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Good quality leather (2020-03-06)
This is made of excellent quality leather. The hooks are a little thin compared to originals, but they look correct when the sling is complete. Nicely smoothed leather edges is a nice touch missing from most other replicas.

Foster - US
US M 1907 Leather Sling (2019-06-08)
I have read all the above reviews and agree with all the compliments given. I am very proud to own this masterpiece of craftsmanship!I will buy another, if I need one!

Finney - US
tan color (2018-12-18)
It is probably better than I expected. As far as I know the tan color is not right. I would rather see brown. I did darken it with oil. Also like to see WWII dates to match the black hardware.

Ward - US
Fast delivery (2018-03-10)
My son-in-law received this sling as a gift and he
said it was just what he wanted. He will age it to match his weapon.

Haas - US
fast delivery, good quality (2017-10-30)
fast delivery, good quality

Zamora - FR
Just right for my Model 1917 30-06 (2016-10-31)
The metal hardware is lighter weight than the sling this reproduction replaces, but it's not bad. Some recommendations on how to finish the leather would be nice. As would a simple diagram on installation (however there are a couple of youtube videos that are easy to follow).

Dunn - US
Sturdy (2013-03-08)
I recommend this sling to anyone that will be using it in competition. It''s almost as sturdy as the rubber Turner Saddlery slings. Far stronger than the Turner classic leather slings.

Ervin - NY/USA
One minor mistake (2012-03-19)
For the 1910 date stamped on the sling the black, parkerized finish on the frogs (AKA hooks) is incorrect. They were natural brass from initial production through the middle of WWII when the parkarized frogs went into production. Again, this is a very minor detail.

Of more trouble was a whiteish waxy subtance that covers the leather and has proven difficult to remove.

A huge improvement to the product would be do include instructions both on how to remove that waxy coating and how to properly set up what is a rather complicated sling.

Lowry - US
1907 sling (2011-12-06)
Good quality, looks great!

McClung - US
Nice...but.. (2011-10-07)
Sling is nice and of excellent quality, however it came with a RIA 1918, date instead of the Boyt marking pictured.

Lowell - Virginia,USA
Sling (2011-06-25)
Very nice sling. Looks great on my garand!

Bengtsson - SE
M1907 Sling (2011-01-08)
Well made sling.Strong leather and nice hardware. With some use it should look great.

Esh - US
Leather garand sling (2010-12-12)
Very fast shipping. Also appreciated the email updates which notified me of the item's shipping status.

In addition, the product is very well made. Leather, stitching, and hardware is very strong and well made. Looked great once I oiled it up.

heinlein - US
M1907 Sling (2010-07-19)
Excellent product, well worth the extra cost.

Locke - US
Excellent (2010-05-23)
Looks good and sturdy! Very quick shipping.

Blum - US
US M1907 Leather Sling (2010-03-31)
Leather strong and of the right thickness. Hardware strong and well riveted.

Kilroy - IT
GC/CSO (2010-03-08)
Excellent quality. Should oil up nicely.

Scobie - US
1907 Sling (2010-03-04)
A GREAT replica. The best repro out there.

Martin - GB
Sling (2010-03-03)
It's what I expected and works great, just like all the other items I've purchased from you.

Diethrich - US
US M1907 Leather Sling (2010-02-27)
This is the 2nd M 1907 I have bought from WPG. Their shipping is FFAASSTT, from overseas to Knoxville is often quicker than from Georgia....
The unfinished leather colors up well with oil or your choice of dyes...I WILL buy another....Thanx....

Preneta - US
ok (2010-01-08)
good repro, but I've need to search in internet how it works (this is not a shop mistake) XD

tresserras - ES
Very nice (2009-07-18)
Seems to be really fine, good quality. Fast shipping.

John Epson - SE
M1 Garand repro sling (2009-06-27)
Great item, fast shipping(3 days), flawless transaction, highly recommend. Perfect!!!!!!

M1 Garand Sling (2009-01-02)
This repro leather M1 Garand sling is a noble replacement for my rifle. Looks great and shows great craftsmanship as well.

Schwartzlose - US
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