Excellent (2024-03-04)
I received my order today. Thank you so much!!

Tudela - US
Great quality jacket (2022-06-11)
Very pleased with my HBT jacket. I normally wear a 44L or 46L jacket, and got the 46L. Like the originals the jacket is oversized to allow a woolen uniform underneath. When worn with just a t-shirt underneath, the shoulder seams will hang slightly below the shoulder. There are plenty of period photos showing that the HBT jackets were worn this way back in the day. The construction of the jacket is up to WPG's usual high quality, and the starbursts on the buttons is nice and crisp.

Ben - UK
Very pleased (2022-02-06)
It's a shame there are no plans to reissue these, they are amazing! Just received mine and was lucky enough that the 38 that was left fits perfect over a shirt for me. Plan is to use for Indochina so it doesn't have to fit over a wool uniform otherwise I would never have known how really well made these are!

William - Virginia USA

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