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Fast Delivery (2021-10-12)
What can I say. Reproductions are getting so great. You can't tell they are

Pace - US
great! (2020-03-24)
Thank you for the fast delivery.

A Good Marching Compass (2019-04-14)
The US Wrist Compass by Taylor is is an accurate reproduction of a widely issued WW2 compass. It can be seen in many pictures of airborne troops who participated in the invasion of Normandy.

The Taylor wrist compass is suitable for land navigation and keeping an azimuth while walking. You should also keep a true lensatic compass with you for accurate land navigation and map reading.

The wrist strap is generous. You can wear this outside your clothing even with winter gear and gloves.

Potts - US
4 out of 5 (2019-02-23)
Looks nice fairly accurate
Leather strap is trash
Have to find something else to use for strap

Phillips - US
timley delivery (2018-09-28)
Nice item has a cheap wrist band will make a nice probe.

Valenzo - US
Nice item (2017-11-08)
This is a really nice product and it actually works. The leather wrist strap is fine, quite long to put around your forearm or on other equipment.

High quality Repro wrist compass (2017-06-29)
High quality Repro wrist compass that retires my original. They compare nicely. Shipping on this order was fast.

Kegel - US
Paratrooper Wrist Compass (2017-06-08)
Received the Taylor model. Great reproduction. Great addition to the kit. Very pleased.

Krupa - US
Wrist Compass (2015-11-09)
A great looking reproduction of the compass itself. The leather strap, unfortunately deteriorated right out of the box : ( but still very pleased with it.

Bowman - US
US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2015-05-11)
It's important to me that I not sound overly picky here as I've always been very pleased with the things I get from WPG. The compass itself is really very nice, works and is a solid accurate representation. The strap on the other hand, for lack of better ways to say it, just sucks. It dry and brittle and didn't even make it onto the compass with out starting to fall apart.
That being said, I am still very happy with the rest of my order and as always, DHL shipping is simply a modern marvel (or perhaps scientific anomaly) Unless UAE is some kind of geographical oddity, I cannot for the life of me figure out how my order was packaged and mailed to South East Tennessee in just 3 days (if that). Remarkable.

Good wrist compass & bad leather strap (2014-08-25)
The wrist compass is awesome! One of the best replicas for buy all over the world!
Not the same with the leather strap, low quality make that the external leather cape breaks.

Regardless it worth for the awesome wrist compass.

Wrist compass (2014-07-14)
The compass is good repro. The strap on my compass fell apart into little pieces when I took it out of the plastic bag it came in. The strap leaves something to be desired! I had to make a strap of my own to make the event I was going to but everyone liked the compass.

Pace - US
Us paratrooper wrist compass (2014-07-06)
Very nice piece of repro equipment. Thanks so much😃

klem - US
US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2013-11-01)
it looks nice, great level and accurate!

german - ES
so cool; (2013-07-05)
leather strap is ok, compass is ok as toy, a great add for infantry or paratrooper impressions, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spinosa - BR
US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2012-10-13)
good repro, but has bubbles inside

Hao - CN
us wrist compass (2012-09-09)
really nice copy of us ww2 compass. strap is long, but this allows you to adjust it to where you want to wear it.

klem - US
US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2012-06-26)
Exactly what I wanted, perfect!! Thank you so much!!

Mastropolo - US
Wrist Compass (2012-03-07)
Very fast shipping and a very very nice compass great quality as usual from Jerry Lee.

Chrobak - US
US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2012-03-07)
The needles and plastic case looks great, but the compass has bubbles inside (not completely full). The leather strap is nice but SUPER LONG!

Irving - US
Wrist Compass (2011-10-11)
Excellent product! Thank you.

Sarvetnick - US
wrist compass (2011-10-05)
thanks a lot

Brunelli - IT
Only the Best (2011-08-30)
Bought a bunch of stuff. Great products and prices. Fast delivery.

Thank you!

Vivanti - US
compass (2011-04-05)
very nice item ! it works very well ! thanks for this great product

Valentin - FR
US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2011-03-24)

Stanley - US
Wrist compass (2011-02-28)
Great reproduction, you could not tell which one was the real one if you had this one by the side of a unused real one. great price. Well worth the money. Thanks!

Jansen - US
Better than expected.... (2010-08-20)
Well packaged and nice item. Much better than expected. Thanks!

McKinney - US
Wrist compass (2010-06-17)
A good deal for $45,looks like the real thing.

hunt - US
WRIST COMPASS (2010-05-12)

williams - GB
US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2010-04-21)
This is a really nice product and it actually works. The leather wrist strap is long enough to put around your forearm or on other equipment. Great peice to have.

Lawson - US
T (2010-04-15)
AWESOME! Could not have received a better product!

Huff - US
Wrist Compass (2010-04-15)
I'm very happy with my new Wrist Compass. This is a quality product, and I think, impossible to tell from the originals. Thanks.

Martin - US
ok (2010-01-08)
excellent product, good attention and fast delivery

tresserras - ES
D Day Compass (2009-12-26)
Thank you for the fast delivery. The compass looks so cool like the real thing.Thank You :

DeBlase - US
US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2009-12-01)
Great stuff, very good replica,

Schulmer - BE
US Wrist Compass (2009-09-14)
Excellent repro. but strap could have been better quality leather. Otherwise, looks just like an original. Fast shipping.

Viswat - US
Wrist Compass (2009-08-30)
Nice replica and works for real. Great piece for an airborne impression.

Meyer - US
very good! (2009-05-25)
Very very very nice replica! It shows North!

Pntek - HU
Wrist Compass (2008-02-02)
Just wanted to let you know that I received my wrist compass today (fast shipping!) and it''s really fantastic! Great job. Thanks so much, and I''ll keep those orders coming.

Dana Brimecombe - ME, USA.
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