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A-4 Flight Suit (2023-03-14)
My wife got this for me for my birthday and you all were very helpful in getting a size that works. Receiving it, the length is too long as are the arms as its a larger size- but I will see if I can have a tailor do some work on it when I get a chance. I've been losing weight so consequently the size is a bit tight for now but I think things will get better. I just want to make sure this can be altered as it looks difficult to do so. As to quality- its fantastic! My only issue is once altered, what do I wear underneath? I've seen photos of pilots wearing their officers shirts and tie, but do they wear the slacks as well? Do they wear something else? If anyone could let me know- that'd be great as I would like to be accurate. Thanks again for your great customer service and selling a quality product!

Steve - New York/USA
Will you be getting more? (2022-09-26)
I love the look of this suit. It seems great quality and I see it’s sold out. When will you be getting ,ore in stock?

Steven - NY
Excellet! (2021-04-27)
Fit and color perfect, fast shipping

Tolles - US
Swift arrival (2021-04-26)
very good service as usual , Item is a good fit and looks a good quality item.
Very happy

Waller - UK
Supreme Quality! (2021-03-20)
Fit and finish were excellent.

Mike - US
Excellent (2019-11-13)
very satisfied with all the items, I have been using them recently in a trip through the desert and all is great!

Correa - HK
Very good reproduction (2019-08-16)
The quality and fit of this flight suit is very good. As I do not have an original example to compare against I had to base my judgment on historic photo-material and books. From what I can tell this is a most authentic reproduction I can imagine. Even the type label seems to be stemming from the original production line. Only minor deviation is that the size label patch does not match with the authentic type label (white loop instead of a black fix attached one). Would be an easy peak performance adjustment to WPG to finalize it as perfect product.
Delivery was unbelievably fast and the service provided by WPG is the best I have ever experienced. Nothing can top it for sure.

Ruschek - DE
TOP NOTCH SERVICE (2019-06-27)
Top notch service and high quality flight suit. WPG is one of the best. Will purchase again.

Superfast shipping but QA was lacking for this order (2019-04-16)
QA issues with zipper as 3" section entirely missed. Rma requested. Good reproduction but the collar is not cut like my original, but that may be a pattern difference between mfg. Overall, nice reproduction.

Bonetti - US
Very nice reproduction of A4 suit (2018-05-14)
Superfast shipping! Very accurate copy.

Hollander - US
super ietem (2018-03-07)
Great item en excellent communication and help from the WPG crew.

Poppe - BE
Fast delivery (2018-02-20)
Excellent fit!

Binns - CA
Amazing quality (2017-10-27)
having owned real A-4's I was blown away by the accuracy, durability and cut of the WRP replica.
These will appear in a multi- Emmy award winning TV series spring 2018.

Daly - US
Great A-4 Flight Suit (2017-10-23)
Great item and spot on when compared with originals. Great service as always

Jon - UK
Excellent Reporoduction (2017-02-12)
I have an original A4 flight suit that I used to wear with a B17 Navigator impression. This item is essentially identical minus 2 zippers added to the original (on chest & leg pocket). Add 60+ years of age and it would be hard to distinguish from the original.

Unbelievably quick shipping and customer service.

D. Post - US
Very fast (2016-11-05)
Nice flight suite, very good quality. I was supprised that it shipped from Dubai, but it made it all of the way to me in the stayes in 4 days. I'm very pleased!

Eric - US
Great Product (2016-08-25)
Very nice made. It looked and felt great wearing. I recommend this item if you need a flight suit.

Nunn - US
Very good (2016-08-21)
If you want to wear it over uniform order two sizes up.

Size exchange handled well with good commo from WPG. Will continue to order from this co.

Graves - US
A2 flight suit usaaf (2016-08-14)
Verry nice! Super service

Van Dijk - NL
Very fast delivery (2016-05-15)
Overall was good quality and the size was correct.

Baumann - AT
Thx for this great item and the superb service!!!

