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VERY NICE COPY (2023-02-17)
- very NICE copies of pieces that are only getting more rare/ expense; COMPARES WELL w/ my 2 A models & multiple B-D's (Originals); safe / practical use with My M-2 Halftrack Crew Gear (ended-up giving the B model to a friend f/ his '45 Ford GPW. Work well with my new batteries; Know of no one else who sells these
CGR (17Feb23)

nice repro and they work. (2021-03-07)
The only thing is the extra lenses came in broken, is there something that can be done.

Fareas - US
Great Deal, Quality Flashlights (2020-03-22)
Quality flashlights.

Kenneally - US
super fast shipping (2019-12-26)
Great flashlights well made!!

Dugelar - US
very good quality (2019-03-14)
very good quality flashlights, fast shipping too

jim - US
VERY Accurate well made (2019-01-14)
TL-122 lot (A - metal & 'B' plastic body) VERY well made (great sub f/ expensive 'real-ones' (at least in our M-2 Halftrack, as a worker 'user' (practical/ day-to-day item) own another set f/ a display 'fill-in' wrks f/ all & both.
Ship quick from UAE (a nice-place, in any case) and arrived Ok in their respective boxes.
Thks Maj. Jerry, appreciate the team, as well.

R/ Curt Reus (customer since about '00 or so)

Very fast delivey. Great item. (2016-11-07)
These were the best part of my order. I was very pleased with the reproduction flashlights. Both looked exactly like the originals. Only the WPG marking makes them distingushable.

McCloskey - US
Prefect reproduction (2016-05-27)
I bought the TL-122 A and B reproduction lights knowing they were.
I got brand spanking new lights for much less than some in not so new condition.

Thank you for doing what you do.

Oh, shipped half way around the world and at my door in less than a week.

Elmore - US
Flashlight set. (2015-12-20)
A great deal for two of them. I am very happy with them both.

Maddox - US
US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2015-05-11)
These things look and work great!
Good job!

Solid flashlights (2015-04-30)
My flashlights arrived quickly (as always with WPG!)and safely packaged. The flashlights take two D batteries each and I was pleasantly surprised by how bright they are! The switches on both my flashlights work flawlessly. They have an on, off, and Morse code function. Although I haven't used these flashlights in the field yet, I am satisfied by how study they seem. Thanks, WPG!

Trocino - US
Flashlight combo! (2014-05-12)
Super deal. I have an original TL-122B and the only difference is the WPG monogram!

anoia - US
No problems (2014-04-01)
Everything went well. Works fine.

Corrie - US
Great items & service! (2013-10-20)
Great items, great price, best quality! Service 2nd to none!

US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2013-04-06)
Very well made reproductions. They look amazing! Super fast delivery!

Irving - US
Mr. (2013-03-06)
Good price. Fast shipping. Good quality.

Deane - CA
Flashlight Combo (2012-06-04)
Both are GREAT!! Shipping is way too fast!! I can't believe items from out of country can get here this fast! I love to order just because of this. The flashlights work and look great!!!!

Hopper - US
elbow flashlight combo. (2012-03-04)
Real fast delivery and work great..

Goff - US
Great Items shipped like lightning (2012-01-19)
Great deal for this pair of flash lights and brighter than my mag light. Shipped very quickly.

sorenseene - US
US Flashlight Combo (2011-09-12)
Really fast shipping from UAE. As a collector, I'm glad the WPG logo appears on the flashlights. In fact, I wouldn't mind it inside the body to avoid frauds. Nice stuff!

Supancic - US
Nice deal (2011-05-08)
Good quality lights, look and work like unissued originals, can't wait to put them to use in the field. Some complained about the WPG signature on the bottom, but it is actually quite discreet, and a necessary way to distinguish it as a repro too. Good overall set.

Googe - US
Flashlight Combo (2011-04-07)
Flashlights are awesome! and now I don't have to bust my original RAYOVAC light. Fast as fast can be on shipping. Thanks WPG!

Kibler - US
US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2011-02-07)
These are flashlights that look great and work great! I use these for living history but also for every day use. They are both a tried and true design that are very functional for my uses.

Flashlights (2011-01-23)
Fast delivery, nice torches.

Rae - NZ
flashlight combo (2011-01-22)
Great deal, would have been 5 stars but the plastic one has a switch that is a little touchy, when you push it all the way on, it goes off, needs to be pushed back just a smidge. other than that a good buy.

Bowen - US
Very Convenient Deal (2010-12-05)
For a reason or another, I was planning to buy both, then found this convenient bundle; well done.
Personally Speaking, I'd find another way to put the WPG signature: on a military issue, it may looks like how do you say ..a little Farby?

Ricciardi - IT
thumbs up (2010-12-02)
i use them in reenacting and in every day use. can't go wrong with a decent design!

ward - US
us flashlight (2010-10-27)
nice reproductions. Service was great

Johnson - US
US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2010-08-02)
Second set...same quality. Thanks!

Scobie - US
US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2010-07-16)
Fast delivery. Look great great items for events.

Faltesek - US
WALES (2010-05-26)
Brilliant repro and well made..Like most things, take care of them and they'll last.

flashlights (2010-05-12)
These are great flashlights, work excellently

Bowen - US
US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2010-04-21)
Flashlights look great work well. I just wonder about the durability of them. The plastic seems to be of a brittle type and the metal one seems to be thin and easily bent. Overall they look great and work and that is main thing for me.

Lawson - US
US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2010-04-06)
Nice items with good light output

Paulson - US
US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2010-03-11)
Great Service, Excellent All The Way! Many Thanks

Wardlaw - US
5+ (2010-01-01)
Great Items, Super Fast Shipping ! Thanks

Santucci - US
US Flashlight Combo Deal (Package) (2009-11-02)
The plastic flashlight worked fine right out of the box. The metal version's spring seemed too strong and was causing some issues with the threading when screwing the base back on the cylinder. I will try to keep the spring depressed for a while to try to shrink it up to allow the bases to be screwed on without popping the threads. Other than that one issue, the light works fine.

Lopez - US
Mr (2009-09-12)
High quelity items and great price.
Very fast delivery.

Toohey - AU
Highly recommended (2009-08-04)
Very reasonable price and High quelity.
Thank you very much!

Kobayashi - JP
us flashlight combo deal (2009-07-06)
Very fast delivery. Highly recommended

Rommelfanger - LU
Flash Light (2009-04-27)
Extremley quick delivery to my APO. Both lights worked with no problem. This is the same light that I had purchased before and carried on three deployments downrange (Iraq and Afghanistan) The only problem I had was running out of D Cell batteries! Great Product!

Ward - US
flashlight combo (2009-02-26)
My package arrived by FedEx on Tues,Feb. 24th. Very prompt delivery. Packaged very well and was pleased with everything. Will be happy to purchase again when needed. Thank you very much, Lois

stanea - US
Flash lights (2009-02-10)
One of the flash lights arrived damaged during transportation but was promptly replaced. Thank you very much.

Papak - CANADA
TH122 flashlight (2008-10-31)
Great service-great product- and fastest delivery!! thanks

van - FRANCE
Great Flashlights (2007-12-07)
I bought the combo set for my son and I. Both lights are well made and very functional. Highly recommended.

Larry - Kentucky
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