Much Better Than I Expected (2018-11-12)
The Denison Smock [2nd pattern, improved] is beautifully made and the cloth is very rugged as well as truly windproof. The fit is true to the size listed [XXXL as I am NOT petite] and the cut is generous allowing excellent freedom of movement. The colors and 'brushstroke' pattern match the original based on my research too. All in all it is a great reproduction and will enhance anyone's collection regardless of whether they are simply collectors or re-enactors. I hope that this Smock will become available in the post WWII camouflage patterns used by the British SAS. Overall the Denison Smock [2nd pattern, improved] is a great piece of kit and would still serve our troops well today if it were made in modern camouflage patterns.

I have only one complaint about the Smock... the snaps are too easily opened, as in they pop open at the slightest touch. Not good for securing items in the pockets.

Thank you, and Please keep making such great products! Cheers,

Bill T.

Taggard - US
2nd pattern (2018-10-03)
Further to my previous review I would just like to add that my only real criticism is that the securing studs on the front are too close together, they should be wider apart ( side to side ).

Ed - United Kingdom
2nd pattern (2018-10-03)
Great quality, very pleased, quick delivery. The sizing issue I had with the full zip is addressed by the provision of a M-L size for 44" which is just right. Cut and finish are superb but the colours are a bit dark overall, hoping it will fade out a bit ! I can recommend this smock as the best in the budget market for value for money.

Ed - Suffolk

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