-23)
I like this flashlight. It is very bright and is pretty sturdy. I recommend this light. It is one of those small items that makes your impression that much better. Plus you won't feel bad tossing it into your pack where it will get banged around out in the field.

burgess - US
Perfect! (2011-01-09)
One of the best reproductions I''ve ever seen. Strong spring clip, sturdy brass construction, well made interior. Perfect addition to my 1944 Willys MB. Looks great, works great. Thanks WPG for excellent price and super-fast shipping.

Mark - Colorado/USA
Good Reproduction (2011-01-08)
Good quality and works great. Thanks WPG.

Esh - US
TL-122A Flashlight (2010-12-11)
Looks factory fresh. I gotta toss it in my jeep toolbox and drive around for a few months to weather it up! Great item, and FAST shipping.
Stop reading and buy one already!

Denton - US
Very Well Made (2010-12-05)
I love this one. Very well made, You almost couldn''t tell it''s a repro. Originals are different, as far as I could know, in some minor details -there were a lot of them in Italy among the Boy Scouts, years ago, though I couldn''t tell wether they were GI surplus or commercial purchases.
It might be that the brass body is a little thin but my personal guess is that they weren''t expected to last very long anyway. Civilian lightbulbs of the period I found in my basement weren''t much sturdy either.
I''d suggest to arrange the WPG signature on the bottom in the shape of a commercial brand of the period; it would help substantially & I bet it would be much appreciated by customers.
Very classy item, I use it for myself.

Lazzaro - Italy
Flash Light (2010-10-13)
Outstanding reproduction of the rare metal flash light! Solid construction, clear glass lens and functions as it should with a brilliant beam of light. I would beef up the belt clip as the steel is just a bit too soft. Other than that Im glad I bought it!

Fox - US
flashlight (2010-10-07)
was surprised how much it looks like an old crook-neck flashlight i bought a few years ago. the light works perfectly, with a nice, bright beam.

ward - US
TL-122 flashlight (2010-09-13)
Very solidly built and worked fine right out of the box. It has seen one reenactment and I am very glad I bought it. Shipping, as always, was stunningly fast.

Burchette - US
Flashlight (2010-08-29)
Seems very solid. Well worth price. Shipping was lightning fast!!!

McDowell - US
TL-122A Flashlight (2010-08-01)
Just what I was looking for! And talk about fast shipping!! Hats off to Jerry and his Team!!

Pierce - DE
TL-122A (2010-06-15)
Works great, and is very well made.

Erickson - US
TL-122A order... (2010-05-15)
I made two (2) orders for TL-122A Flashlights, ordering six (6) total for my vehicle. On the second order I received one (1) that did not function properly. I simply followed the procedures to request an exchange for a flashlight that worked. Not only did I receive a replacement flashlight, but I got it in just a few days of my request. On top of all that I was told that it was okay to keep the flashlight that didn't work, because it would cost more for shipping than what the broken flashlight was worth.

It is because of the outstanding service and careing I received from WPG that they will ALWAYS have my primary business. I thank the staff with all my heart.

Warmest Regards,

Matt Coppens

Coppens - US
memories (2010-04-05)
my grandpap carried his from the war in his truck
and just seeing it is a memory its an axact match

zarilla - US
TL-122A Flashlight (2010-03-21)
Great reproduction!! I am glad I got one.

Smead - US
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2010-03-10)
Excellent reproduction, very pleased. My second purchase and will not be my last. Fast delivery. Thanks very much.

Benway - US
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2010-03-04)
Excelant repro, well worth the money.

price - US
US TL-122A flashlight (2010-02-06)
Excellent reproduction-construction and appearance almost exactly like my original. Functions perfectly. Well worth the price.

deBroekert - US
TL-122-A Flashlight (2010-01-14)
This thing is beautiful... An exact reproduction of the original right down to the glass lens. I could not be more pleased..

Cunneen - US
WWII TL-122A Flashlight (2009-12-30)
The reproduction quality is excellent. I remembered what they looked like in the surplus stores about 45 years ago. The price is outrageous, but I am sure it cost a lot to make such a fine item.

Speer - US
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2009-12-22)
Only difference between the repo and the original is the bottom cap says W.P.G. and the rivets on the on/off switch. This is Beautiful! My hats off to you guys!!!! WONDERFULL!!!

Stewart - US
Flashlights (2009-12-19)
This is the most authentic repro of the flashlight that I have ever seen. No more using the modern version. One step closer to being exactly like the guys we strive to portary.

Hamper - US
Flashlight (2009-12-15)
Tremendously fast delivery and very pleased with the build quality.

Gibson - GB
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2009-11-24)
Fast delivery, great repro flashlight!

Tl-122A Flashlight (2009-06-23)
very good, now, i can see in the darkness !!^^

Thank you WPG !

Thibaut - FR
Metal body! (2009-05-25)
Metal Body, Hard rock!

Pntek - HU
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2009-04-02)
Fast delivery, nice item. Very happy with items. Thank you

Stanea - US
Better than I exspected (2009-01-23)
I was on the fence about this one. But I was pleasently surprized about how well made and finished this flashlight was. A great working assesory especially at night!

byberg - US
US GI Flashlights TL-122A (2009-01-05)
Very fast shipping. Superb item.

US GI Flashlight TL-122A (2008-12-23)
I like it, and it works well.

Haithcock - US
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