Quite Nice (2018-03-20)
I was VERY pleased. Too often, these reproductions have such bright colors, in stark contrast to the actual item. This one was spot on (and I've had an original, so I am not just spouting).

DHL made things a tad complex, but we made it work. I will know better next time, and there WILL be a next time. Looking forward to me next purchase.

Amazed (2017-02-17)
Very quick shipping. Very pleased with the service.

The smock looks excellent. I do like the new colours and the overall garment.

Points of improvement would be widening the sleeves by at least half the size they are now. Furthermore I would suggest widening the space between the 6 newey poppers on the front for the tail. They're currently too close together.

The new press studs look the part but are fairly weak. When I opened the top pockets they already ripped open.

Dicky - NL
A couple of minor adjustments (2016-11-02)
A great smock!

If the narrow sleeves were made considerably looser, the knitted cuffs just a wee bit shorter and the front crotch poppers wider spaced.. this would be THE best printed pattern smock on the market!

Matt - Chalk Living History

Yates - UK

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