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Right on the money (2024-06-17)
Excellent and inexpensive

Forbes - US
Tight fit (2024-04-24)
The case has a tight fit for my 1943 Nash Kelvinator M3 but with a little wear it will be OK.

Molhuysen - NL
Binoculars Case (2023-12-09)
Very nice with very fast delivery.

R.D. - US
Super (2022-09-19)
Very happy with all of the items! Well packed, and fast delivery!

Finney - US
Great object, speedy delivery (2022-05-24)
Separate binoculars cases are hard to get, and these reproductions really fill the gap! Great work and my bino's are feeling great.

Vossenberg - NL
Fits M3 Binoculars (2022-02-01)
This case fits my original pair of USMC M3 binoculars perfectly. The case is good quality when compared to an original. The case arrived quickly and came will a carrying strap as well. Over a one month period of use, the case is durable for field use.

Hunter - California - United States
Amanzing! Very fast delivery (2022-01-05)
Very good looking Replika. The binoculars 6x30 fit perfekt. The strap for the bag is included, exept
The strap for binoculars. Thank you very much

Saxinger - DE
Fast Service (2021-12-20)
Others have already said this. Regarding the post about odor. I am told the cases are made in India. Without knowing the tanning process and chemicals used, I'd suggest letting the case air out for a while so that any residual chemicals degass before leaving an optical instrument in it.

good (2021-12-12)
It was good because the goods were good and the delivery was fast.

Kim - KR
M17 bino case (2021-11-06)
I will also review these on my You-Tube channel once I get the chance! However in the mean time, I wanted to swap out an original case for a good reproduction to save the original getting beaten to hell and back! When I got was a very good looking case. All my sets of binos fit it perfectly, regardless of the manufacturer. Something that I wonder about when ordering it. There is nothing bad to say about them at all, the only thing that I could point out, is that the thin leather lining inside isn't stuck down to the shell in a few places and has some 'bubbles' to it. But, it honestly really doesn't matter and doesn't effect the usage at all.

Shipping was very fast... in fact faster than ordering things from inside the UK!

Dan - Miss Drop 44

Mackay - UK
Fast delivery! (2021-10-19)
Delivery was really rapid. Best I've ever had. The case itself is somewhat thinner in leather thickness than the originals, but overall, it is more than an acceptable substitute for the real thing. The binoculars fit well and the straps are of good quality. Only reason for the 4 rating is the thin leather, workmanship was good on stitching and fit.

Hundley - US
Super! (2021-07-20)
just perfect!

Saint Chaffray - FR
Fast Delivery, Nice Tracking, Excellent Seller Follow Up (2021-06-03)
“M17 Bino Case” perfectly fits “Celestrons” newest “Ultima” 8x32 Binocular! Wanted the nostalgic look, protection & materials for my new Bino.

Prompt delivery! (2021-01-21)
This binocular case is a spot on reproduction of the original. Perfect for living history reenactments where you do not want to destroy a fragile original.

Wisniewski - US
Great Quality & Service (2021-01-10)
Received the M17 case in lightning speed, placed order on the 25/12/20 received 28/12/20, can't ask for more that that! :). Top quality reproduction of this very hard to fine item, highly recommended for any collector or re-enactor.

Gurman - UK
Super repro at a reasonable price (2020-10-05)
Fast delivery, good communication, beautiful reproduction, binoculars M3 fit nicely

Berger - CH
Fast delivery (2020-03-16)
Great product, very fast delivery, trouble-free

Great company, highly recommend !!

Dupuy - US
Excellent Reproduction (2020-01-27)
This is exactly the same feel and appearance as an original M16 case which I have. Top quality.
Delivered fast to Ireland as well.

Scanlon - IE
Great quality and service (2019-08-23)
Received the Binoculars Case about a week after placing the order - they are fantastic and almost indistinguishable from my original case. A very happy punter - keep up the great work Jerry!

England - London
Fast delivery (2018-09-23)
Great quality case for my original Nash kelvinator binoculars. Thanks Jerry.

LaRue - US
First Class (2017-10-29)
Very well made. I am very Pleased.

Tony Wilkinson.

Wilkinson - UK
Very good quality for the price (2016-09-27)
Compared to my original M17 binoculars case, these are very close to dead on. There are some very slight differences, but nothing significant. Seems to be good quality leather, and has the right shape and feel.

