My everyday carry bag (2023-09-22)
I wear this bag every day and have done so for a couple years now. It's wonderful and is aging beautifullyit looks much like the preserved original in the National Museum of the United States Air Force now.

I only knocked off one star because one of my sword hooks was not crimped and there was a chronic issue with the spring piece pivoting sideways and the strap coming off. I think I've finally fixed that, however, with a pair of pliers.

Dave - Vermont
Well done! (2023-04-08)
Product is great. Everything I needed it for.

Dunigan - US
Great bag and very fast delivery. (2022-12-23)
The officers haversack is nicely made. The delivery was very fast.
What Price Glory is on the top of my go to supplier for WW1 British.

Irwin - US

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