Better than the original (2019-09-01)
Raw leather holster made in India wouldn't accept my 1911A1 .45 pistol. I liberally applied Hubetrd's Shoe Grase inside and out and jammed the pistol inside and twisted it back and forth until it was well seated. Then I kept it in a plastic bag overnight. When I removed it from the bag I found it has molded itself tom the pistol and add it absorbed the Huberd's, it became softer and took on a dark, rich antique golden brown that prominently displays the embossed US. Looks like a true vintage holster now.

G - Texas/USA
Fast delivery (2019-05-15)
Best quality!

Wilson - US
Perfection (2019-04-29)
Quality and Fast Shipping....Kudos!

Rick O - US

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