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Very good quality, quick delivery (2024-02-25)
Brass buttons for KD shorts and battledress, very good quality for the price. Fast shipping from UAE to Wash state.

Ivins - US
Very practical and work well! (2023-07-07)
I ordered just what I needed and they were shipped very quickly. Great!

Fenner - US
I wear these all the time in the summer. (2023-07-07)
Another great item! Very well made, with lots of room for summer wear. I have been mainly wearing WPG items for everyday wear, and these really fit the bill.

Fenner - US
Impressed with delivery! (2020-08-12)
Impressed with buttons, perfect match for wartime overalls.
Dispatch was extremely fast, and I am happy to recommend WPG.

Coppin - UK
Awesome (2020-07-31)
I’ve been using these buttons for various projects and to replace lost ones.

Very good items and the shipping was great , thank you. (2020-05-20)
Restoring these buttons to a repro P37 Battle Dress Jacket .

Berish - US
Fast Delivery (2020-02-26)
Everything was fine I'm very pleased with everything I bought !Everything came in very rapidly...

Robson - AU
fast delivery (2019-12-18)
Just like always, everything is perfect

Wiltgen - US
superb (2018-02-09)
Excellent well done, only criticism eed is also for other stuff the color of the fabric is not all the same and when you change shirt and jacket you have a broken dress

pauletto - IT
Solid Delivery, Good Timing (2017-03-28)
These buttons are the last piece I needed to complete a WWI project--thanks!

Stewart - US
Fast delivery (2017-02-25)
Good quality, just a note to user: remove extra flashing, much as one should expect with a model kit or mini-figs

Hood - US
Amazed (2016-07-13)
Items received very quickly, good fit & seem to be well made. I will be using WPG again

Stenner - UK
we trust (2016-02-07)
everything as promised ,what you is what you get

Lynch - CH
Very good - fast delivery (2016-01-19)
Ideale per sostituire i bottoni persi. Ottimo prezzo.
Very good to replace the lost button. Excellent price

Paladino - IT
UK buttons (2015-02-19)
An excellent and very useful product, for trousers, BD and other items. Amazingly quick delivery.

Webb - CA
Good (2014-10-21)
fast delivery,quality item, good match to my uniform,and good to have some for spare.

Olivieri - CA
ik brass dish buttons (2013-12-13)
nice buttons. a little thin but good quality.

Popiela - US
UK buttons (2013-11-14)
Good replacement buttons

Borg - AU
Brass buttons (2013-11-01)
Nice size and construction, but edges can be very sharp, need to rub down edges with wet and dry paper

Adams - GB
UK Buttons (2013-09-14)
Nice item, good quality as always.

Michael - RU
UK Buttons (2013-01-03)

Pigliapoco - IT
UK brass buttons (2012-09-17)
As said above. Good quality and an exact match for my uniforms - many thanks

Jelley - GB
UK Buttons (2012-07-29)
I wear my BombBay Bloomers all the time and wanted a few extra buttons! Always good to have a few extra buttons about and Thank You WPG for offering accessories like these!

Tom - US
British brass buttons order (2012-07-26)
The buttons have arrived, no problems, they are just as I wanted them.
thank you.

Maloney - US
Buttons (2012-07-04)
Great quality as usual.

Jenkinson - US
UK buttons (2012-05-02)
Look nice and are very reasonably priced if gotten as add-ons to other items ordered. I will order more next time.

Fenner - US
Now I've got a good stock for my uniforms (2012-04-12)
Now I've got a good stock for my uniforms

Werner - BR
UK Brass Buttons (2012-03-22)
Top Quality as usual from WPG and delivered inside 4 days with UK P37 battledress inside 4 days.
Buy with confidence from WPG

Parkes - GB
5/5 (2011-08-30)
Perfect !

buttons (2011-03-16)
I would recommend these to anyone in need of brass buttons for any project

Strobel - US
uk buttons (2011-01-13)
buttons are first class the same quality as everything i have purchased from wpg thank you!!!

Turrell - CA
UK Buttons (2010-12-23)
the buttons are perfect and the delivery was extremely fast.
Happy Christmas and New Year to all the team.

Buttons (2010-10-01)
good price and they look good

Harding - US
UK Buttons (2010-09-04)
great deal and great product.

Wang - US
BD Serge Brass Buttons (2010-08-31)
Very quick shipping and useful communication. Close enough in size and appearance to the original buttons on the BD Serge Blouse and trousers.

Eardley - GB
Match (2010-07-17)
Matches up with the ones on my BD. A good price compared to what I've seen at craft stores.

Mateja - US
ta. (2010-06-02)
good brass buttons. i looked a while for
this item.

Hatvan - AT
Buttons (2010-04-22)
It was exactly as promised. Fast shipping and a good price. Thanks again for everything.

Cusick - US
Buttons (2010-03-18)
It was exactly as promised. Fast shipping and a good price. Thanks again for everything.

Cusick - US
Sergeant Major (2010-03-04)
Very pleased with product and lightening fast turnaround.

Gutoski - US
poncho (2010-02-02)
this is the nicest rain poncho I ever had...its heavy, but that's what you want in a rain storm, when you're treking through the outdoors! delivery was as always, fast fast fast! thanks Major!

maclean - CA
buttons (2009-12-03)
Bought as replacement buttons for trousers. Different color but same size so they shoul work

Harmon - US
Brass buttons. (2009-08-29)
Standard repro. Good.

Tatham - CA
UK Buttons (2009-07-02)
Nice replacement buttons

Paulson - US
UK Buttons (2009-07-01)
Nice just like the others in my uniform

Paulson - US
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