Asher - US
Amazing (2016-05-16)
Can't help but continue to be impressed with not only the quality and accuracy of WPG products but the speed of delivery, and the M17 case is no acception. Placed side by side to my original, only wear and age is the tell-tale difference.

Derby - UK
Speedy delivery, no problems (2016-04-18)
I purchased 2 of these M17 cases for my M3 binoculars after trying in vain to obtain decent original cases via Ebay etc. Frankly they are really very good quality repros. Once they are 'worn in' a little I think you would be hard put to tell they are not originals.

Bristow - UK
3 (2015-10-11)
Overall it is a fair piece. the stitching on the top was not neat and there is a mis-strike where a hole was made and another next to it. this was made where the wide leather loop is attached. I was able to use the strap to complete an original case and will keep this for parts

anoia - US
Ticket (2015-08-31)
Good quality
Glad that this kind of company is still around

hamn - US
Worth buying (2015-08-22)
Great repro, would recommend.

Maciek - UK
Binocular case M17 (2015-04-30)
Amazing product. Good look case but the shipping was very slow from UAE to Spain, we are not so far than from USA.

Benitez - ES
Great binocular case (2014-11-11)
The binocular case is well made & a perfect fit for my M6 binoculars. It arrived quickly.

Boyer - US
M17 carrying case (2014-09-04)
Very good reproduction and perfect in combination with my WWII M3 binoculars. Ordering process is easy and fast delivery.

Klomp - NL
US M17 Binocular Case (2014-08-25)
Great service, great communication, great product...couldnt ask for more...very satisfied!!

Glick - US
Binocular Case (2014-01-02)
Great repro, excellent quality and fast shipping

Hufenus - CH
M17 Binocularcase (2013-01-07)
Superb product!! show it to a relative along my battered original, and he could not believe there were new sets made!!also an excellent fit to my M3 binoculars!

Chavarria - US
Binocular case (2012-11-13)
Was given an original binocular with case by my aunt whose husband was in WW1. The binoculars survived, but the case was lost due to wear and tear by me as a child. This reproduction case is very accurate and with the exception of a green felt liner, just as I remembered the original. His case was also named on the outside of the flap, so it might have been manufactured privately for officers.

Trauffer - US
M17 Binocular Case (2012-11-09)
A great reproduction. Fits my M3 Binoculars wonderfully!

JR Phipps - US
Perfect (2012-10-03)
Parfait impeccable produit merci

Michael - FR
M17 case (2012-09-27)
excellent, binoculat M3, exact dimensions with strap

michael - FRANCE
US M17 Binocular Case (2012-09-03)
very good repro, wpg did a excellent job

Hao - CN
Perfectly made (2012-08-29)
The case really looks original, though it's brand new. I' absolutely satisfied

Luetz-Hawranke - CH
Binocular case (2012-06-08)
Very nice case. What you'd expect from WPG.

Squiers - US
US M17 Binocular Case (2012-03-14)
Outstanding reproduction. Seems to be virtually a perfect match to the original. Well put together, and ready for years of service.

Jordan - US
US M17 Binocular Case (2012-02-21)
I was very satisfied and pleasantly surprised by the quality of this item. I am glad someone reproduced this, so I can save my fragile original example.

J. Capasso - US
M-17 Binocular Case for the M-3 binoculars (2012-02-20)
The M-17 bino case was purchased for WWII reenacting. In other words I don't want to drag a WWII original m-17 case into the field and ding it up. This reproduction suits the need perfectly and from 10 feet away you would be hard pressed to tell it from a WWII made case. Good job on this production model WPG.

Ben-David - US
bino case (2012-01-10)
Great item thanks Jerry.

Eric - Atlanta, Ga.
Binocolarcase (2012-01-04)
I got a original,- there is no difference Perfect!!!

Schlomacher - DE
m17 binocular case (2011-09-27)
Excellent repro! fits my M3 binoculars perfectly!

Hersche - US
US M17 Binocular Case (2011-06-01)
Perfect and of exceptional quality

Esteban Gómez - ES
US M17 Binocular Case (2011-05-22)
Very well made item. If I didn't know better, I would think it was an original. Very pleased.

Wilson - US
Very nice case... (2011-05-17)
Really looks the only complaint was that it is somewhat darker than expected, (from the illustration)

hamilton - US
binocular case (2011-03-26)
great reproduction,with fast service and good communication

attew - GB
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