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Happiness is a Bush Jacket (2015-10-12)
I was extremely pleased. It fits well and looks great.

McCartin - US
Bush Jacket (2015-10-11)
Great Jacket with all the period details of cut and construction. Belt length mentioned by others is not a problem: simply past the buckle end of the belt through the buckle and button it to the back of the keeper, then you can make the belt any length you like.

Rohan - Western Australia
RAF Tropical Tunic (2015-09-11)
Great work and a great price. Shipment was timely.

Brauer - US
bush jacket (2015-09-05)
very nice and looks original could do with buckle holes in belt but once you put brass buckle and stitch holes in belt very nice. and its very quick to arrive in post

lees - UK
Mr. (2015-08-04)
Fast delivery. Beautiful jacket

Sarrazin - CA
Mr. (2015-07-17)
Package arrived 10-July-2015, UK belted Bush jacket is very high quality and proper fit, belt is excellent. Thank you to everyone who worked on this order and especially Wajed Malik for the personalized service.

Fabian - US
Uk bush jacket (2015-07-13)
Perfect thanks

Belted Bush Jacket (2015-07-09)
Outstanding!, delivery was less than 7 days. I am quite impressed with the quality and fit. As advised, I ordered a size larger to fit a sweater under it (next order!). Back in the 1970's I was issued a bush jacket from Quarter Master Stores (Cdn Army Militia), the jacket was made in the middle 1950's. The material is made up of a slightly lighter fabric, but the design is very familiar. The main buttons are slightly smaller and are made of plastic as was my original. The sleeves are oversized as was the original, this allows you to wear a sweater underneath and still roll up the sleeves. The belt appears to be a composite of the 2 belt styles we had. As noted, The buckle is made of plastic, but so was the belt on my issue jacket.
I have waited along time to get a new Bush Jacket, and I finally have one. Well done WPG!

Arnold - Canada, Saskatchewan
Bush Jacket (2015-07-01)
Surprisingly fast delivery, good quality, very satisfied, thanks!

Klaus - DE
Mr. (2015-06-04)
The jacket is great in general, but it's kind of large for me. I'm size 40 so I ordered a 40 one, but it turns out to be a little bit bigger than I expected.

Yang - US
UK Belted Bush Jacket (2015-05-26)
Surprisingly fast delivery. There are a lot of odd to crappy "Bush Jackets" out there but this is the real deal. That said I bought this for everyday wear, not for reenacting and it is a very nice quality made jacket. I love that I was able to get a 46 Long so it fits perfectly. The only down sided was it appears that my jacket had been wadded up for quite awhile and I had a devil of a time ironing out the wrinkles.

Meyers - US
Love it! (2015-04-24)
Very pleased. Very nice jacket at any price but this is nearly a give away! I love it. Followed sizing advice and ordered one size up for room and long for my height and it is spot on. May need to order another to put away for when I finally wear this one out! Shipping across the US was also very fast. WPG is bookmarked and I have already ordered another item.

LeGere - US
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2015-02-17)
100% Faultless service. First jacket too big, exchanged within a week. Second jacket ordered one size smaller, perfect fit even after washing. All companies should take lessons from WPG. Truly amazing experience and great prices.

Very good ! (2014-12-19)
First : very fast delivery
second : very good quality ( just the buckle should be in metal) otherwise, I'm very happy !

love it! (2014-11-11)
excellent service and quality too!

Keegan - AU
UK belted bush jacket (2014-10-21)
My second bush jacket. As good as the first one.

Bouchaud - FR
Great (2014-09-09)
great jacket. Great materials. Fast shipping.Excellent

Bouchaud - FR
mr (2014-07-31)
Jacket great ordered a size bigger but not necessary so having it adapted. Quality excellent, feels right apart from the buckle but easy to replace. am already looking to order other items from a most excellent company. Customs charged me a £16 which i believe it states in the small print for a collection of items but even with this unexpected cost still worth every penny.

hynam - GB
Belted KD Bush Jacket (2014-07-23)
Good colouring compared to other repros. Good fit and material. Excellent time scale on delivery. Will return when in need.

