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Exactly what I needed (2023-08-07)
I am still of the old school for drill boots and these hob nails are hard to find. Thanks for keeping up the standard!!

Brian - CA
Best (2022-11-22)
Comparable quality as with original, not paki junk of soft iron ;)

Drabi - CZ
hobnails (2021-10-09)
Quality product, well priced.

Sharp - US
10/10 (2021-07-11)
I'm satisfied with the product.

Ardley - US
Good quality (2021-06-19)
The studs look great. Delivery took a while due to Covid.

Cal - NL
Fast delivery (2021-06-17)
About 5 extra nails in the order thanks WPG

Crichton - UK
Wilson review (2018-03-13)
Fine product as always. Thanks again Mr. Lee.

Wilson - US
quality product, well priced, fast delivery (2017-09-17)
quality product, well priced,fast delivery.

Sharp - US
Great piece of kit (2017-07-15)
Real hob nails. Shipping was fast, but delivery slow due to Customs hold at airport.

Alatorre - US
Super fast delivery (2016-07-07)
Thanks very happy with the purchase. Good Service

Carrier - AU
Fast delivery, mediocre product. (2016-05-22)
Ordering process was effective and delivery time was good.
The hobnails I received are very rough castings (maybe stampings?) and not nearly as well finished as those I have used in the past. However, they are quite functional and as they are a hard-to-find item, cudos to WPG for carrying them.

Upton - CA
Mark (2015-01-20)
Just what the RSM ordered, 2,3,4!

Godwin - NZ
hob nails (2014-12-22)
Just what they say on the tin, great as always

Allen C - GB
A bag of nails (2014-03-31)
Just what it says. But they are clinch nails and need to be hammered in over a steel last. If you dont have one, go to a shoe maker and get them hammered in. Very accurate!

Warren - Canada
Hob Nails (2013-11-01)
Nice hob nails, some need work on castings though on spike

Adams - GB
Great! (2013-07-03)
Came fast and work great!

Tremblay - CA
hobnails (2013-03-25)
Another perfect transaction...great value too!

Radford - AU
Brit. hobnails (2013-03-18)
Exactly what the doctor ordered - and shipping was very speedy.
Thanks WPG!

Eaton - US
Great Nails (2012-07-24)
I can not wait to get these put on my reproduction Australian Ammo Boots. They should help the boots last a good long time.

Kirkham - US
hobnails (2012-04-30)
definitely not upholstery tacks... surly, heavy, absolutely the real deal. (now comes the task of tapping them into my unissued 1942 ammo boots)

erik s - US
hobnails (2012-02-25)
great item will order more.

jarzyna - US
Hob Nails (2012-02-02)
These were purchased to replace ones that break. I don't need them yet but it is better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Gibbens - US
5/5 (2011-08-30)
nice price, good stuf! just have to walk !

Hobnails (2011-01-27)
Great item fast service

Pickering - AU
hobnails (2010-06-03)
after walking several miles on the ammo boots, I am glad to repair the shoes with these items !

Wassenaar - NL
UK hobnails for shoes (2010-05-27)
Nice stuff for a really nice price.
I'm really satisfied!!!

Baricz - NL
hob nails! (2010-05-09)
what can you say about em!, they are good and it was easy to replace the one that broke off in my boot!

Smith - CA
Hobnails (2010-03-18)
It was exactly as promised. Fast shipping and a good price. I cannot wait to get them installed at the cobblers. Thanks again for everything.

Cusick - US
Shoe hobnails (2010-01-19)
Hard to find item! Good price,good service.

Cole - US
William (2009-10-22)
Great hobnails, will make my boots last and sound good.

Kelly - AU
Hobnails (2009-08-23)
Just the item to finish off and protect your leather soled boots. Added grip on grass is worth the occasional slip on hard floors.

Evans - AU
Hob Nails (2009-05-12)
Some like the sound of V8 engines, some like Jet AirCraft, then there are those who like the sound of Hob Nails on the Drill Square. These original Hobs live up to all expectations. Thanks again Major for your quality items.

Regards, Graham.

Gough - AU
Hobnails (2008-09-29)
Well they're nails of the hob persuassion, they make a pleasing sound when you walk although they are prone to try and kill you on tarmac! Another good item of kit from WPG.

Newell - UK
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