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So that's why they're called ammunition boots (2023-10-28)
Got these for a British tankie impression, so I had to remove the hobnails. I think there's a reason why they're called ammunition boots. These things are insanely tough.

Shiell - US
They're pretty good quality. (2023-10-18)
They're pretty good quality BUT they're not what they used to be about 20 years ago. I still have a pair from back then. The souls were thicker back then and the toe was very very hard. These ones not so much. And I'm still trying to figure out what type of a coating they put on the leather that won't even absorb conditioner.
Other than that they fit very well and seem like they will probably be comfortable.

Wright - US
WPG Ammo Boots go the distance (2023-06-04)
I witnessed these boots in action this weekend June 2, 2023. Eight out of the ten of us were wearing WPG Ammo Boots. The terrain was grueling with some 3300 feet in elevation gain and a trek of some 14.5 miles. These boots collectively gave an outstanding performance. No hobnails were lost, and very few blisters were noted. My next pair of Ammo Boots will come from WPG.

Garry - Tennessee
Not quite what I needed (2023-03-04)
First - the return process with WPG is very fast and easy, making returns pretty painless.
The "Ammo" boots appeared well made, with all the usual hardware on the sole and heel, but the knobby leather would have prevented bringing them to the high polish I needed, so I returned them. I should have paid closer attention to the picture on the website.

Wilmeth - US
Not too shabby (2023-02-07)
Sizing: I wear a 9.5 W US, ordered size 10. I have put in 2x thick Dr. Schol's insoles and can still wear medium weight wool socks and WPG Indian hose comfortably.
After breaking in they are pretty comfy and have worn them on several short distance hikes (1-2 miles) with no issues.
Very sturdy and well made boot!

William - VA
fast delivery (2022-10-24)
Very pleased with my purchase, fast delivery and no hassle on ordering online.

Mullins - US
Bulled Boots (2022-01-07)
These boots are well made, but very stiff and need to be broken-in before they can be worn comfortably. They also needed to be bulled by smoothing the stippled leather. This is all part of a British Soldier's duties. Good product.

Person - US
Bulled Boots (2022-01-07)
These boots are very stiff and need to be broken-in before they can be worn comfortably. They also needed to be bulled by smoothing the stippled leather. This is all part of a British Soldier's duties.

Person - US
Great boots!! (2021-12-29)
Great boots, I love them. Fast shipping, Ive got mine in few days.

Fast, good quality and great fit. (2021-06-07)
I ordered multiple items wich where all great quality and luckily the boots I ordered fit like a glove. Would definitly order again.

Okhuijsen - NL
Sizing is accurate to normal shoe size (2021-05-25)
Excellent and sturdy boots! I was very nervous on what size to get after reading through all the reviews like 5 times. But I took the gamble and went for my natural shoe size of 11 and they fit great! Not tight at all, plenty of space for my toes.

Barboza - US
Nice boots (2021-04-13)
Well made with hob nails toe taps and heal plates. Leather looks great. You might consider going a half size down but sizing isn’t bad.

Ambrose - US
The boots are excellent ! (2021-03-20)
Fit great ! Quick ship !

Parks - US
Get next larger size. (2020-12-29)
When I ordered, my size, US 13, was not available. So, I ordered the next larger, 14, figuring I'd just wear heavy sock. Turns out that, with boot/hiking socks and half-length arch support inserts 14 fits perfectly. They do take a fair amount of breaking in.

Chappell - US
buy next size larger (2020-12-26)
These appear to be well made. They come with heel and toe plates and hobnails installed - a plus. They do take some breaking in, so get them well in advance of when you will need them. When I ordered, I wanted a size 13, but that was not available, so ordered 14. Glad I did. With arch supports and heavy hiking socks, they fit about perfectly.

Dennis and - United States
Super fast (2020-08-26)
Thanks love the british boots very well made. Played an Airsoft game with them and all hob nails held good!!! Thankyou

Dent - US
Good looking boot (2019-08-09)
Good boot for the price, delivered quickly. Will buy from Jerry again.

Pettit - US
very satisfied (2019-01-31)
very satisfied, excellent repro,super fast
shipping. Thank you

Amiard - FR
Superb product (2019-01-06)
They are so good that you could wear them every day. Highly recommend for the WW2 British infantry impression.

Wheeler - US
Great boots and quick delivery (2019-01-03)
Boots just as pictured online, fit great, look good, and double-quick time delivery considering the distance they had to travel. Thanks. I'll look here first next time I need a pair of WWII repro boots. I would suggest others do the same.

vernon - US
Almost like an orignal pair (2018-12-10)
The boots arrived very fast, within 5 days!

The quality of the boots is amazing, they are very sturdy and look great.

I already applied some original dubbin to waterproof them, just have to break them in.

I would recommend these boots to EVERY WWII Commonwealth re-enactor!