Wayre - GB
Bush Jacket (2014-07-21)
Very good quality and the price is excellent.

Gavel - CA
Bush Jacket (2014-07-06)
Very good reproduction. Very good quality of the of the material, good size. Thanks o lot.

Bush jacket (2014-07-01)
Bush jacket received within one week ! Very fast handling and shipment and a very good quality. Very pleased with it. Thanks

Vreeswijk - NL
Bush Jacket (2014-06-17)
Shipped from the UAE and arrived within just a few days, beautiful material. Happy.

Toab - US
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2014-06-17)
nice and good bush jacket.

biemolt - NL
great buy! (2014-06-12)
Great quality at an affordable price

UK Bush Jacket (2014-06-02)
Great quality. I had an original Bush Jacket but I out grow it. The materials (all but the belt Buckle are as good as the 1942 jacket . Great job.

Some Tailoring is in order to fit as it has no form


Hagglund - CA
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2014-05-29)
Wonderful jacket, arrived fast, good fit, good cotton you should produce the Italian model too!

UK bush belted jackets (2014-05-29)
Very nice jacket indeed.As expected, needing some custom tayloring due sleeves too long. Jacket belt came without attachament strap so had to make one my self.Choosen size fitting perfectly except mentioned sleeves,too long.Very happy about shipping,just took a few days arriving Spain.

ramon sena - ES
RAF bush jacket (2014-05-20)
I am very impressed. I am really thrilled with this item! Great quality. I recommend being sure of your size. I found my first attempt a little small. My next attempt was much better but I ended up wearing 2 sizes larger than I usually wear. I ordered long sizes both times and still found them a little short.

Doug - Nevada, USA
Bush Jacket (2014-05-15)
A wonderful product! I also wish it were available in OD and off white or stone color.

Doug - US
RAF Bush Jacket (2014-05-15)
I am sincerly thrilled with the bush jacket overall. The quality, style and value are superb. The praise of other customers is totaly agreed with. My only complaintis with the sizing. I am a 46L, so I ordered a 48L to be sure of a loose fit. When it first arrived it fit fit pretty well. I washed it on warm and dried it on low temp. It shrunk an inch in the sleevea and two in the body length. I brought this to your attention and you imediatley ( very fast ) replaced it with another in 50L.Very impressive and a reflection of how you do business!After washing this one, it fit O.K., but still a little short in the body. I than ordered another in 52L, washed it, and it is just right and I am very happy. A great buush jacket that I have searched for a long, long time. Long may you prosper!

Doug - US
Bush jacket (2014-05-15)
Fab product, prompt service, , excellent .

ferris - GB
Nice jacket (2014-04-18)
Fabric and tailoring are excellent. Yes, darker tan than picture. Only quibble, arms are a little too long and body a little too short. Not sure if proportions are same for the long sizes.

Jon - DC/USA
Jacket (2014-04-12)
This is my second jacket very nice product

st-jean - CA
Bush Jacket (2014-03-17)
Jacket looks great and is well made. My size, 44L, fit nicely...except the sleeves were about 2 inces too long (having that fixed). Buckle will be replaced with a WWII original I found on eBay. Thanks, Don

Kropp - US
A+ (2014-03-16)

Excellent (2014-03-10)
Excellent bush jacket. Efficient handling and super fast delivery, arrived much earlier than expected.
Only downside is as mentioned multiple times, the plastic buckle.

Marcus - Oxford
UK Belted Bush Jacket (Khaki) (2014-02-24)
This is a very well-made bush jacket. The cotton is heavy and rugged. WPG seems to have mastered the tailoring trick of allowing for "modern sized" people, while still retaining vintage-type profiles for this and other items. Well done.

