fast delivery (2016-11-01)
Tired of using my original denison smoke, I bought a denison WPG, I would say perfect colors, heavy fabric, council do most wide sleeves, with a BD below, it is difficult to move, and take off, however it is PERFECT

pauletto - IT
Denison Type I (Improved) (2016-10-21)
The Denison has long been on my list of "must haves" since I saw Connery, Hopkins, and others wearing them in "A Bridge Too Far" on the big screen and I was not disappointed. In fact, I ended up buying two of them. Yes, as others have stated, the sleeves are narrow but - as part of my education on this particular garment - this is indeed accurate. The Type Is apparently had narrower or tighter sleeves than the Type IIs and this is the case with WPG's Denison Type I (Improved). I'm not an expert on this garment so I'll leave the sleeve discussion for others to arbitrate and comment on. For me, however, I simply moved up a size and problem solved. I'm 6'3" & 215lbs, so sizing is never easy for me. This was also my first chance to experience customer service; WPG did not disappoint here either. I had to do an exchange - a process that was both easy and well-run thanks entirely to WPG's staff, one person in particular. To avoid mistakes on sizing with this or other garments, do not hesitate to reach out to these folks for assistance on finding what would work for you - they're very nice, extremely patient and super helpful. Thank you!

Brian - US
Excellant (2016-07-05)
Jacket was excellent.Thanks

Hutchinson - NZ

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