Really nice quality (2021-01-28)
The smock was really nice quality Had a good feel and the pattern looked very good as well. Unfortunately, the sizing seems a bit small. I used the sizing guide, but the item was still too small in the arms and around the chest, especially if one wants to wear a sweater under it.

That said, I got a RMA number with no hassles and shipped it back for a larger size. I currently await that item to be shipped to me. I'm really looking forward to getting one that fits because it I want to wear it. Will probably add a velcro tab to hold the "beavertail" up under the back of the smock.

Roberts - CA
Top notch quality reproduction. (2020-07-10)
Ordered my son's Denison and was pleasantly surprised to find it in the mail the following week. The fit and finish is "spot on" and right up to spec. Thanks to Jerry Lee and everyone in his chain of command for your hard work.

Roop - US
ordered the new one ! (2019-09-13)
This model have a sleeves problem : they are too tiny for normal arms. So it's a return for the jacket i ordered.

Thanks to malik the go back procedure is clear and fast !

Bomba - FR

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