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M2 knife (2019-12-15)
Very quick delivery and WPG has a great rep and deservedly so. Not nearly the quality everyone talks about here. It isn't horrible for a Pakistani replica knife. The larger two brass rivets(not on originals) came out with my fingernail but the plastic scales stay in place anyway. It isn't identical construction from originals in that the pivot doesn't extend through the bolsters but is inside with the bolsers being held by two through rivets at the corners. One could complain about the shape of the scales but I think there are enough variations in examples to justify this. Most of the other inaccuracies are from technically "incorrect" materials - plastic scales, stainless parts, odd shaped button and slide lock. Close but not really correct. I polished off the Pakistan mark on the blade and pulled the spring, reshaped it(overall and at the base where it secures between the rivet and back strap). The problem is that the blade has a lot of friction that you can only reduce by creating additional play in the blade. Reshaping the spring along with reducing this friction will help the knife to fire correctly. I'm just sharing all the shortcomings for those who think this should be perfect. It actually fires correctly now, locks up fairly tight, and is a good representation. I have studied many original photos and blueprints but do not own an original. Schrade has made a version of these starting over 100yrs ago. Originals are made with relatively simple parts but they must be assembled correctly and parts should be of better quality. It's amazing WPG can get this close in function for so little money. I purchased this as a pattern to compare to originals and remake from scratch. If I could get it to work like this but with better and proper materials, It will have served its purpose. Originals are expensive and I know of no other replicas out there. This is a good deal and, though of typical quality for an import item, is perfect for reenacting.

Dave - Kansas, USA
M2 knife (2018-03-09)
Good repro. Very sharp. Will fill the pocket in the M42 well

Coyle - US
M2 knife (2018-03-09)
Really sharp knife. Just as described and will fill the pocket well. Good repro.

Coyle - US
Good delivery time (2017-09-21)
Order was for Repro M2 Switchblades knives X 3. One safety switch on one of the knives doesn't work!!!

Stewart - US
Good for the price but... (2017-09-07)
The knife is made well but the one I got had some separation between the fake plastic handle material & the metal frame. Also the knife did need a lot of working open & closing b4 it would open all the way on its own but I got it with WD40 and some 40 mins of open & closing. The blade had a big black Made in Pakistan writhen on it but it was easy to rub off. In conclusion I would say its more of a prop then a collector piece I am just putting in the pocket of my M42s for reenactments so this is fine for me.

Raccio - US
Great! (2017-03-28)
Great knife. The quality is good and the Pakistan mark easily rubs off so that you have that authentic look!

Good Job (2016-09-21)
Nice Repro, ordering & delivery very good

Megargle - US
Outstanding (2016-07-10)
This knife very nice. I keep it in the knife pocket of my 1942 jump jacket. Airborne!

micko - US
Good Repro For The Price (2015-06-27)
Had some problems ordering. Credit card routed through United Arab Emirates, which caused a lot of consternation at the bank. Knife was OK, though. No Pakistan marks on the blade, just STAINLESS. A bit of filing and careful bending of the spring got everything working the way it should. Reminds me of my first automatic knife, same style and I had to make a spring for it.

Pat - KS-USA
Good knife (2015-03-14)
This replica of the famous M2 knife is very good. Perfect to complete a field kit : we always need such a knife on the field !

Martin - FR
Great Repro (2014-11-02)
Excellent Repro of this rare knife! Sold my originals years ago and wanted a decent display piece, unable to find one until now...Great for use or display. Eliminated the "PAKISTAN" marking on the blade by rubbing for 30 seconds with Simichrome polish...Nev-R-Dull polishing wadding would also work very well to do this.

Tim - US
M2 Para-Switch Repro (2014-10-31)
Received knife quickly. Within a few minutes I had it working the same as my real M2. Opens and locks well. It is a reproduction so don''t expect it to be the same quality as the real M2, but it''s not bad. The only thing I didn''t like was the knife had a lot of light scratches which should not be on a brand new item. Am buying a couple more to see how they compare.

Bob - MD/USA
Very Good Find! (2014-10-21)
If you love the feel and look of the old M2 Schrade switchblade knives but do not want to carry your $200+ real one out of the house, then this is the knife for you. The quality is very good, however, side by side, Schrade is the better quality. It is not a switchblade and only assists in opening, pushing the button open the blade about 1 inch, you do the rest and it locks in place just like the original. It also has the blade lock button. The overall quality compared to a Schrade is a 6.5 out of 10. (But you have to realize that I still have mine from the Korean War and the mechanism still works.) This one is fine, I would recommend it to anyone interested in these. The blade itself is not that sharp, however I have not yet had the time to sharpen. The only thing I do not like is in big letters "PAKISTAN" is written on the blade, which I am going to remove when I sharpen. Overall, very good knife, pleasure, and very interesting having something shipped from Quebec. Thank You!!!! Will purchase again!

Robert - NJ U.S.A.
M2 jump knife (2014-07-07)
Great repro, removed country stamp on blade with fine steel wool, and both opening and locking buttons work well. Great price for this knife.

Lloyd - Alaska
replica m2 parachute knife (2014-04-07)
excellent repro and very good price!

vidacovich - US
US M2 Parachutists Knife (2014-03-17)
Good reproduction. Fast shipping service

Karwacki - PL
paratrooper knife (2013-06-17)
nice, still working w/it doesn't pop all the way out yet....