Calvin - Wormerveer - NL
Size up! (2018-11-24)
Though a very nice boot I found these to be too tight to work with.
I wear a north american size 12 but these felt more like an 11.5
My big toes are pushed into the end of the toe box and they feel quite narrow.
I'm hoping that exchanging them for a size 13 will work?

Jose - Canada
fast delivery (2018-10-08)
Boots appear to be of very good quality and fit well.

Sferra - US
They Keep getting better (2018-09-24)
There were serious issues with these boots years ago, but WPG has endeavored to find and put out very sturdy and representative boots. The only reason I withheld giving a 5, is that they continue to have quality issues with the eyelets. They are frequently not pressed completely leaving jagged edges that prick fingers and chew up the laces.

Gallagher - US
FAST shipping! GREAT quality! (2018-09-20)
Quality product from a quality vendor!

Bowers - US
Didn't like them until I loved them (2018-05-02)
When I first got them, they were too stiff to wear, especially in the toe cap area. But, after soaking them in water, wearing them dry, and oiling them, they fit perfect. I typically wear a size 10EE or 10.5 US, but I got these in 11 and they fit perfect with wool socks. I def recommend them for Brit reenacting.

Steve - NC
Excellent (2018-04-11)
Thanks for the ammo boots! They are lovely!

Popovic - NL
Outstanding. (2018-04-04)
Got the boots very quickly. Great product. Oiled them on the inside; made them soft, bulled them on the outside; made them shine; added inserts; made them more comfortable. Absolutely outstanding. If the heel was like the capped toe, they would look like my issue DMS boots. Thank you Jerry. Great boots. Look great with highland gaiters.

Simmons - US
Ammo Boots (2018-03-25)
These boots are better than expected. They fit fine and look just like the originals just new. Great job!

Stefan - California
Wilson review (2018-03-13)
Excellent reproduction, very good quality.
Remarkably fast shipping. Great fit.

Wilson - US
Fantastic (2017-12-21)
The boots arrived in excellent condition and quickly. Always a great experience.

Auger - US
British Ammo boots (2017-03-14)
These are the best quality British Ammo boots that I have seen, and the price is the best of all the other competitors great for reenactment.

Terrific ammo boots (2016-12-18)
Quality boots at a great price. Wear US size 9.5 or 10, so ordered size 10. Fit perfectly. Thanks for the extra laces and hob nails. Really fast delivery.

Cooper - US
not received (2016-12-08)
regret not yet received still in brussels

Stordiau - BE
Brit ammo boots (2016-09-06)
Good quality boots at a fair price. Very happy with them. Exceptionally fast shipping!

Don - US
British ammo boots (2016-08-30)
Very good quality and great value for the money. Exceptionally fast shipping.

Amazed (2016-04-23)
I am planning to buy more gear from you.I am planning to buy more gear from you..

bustillos - US
Fast (2016-04-23)
This was the most Amazing Buying experience.I am planning to buy more gear from you.

bustillos - US
Great boots (2016-01-21)
Again, WPG provides super fast delivery and great products. This is my second set of boots. Wear great and stay lookong good.

Popiela - US
We received the package, but.... (2015-12-21)
It was thrown on our front porch. Someone had cut open the plastic envelope with a very dull knife, and it was gaping open. Scary. It was my son's Christmas present.
Would your delivery person just left it cut open like that, or am I to expect that someone started to steal it and cut it open to see if they wanted it first.
Could not have replaced the boots inside and would have ruined his Christmas.

Gwen Boyd

Boyd - US
Super Fast Delivery (2015-11-15)
These boots shipped from Dubai, UAE, and I had them three days after I placed my order. I couldn't believe it. Good, sturdy boots. As everyone has said, the will take breaking in, which is to be expected. I couldn't be happier with the excellent customer service, communication and quality of the product. Thanks so much.

Ranger 243 - US
good boots (2015-11-09)
I am really pleased with how these boots are working and they feel very solid

Nolla - US
Ammo Boots! (2015-10-17)
Very fast delivery (both times). I had a defective pair (one boot was small/tight)and had to mail them back. Cost extra $ for postage. The second pair are beautiful fit great. Still breaking them in. They look hand made (funky in one heel). I love them though. Leather lasses broke 1st week.

Cano - US
Good boots (2015-04-30)
Very good boots generally I wear 10.5 for sure I have order size 12 and they fit perfect be sure to order at least one size larger.

Gagnon - CA
Great Boots!! (2015-04-27)
Great Solid Boots!

Tim - Camarillo, CA
Awesome boots! (2015-04-23)
Very happy with this purchase! Boots are great quality, fit well. Also very fast shipping!

Laino - US
BRITISH AMMO BOOTS (New Run) (2015-04-22)
I Absolutely LOVE these boots!! Ty to the Entire crew at WPG for having these available! :)

Mr.T - US
british ammo boots (2015-03-14)
Very nice, very god job! thank you very much!

gabet - FR
Brit combat boots (2015-02-17)
Very well made and look just like the original ww2 model . Very good job.

klem - US
Ammo boots (2014-12-04)
Outstanding!The best out there!!!

Mears - US
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