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Excellent (2023-12-28)
very comfy well made great fit

simpson - UK
Good Quality at a Fair Price (2023-05-30)
As with all WPG products, this item is top quality.
Fair pricing, excellent quality, fast shipping. Well Done!

Clarke - US
Nice product (2023-01-01)
Looks great in the footlocker. Delivery was amazingly fast. Well done!

Brown, Jeff - US
Fast Delivery (2020-10-06)
They fit well, great sandal socks....

Isenhart - US
Super (2020-08-10)
The delivery was punctual. The socks are excellent.

Morrison - PL
Excellent! As ever! (2020-08-09)
Delivery was very fast, as usual.

Morrison - PL
Excellent! As ever! (2020-08-09)
Fast delivery. Great quality.

Morrison - PL
Great quality as always (2020-04-12)
The same great quality and shipping as always,

Byrd - US
Socks (2019-07-16)
Great socks! Wasn't sure at first, wore them new, then after washing,I fell in love!

Prosser - US
Good socks (2018-08-21)
I like the socks...soft and confortable. But it‘s not a reproduction...rather dutch surplus socks.

Doppler - CH
Fast shipping (2018-07-03)
They look good, and a good price too

Sleik - CA
Perfect socks for low quarter shoes (2018-03-24)
I've searched in vain for months for khaki socks to wear with my russet low quarter shoes. Most were too thick, too thin or just didn't look right.
These socks are perfect! They're not too thick for wearing with dress or service shoes, they're not super thin like old-man socks, they're exactly the right color for wearing with WWII khakis, and they're made of a comfortable wool blend that isn't itchy and doesn't shrink when washed in cold and dried on low. NOTE: these are not cushion-sole socks. They are not made with thick wool soles. But they are great for everyday socks. I love em!

Payne - US
Fast (2017-09-03)
Very much satisfied with my purchases. Will continue to shop here

Romero - US
Great customer care and fast delivery (2017-05-07)
When I ordered a shirt in the wrong size, WPG helped me find the right size and made the exchange a fast and painless process. WPG was recommended to me and I will do the same in recommending it to others.

Hopkins - US
Fast delivery, Great fit (2016-06-22)
Socks were just as advertised, very breathable, lightweight, good in summer. The elastic stretches and they fall down a bit, but after washing it tightens up again.

Batt - US
Mr (2014-07-23)
Good and solid socks. Being on travel with, at different moments, quite cold weather, came very handy. Excellent folluw-up of delivery of ordered goods, in spite of different billing and delivery addresses

Vandersloten - BE
Khaki Socks (2013-09-26)
Not quite the color khaki I was expecting...more pea green than khaki

Spurlock - US
Mr (2013-06-28)
very good quality items and fast delivery, thank you again.

Tromans - GB
US NEW! Khaki Socks (2012-08-12)
Very good quality with a good price, think you very much.

Joly - FR
socks (2012-07-16)
nice repros

huss - US
Great items. (2012-05-15)
I ordered the socks together with a pair of shoes, a shirt and a US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic. Unfortunately the tunic was too large. I've send it back for an exchange. I expect there will be no problem. The other 3 items really are what I was looking for.
I'll participate next july as a reennactor at the Duxford Flying Legends show and I'm sure I will look great in these items.

Piras - BE
Khaki Socks (2012-01-10)
Very nice item and very reasonably priced. Fits great.

Gonzales - US
rah (2011-08-22)
Nice job!

Hassan - US
socks (2011-05-02)
OK, but not what I expected.

Al - ES
Socks (2011-02-28)
I got three pairs of these. Great price, great quality, great item. Fills out the foot locker nicely. Thanks.

devers - US
Definitely GI (2011-02-13)
I think these are simply perfect. I own USQMD originals, factory sealed, which are officer's dress shoes type so they are thinner than these, I can say the color matches perfectly.
Identical to the ones issued when I was in the italian mountain troops (which were OD light green shade), specially for the weave consistence & wearability. Terrible to wear with standard issue boots, they make a mess inside Corcorans style boots, that's simply all You can expect.
In other words, Excellent (I'm gladly wearing them right now with low ankle boots)

Ricciardi - IT
Socks (2010-04-24)
Fast shipping, good socks, thank you!

JN Becht - DE
khaki socks (2010-04-15)
look nice and fit great.

Schober - US
Very High Quality (2010-03-06)
These socks look great. They match the originals I have had for years.

Weill - US
socks (2010-01-14)
exactly as expected - shipped super fast!

Irwin - US
US Khaki Socks (2009-10-31)
These socks look great. They match the originals I own.

Irving - US
Khaki socks (2009-10-19)
nice item.good quality

Mattioli - IT
US NEW! Khaki Socks (2009-06-23)
Another Wpg item, i just say it's very good like all the wpg gear.

Thibaut - FR
US NEW! Khaki Socks (2009-02-07)
Outstanding! my feet thank you! NOW DROP AND GIVE ME 20!

Stewart - US
Socks (2008-09-08)
Great, except I had to send back one package as you sent me two packages !

Rolls - US
Good stuff (2007-11-02)
Package with Item (gloves, sock, strips) arrived today. As ever is allright and items are outstanding. Thanks a lot, hope to deal again. Have a nice day.

LUBOS KORANDA - Czech Republic
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