Pilon - US
Poor Quaility Control (2013-06-03)
The bail on the knife I received was not attached properly. The pin meant to hold the bail in place did not retain the bail and the bail was coming off the knife. The grip of the knife was also marred.

Dyer - US
US M2 Parachutists Knife (2013-05-03)
This looks just like the original. I am very happy with the knife. Quality Construcion. Its tight, feels solid, not cheesey at all. This is a reproduction to take camping,into the field and for reenacting.

US M2 Parachutists Knife (2013-01-05)
Please with the finish, but I'll need to do a bit more work on it to improve the function.

Nurden - ZA
Pleased (2013-01-02)
Very pleased with the price and the quality. A little Dremel tool polishing on the blade got rid of the "P" word.

Hayworth - US
Paratrooper knife (2012-04-12)
The paratrooper knife is great! My son is really going to love this and all the other items I bought him for Christmas. The delivery was really fast and that helps so much when buying for the holidays. Thanks so muh

Nadeau - US
M2 Parachutist Knife (2012-11-09)
When I saw the price change, I knew I had to get one. Functions well and seems to be well made. It is a most wonderful touch to my living history presentations.

JR Phipps - US
Knife (2012-11-06)
Very pleased with knife. Minor adjustment to spring and functions great now.

Hicks - US
Ron (2012-10-29)
Great item at a great price

Ron - US
Knife (2012-09-12)
I like it. better then some repo's I have found

Dillier - US
Ing. (2012-08-27)
Perfect deal, quick shipment and my total satisfaction. WPG is PERFECT!

Bican - CZ
Para knife . (2012-08-08)
I like knife good steel . It will serve.

Hunnewell - US
US M2 Parachutists Knife (2012-07-25)
I've been looking for an original one of these WW2 M2 Pocket Knives but just can't afford them. This is the next best thing, great copy. And with a small adjustment and a little oil, works like the original. Highly recommended.

Doyle - US
M2 Knife (2012-06-26)
Just like the one I carried in Vietnam....almost

Griffin - US
US M2 Parachutists Knife (2012-02-28)
Very nice knife. It looks like the one in our local museum. It's unfortunate the switch blade is weak. Super fast shiping!

Irving - US
M2 KNIFE (2012-01-14)

gary - united kingdom
M2 NIFE (2012-01-13)

Gary - GB
m2 knife (2012-01-05)
fantastic knife rapid dispatch
to the uk thanks jerry.

gary - united kingdom
Shepherd, CA (2011-04-30)
This will fit nicely in a shadow box that I am creating in my dad's memory (FSSF). Since it will be behind glass, it doesn't matter that the "switch blade" doesn't work. It is a pity that I needed to go to another supplier for the lanyard.

Shepherd - CA
para knife (2011-04-12)
very good item,good quality & price,in regard to the rarity of the original !

didier - FR
M2 Switchblade (2011-03-17)
I''m very pleased. The "Pakistan" rubbed off with the application of a fingernail. The partial auto deployment even replicates the worn-out action of some originals :)

Ty - United States
M2 paratrooper knife (2011-02-28)
Knife is great. I have an orange camillus knife, and within about 5 minutes of work I got the M2 to function just the same. Well worth the money. it's in my M42 jump jackets pocket on a laniard just like it was meant to be there. Currahee-Hooah.

Jansen - US
Nice Repro (2011-01-11)
Knife looks the part. Not sure how strong the handle plastic is. The safety is stamped sheet metal, and looks a little cheap. Overall, this is the only repro available, so I am happy to have it in my Jump Coat

Hildner - US
Chaplain 82 AB 504 PIR (2010-12-03)
Was very pleased with the knife. To bad it is not made in "USA". Minor adjustment and it works better than expected. Will be great at reenactments and living history events.

Starr, R. G. - US
Parachutist switch blade (2010-06-17)
Good replica for $50.

hunt - US
M2 para knife (2010-06-15)
Great Knife, looks and feels like the real deal. Definitely worth the money.

Erickson - US
WALES (2010-05-26)
Looks just like the original and quality throughout.

M2 Para Knife (2010-04-04)
Really nice bought 10 for my LHA. Worth the price.some a little tighter than others but all good.

wilgus - US
M2 Para Knife (2010-02-09)
HAving seen originals, this is close. Black plastic (simulated picked bone) handles were issued late war '44-'45 by references I've seen. Received knife is tight, well constructed and had a sharp edge as received. The printed "Pakistan" was removed with a few swipes with fine grit modeling sanding sheets. lock works, but takes concious effort to make sure its engaged. mainspring retains a little kick, opening the blade about a quarter of the way upon activating the button, leaving just a flick of the wrist to open it the rest of the way. Activate the lock to keep it open. Great piece.

Coulter - US
Functional (2009-12-26)
Really good and sharp knife. The Pakastin written on the blade can be just wiped away

Nick - Germany
m2 (2009-12-03)
sofar it works great, had no trouble puting an edge on

Babl - US
US M2 Parachutists Knife (2009-12-01)
After opening it will not remain locked. Furthermore, an exact copy of the original. Exceeds my (high) demands

Schulmer - BE
M2-parachute Knife (2009-08-13)
Very nice knife! Tight blade and just like the original except without the switchblade capabilities. The large "Pakistan" printed on the blade was a real negative but between you and me, an emory cloth removes it in about three srokes and leaves the blade still bright and shiny!

Nelson - US
LT. (2009-07-09)
Nice reproduction to take into the field and for living history events. Just wish it functioned fully but, the Law is the Law.
A very nice reproduction.

Cranwell - US
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