Angelucci - US
Very good quality! (2014-02-03)
Very good reproduction of the Original item

Kuipers - NL
bush jacket (2014-01-04)
This jacket is a good value. It's well-made, durable and looks just right

May - US
Khaki bush jacket (2013-12-11)
Good fit, looks the part and made of very sturdy high quality cotton. The belt is quite a bit larger then needed and because it is attached to the jacket with 2 straps. If I close it the buckle of the belt ends up on my right side hip. It needs some work, but for me that's a minor problem. Very happy with the jacket.

van - NL
UK Belted Bush Jacket - Khaki (2013-11-14)
Yes Jerry should run, not walk, to the nearest brass buckle vendor. Jacket is extremely well made and this 44L fits about right but for me seems rather 46ish in the body (not in the shoulders though). So I will have the body tailored. Color is exactly the same as his mid-war KD trousers and Aertex shirt, and just a hair paler than his early war KD trousers which are barely yellower but only the most anal would care. All of these were purchased at the same time. Good to do that if you want close color matching because if garments are made in the same place they'll likely be cut from the same order of material. On this subject - the WPG aertex bush jacket just ordered is a much lighter tan. This may have basis in period reality. Different subject.

Neuenburg - US
Superb (2013-10-17)
excellent item!

ladhams - GB
Khaki Jacket (2013-10-15)
OK, could be longer. Belt line is a bit high. It'll work.

vancil - US
Bush Jacket (2013-08-23)
I love this jacket. Ordered on Tuesday, arrived in UK on Friday. Most UK companies can''t do this. Good quality cloth. Colour is fine for me. I take a 44 normally but ordered . Belt is too long but is simple to shorten just by moving the buttons. Like others, not keen on the plastic buttons but mine does stay done up. I may fit a brass one but that means making holes in the belt and I''m not keen on doing that. Also bought the matching trousers and, having badged it up as an RAF Fl/Lt can now do a good impersonation of Alec Guinness in ''The Malta Story''.

Steve - U.K.
Bush Jacket (2013-08-23)
I love this jacket. Ordered on Tuesday, arrived in UK on Friday. Most UK companies can''t do this. Good quality cloth. Colour is fine for me. I take a 44 normally but ordered . Belt is too long but is simple to shorten just by moving the buttons. Like others, not keen on the plastic buttons but mine does stay done up. I may fit a brass one but that means making holes in the belt and I''m not keen on doing that. Also bought the matching trousers and, having badged it up as an RAF Fl/Lt can now do a good impersonation of Alec Guinness in ''The Malta Story''.

Steve - U.K.
Bush Jacket (2013-08-20)
Fast shipping! Great jacket for RAF reenacting - in a tropical country like Brazil! Good quality, good color, good looking! Thank you!

Ferreira - BR
quality jacket (2013-08-13)
The quality of the item is excellent and the fit is perfect, yet again Im very happy with my order

Gardner - GB
None of the above comments seem to have a title - what does one write here? (2013-08-13)
fast delivery, good price, seems well made. Now gone for tailoring due to my awkward shape. Will be better after a few washes, I think. Advice earlier seems to be replace plastic buckle with a metal one? Sure I can find one somewhere.

Leese - GB
Awesome look, unbeatable price, fast shipping. (2013-08-08)
This jacket is a super money value. It's well-made, durable and looks just right for chasing after Rommel in the Western Desert, going on safari, or or if you just like a retro sort of outdoorsy look. I now have two of them; the first one having been a gift. I liked it so much that I added a second one. I do find the sleeves a tad long on my 50L size, but that should be easy enough to have altered. Also. I'm not a fan of the plastic belt buckle they come with; it should be metal, but that this price... I'm willing to overlook this and find a brass one somewhere myself. As others have commented, shipping was very fast.

I've noticed a few other comments saying that the jacket is much darker than the one in the product photo, and indeed it is, however I am a professional photographer and can categorically state that the photo as it appears on the website is over-exposed by at least a full stop (twice as much light as should be on it) and so the jacket appears lighter than it should. The colour will also fade a bit with repeated washing.

All in all, a lovely product and if only they were also available in jungle (OD) green I'd be certain to buy two more.

Menten - CA
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