Siegenthaler - CH
Good. (2016-02-07)
I have a size 50 original and really don't want to wear it for obvious reasons.
I chose a size bigger and apart from the arms being slightly too long to me they are a perfect copy apart from a few differences totalling about 5% of the originals.
I would recommend and even go out of my way to get people to buy one of these suits.

A+++ (2012-08-25)
Absolutely fantastic, fast delivery once again many thanks!!!

Coxall - GB
A4 Flight Suit (2012-05-11)
I was a little worried in that I'd usually take a size 42, but that size was currently out of stock. I mean, it IS a flight suit, so would I need to go bigger, or would the 42 be larger anyway to account for the fact it would go over other clothing, and STILL have some slack?

I ordered the 44, and I'm glad I did. A 42 may still have fitted, but the 44 has that "comfort look" about it, as well as hiding the paunch!At 5ft 9 I'd assumed that I'd need to get the legs turned up, meaning the pocket would be pecariously close to the floor! That was not the case. The legs are "slightly" long, but the press stud buttons at the bottom keep them snug around my boots without the "trailing" issues I've had with "pinks" [for example].

The colour was actually "nicer" than the illustration shows. The material is "confidence inspiring", and slightly heavier than I'd imagined which is no bad thing [especially here in England].

I've compared the product carefully against the illustrations in "Gear-Up" and photos taken in the field, and the only issue I have with mine is that it looks [and smells] too new! Other than that easilly rectified problem I am REALLY pleased with it. It looks fantastic with an A2 jacket worn over the top and it will be ideal for wearing around the old airfields of the mighty 8th on open days!

This is the second WPG item I have now purchased, and the respect this company has amongst the reenacting fraternity is well deserved.

hodkinson - GB
is a good item (2012-02-21)
sweet, very good

Brito - ES
A4 FLIGHT SUIT (2011-08-22)
As usual, you have expedited items quickly. Very good repo and very good quality. I am 5'9" and the length is a little long, but I can live with that. Great job.

Krause - AU
a4 flight suit (2011-07-31)
As usual WPG have come up with another winner. excellent in every respect. I'm well pleased.

barr - GB
Mr (2011-04-27)
Great item and received it very quickly! Thank you

Magnuson - US
A-4 Flight Suit (2010-11-15)
After purchasing a few miss sized or overly washed originals it was fantastic to get a great and authentic repop that fits! I'm so tempted to find some Talon zipps to make it match my originals field mods.. First rate transaction! Thanks Jerry!

Pelsue - US
A4 flight suit (2010-09-20)
Vraiment parfaite !
Qualité, coupe, taille...
WPG est encore une fois synonyme de haute qualité.
N''hésitez plus !

Fred - Belgium
USAAF A4 flight suit best repro ! (2010-05-06)
Terrific item, althought the lenght is too long for me,(I am a 5'4" guy). I definitely recommend it. It will be a great addition to my crusher cap and A2 jacket.

A-4 Flight suit (2009-11-24)
VERY accurate! Looks absolutely perfect with my A-2 jacket and RAF boots. Another winner!

Shannon - New Mexico
A-4 Flight Suit (2009-11-11)
Terrific item, great fit, very fast service. Plan on ordering from you all again very soon. Thanks so much! Could not be happier

Jeter - US
MR (2009-06-28)

A-4 Flight Suit (2009-01-25)
This was awesome it arrived within 2 maybe 3 days from when I ordered it.
Thanks a bunch

NA - California
A-4 flight suit (2008-03-01)
Great design and amazing fit. I ordered the same size as my suit, size 40, and for once, I didn''t had to take my uniform to a tailor to get adjustments done.

Paul - Canada
A-4 Flight Suit (2007-06-20)
The color, weight and pattern on this suit is indistinguishable from my (very small) original. The only thing not like my original,is the zipper pull. This flight suit is designed to fit over your uniform, like originals. I decided to go down a size for a trimmer fit.

Mike - Nebraska, USA
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