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Excellent package, fast delivery (2021-07-19)
WPG has done a great job with this package. Almost everything you'll need in one set, and for a good price too. Couple of things to note, the late war (green/brown) water bottle IS included in this set, so don't order one separately. Additionally, the buckles that attach the packs to the L-straps were missing from my order. I emailed WPG, and they corrected the issue. Original delivery was fast, the missing buckles took a bit longer, but eventually arrived. Good on WPG for making the problem good.

Allen - US
UK P-37 We Equipment Full Marching Order (Original)-Package (2019-06-08)
Pristine condition, very satisfied, fast delivery!

Finney - US
P 37 gear (2014-02-28)
Out standing! A+

Bolin - US
Great Gear (2012-07-24)
Ordered the full marching order and received it in a very short amount of time. One item was on BO which I was informed about ahead of time but the small pack did not arrive. Turned out it was out of stock but WPG has promised to send one as soon as they are back in stock. Can't ask for more than that.

Robert - US
P-37 Web Equipment (2012-04-08)
Excellent web set! Looks great, but canteen cover have little damages by mole.

Popryadukhin - RU
uk web belt (2011-10-10)
ordered XL belt, but received L belt. quickly corrected by WPG and new XL belt received.

Scaife - US
UK P-37 Web Equipment (2009-05-09)
very great item! Thanks.

Dick Deziel - CA
product review (2009-03-20)
Great! Where do you find this stuff?

Scobie - US
P-37 Web kit (2009-01-28)
The P-37 web kit arrived and looks great. Thanks for the quick service.

Paul Hinson

Hinson - US
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