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Never knew such tartan flash existed (2019-01-29)
I'll read more books about them. Whatever, nice products.

Perfect Kit (2013-12-16)
Absolutely marvelous selection of genuine Kit and service that excels every time.

Blyth - US
Tartan Flashes (2012-05-16)
An excellent addition to the wardrobe. They look great.

Grant - US
mr (2012-03-17)
just what the doctor orded have been sewn on as well looks the biz thanks

rush - IE
guy (2011-08-08)
one of the tartan has a seam in the middle.
Fast shipping

labbe - BE
UK Tartan Shoulder Flashes (2011-03-06)
Quality tartan flashes. I'll be wearing them to the next Scottish Festival.

Lightning fast shipping all the way to Hawaii.

I shall recommend you to my fellow collectors.

Ragsdale - US
Great !!!! (2011-02-06)
Best tartan flashes on the market.

Major Lafrime - FR
Just what I expected (2010-12-02)
Good quality item and not edged...just as it should be.

Jones - GB
- (2010-11-29)
great items for my desert uniform

Wassenaar - NL
UK Tartan Shoulder Flashes (2010-10-13)
Good match for tartan

wormley - GB
Cameron flashes (2010-10-12)
correct size, shape and configuration on nice quality wool. perfect alternative to carving up a kilt!!!!!!! as ever priced to please the customer without compromise on standards.

Parker - GB
Tartan titles (2010-07-14)
As good quality as my own kilt. Can't fault it.

Morris - GB
UK Tartan shoulder flashes (2010-02-27)
My K.O.S.B. pair arrived intact and aligned, unhemmed as wartime issue. Get yours here.

243 Herbert - US
Gordon tartan shoulder flashes (2009-11-25)
Perfect tartan material pair of shoulder "titles" in the correct weight tartan material- "yellow horizontal lines" perfectly orientated. Rectangular shaped flashes worn on the upper shoulder sleeve. A simple bit of kit but hard to get right and these guys have nailed it.

Steve - Melbourne Victoria
Perfect! (2009-08-17)
Perfect tatarn flash for the KOSB!

Watson - US
Tatan Flashes (2009-06-22)
Receive the shoulder flashes alone with tunic order in quick time. Flashes are not finished on the edges but when sewn in place the sewing acts as a hem.

Hicks - US
Tartan Higland Light Infantry (2009-05-08)
Product is fine except for the edges.
They should be cut in a straight line and not be desintegrating

Feitsma - NL
Shoulder Flaskes (2009-02-05)
Much better than expected

Price - US
Tartan shoulder flashes (2009-01-28)
The Gordon Hldrs tartan shoulder flashes arrived Tuesday. Thanks for the quick service.

Paul Hinson

Hinson - US
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