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Perfect match for my project. (2022-10-25)
I’m very happy with the British general service buttons! I used them for a replica Argyll and Sutherland doublet. They look great and are very close match to my original buttons. Thanks very much!

Ruff - US
Fantastic products (2022-10-17)
Always super fast shipping and great products! Thanks

France - US
Great value & Fast delivery (2022-09-20)
Great value and fast delivery! Thanks

France - US
Nice Buttons (2021-12-23)
The small GS buttons were excellent. Delivery was very timely. Thanks again for such great service.

Simmons - US
Excellent (2021-06-18)
Excellent service, super fast delivery, quality authentic buttons, reasonable price.

Binns - AU
Super (2020-12-31)
I was amazed how fast my packaged arrived. Excellent well made authentic buttons for good price. Many thanks WPG.

Binns - AU
Good buttons (2020-06-23)
These buttons are good for the price.
They seem to be well made.

Baldwin - US
Fast delivery, great product (2019-11-03)
They have restored a very old military uniform tunic to its original design. So very happy

Haskell - UK
Great Products (2019-07-27)
The buttons I ordered look great.

Zapkin - US
Buttons (2019-05-16)
Very well made. good price, fast delivery. Quality product.

Sharp - US
Nice buttons (2017-11-27)
Nice buttons for a good price

general service butto black watch (2016-03-05)
you all right

boido - IT
Buttons (2015-10-15)
Awesome replicas!

Vanka - CZ
Buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons? (2015-07-11)
Very authentic and so reasonably priced I got more than I need. The fast delivery didn't hurt either. Thanks!

Filson - US
great buy! (2014-06-12)
Nice set of buttons!!!

Mr. (2012-03-09)
Nice buttons, I wish they came with the metal retaining rings. Where can I find some? I broke a button on my 1902 cutaway and lost the ring. I now have the replacement button but no ring.

Still - US
Yup, they're GS buttons! (2012-02-21)
Shiny, good looking buttons. Can replace the QC buttons that came on my SD tunic now.

Pelikan - US
Buttons (2012-01-18)
Great and very fast service as always. Only complaint, I wanted a total of 12 brass buttons, but you only had 9 in stock. So, I'll have to pay shipping again when you restock what I need.

Fross - US
GS Buttons (2011-09-22)
Nicely made and a lifesaver to replace a missing item. very quick despatch and receipt.

Parker - GB
King's buttons (2011-04-15)
Tore off my CSA buttons and sewed on these king's crown buttons. Great quality and price!

Shaw - US
General Service Buttons, Brass, King"s Crown (2010-11-16)
Shipping was from DHL, which was the answer to my curiosity after the move to the UAE. All in all it took only 6 days to get here, not a whole lot more than domestic shipping. The buttons them selves are made exactly the same as the originals, with the U type loop. After a good polish, they match with originals on a uniform perfectly.

Duran - US
General Service Buttons King's Crown Large (2010-08-12)
Very reasonable price, quality is amazing and I thought postage was expensive but it was very fast. Faster than UK local postage which puts the UK to shame. My buttons say SYDNEY GRIFFITH BIRMINGHAM. It came from the UAE but service was spot on, I recommend them, I like it so much I have ordered the British Officers tunic next and if funds allow the P40 Greatcoat.
Thank you WPG a very satisfied customer, please don't change. Cheers!

Chao - GB
Thanks! (2010-01-04)
These buttons arrived very fast and were very cheap. The markings stamped on the back of each button reads "Buttons Ltd. Bir'm". Thanks WPG

Skriletz - US
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