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Excellent product, lightning fast delivery (2023-08-22)
As always, Jerry Lee delivers. The spurs are great, but I was sent two left spurs. There is a left and a right. Jerry Lee took care of it 100%. I remain a diehard, loyal customer, and cannot recommend What Price Glory enough. The customer service is second to none. Never ANY BS.

Hoida - US
entrega radida (2021-09-19)
un gran producto

Hernandez - ES
A fair reproduction. (2021-08-19)
I own a set of AB original spurs. These are pretty close to the real deal. Just a few minor cosmetic issues with the castings (pitting/small voids). The brass is just that brass, not white brass of the originals, but very close. Overall happy with them, but will not present them as the gift I had intended. I sought out and paid for originals for presenting spurs to my First Sergeant, who will be the Squadron Command Sergeant Major shortly. Instead, I will present them to a friend who earned combat spurs and hence the yellow hue will suit those needs better.

Cassidy - US
Awesome (2021-07-15)
Fast service and great set of spurs for boots!!!

Allister - US
Excellent (2020-07-13)
Thank you everything is great. 10 out of 10

Taylor - CA
good and fast (2020-05-19)
good and just like addvertisted

lees - UK
Fast shipping/delivery, great product! (2019-04-06)
I bought these to compliment an original set I own and, I must say, these are a perfect match!

Hayden - US
M1911 Spurs (2019-01-30)
An excellent pair of spurs, well made with good quality leathers.

Phillip - UK
Fast Shipping and great items (2018-03-14)
Fast Shipping and everything works and looks great

Raley - US
Super, fast delivery (2017-11-03)
Super goods, very fast delivery, much to be recommended

Reh - DE
excellent reproduction (2017-08-31)
this will be my 3rd order for our new members of the oldest continuously mounted cavalry unit in the US. Held up to my original US issued M1911... you really cannot tell the difference. Only complaint would be the metal rubs off on our leather boots on the inside, but a little NeverDull takes it right off the leather.

Julie - US
US Spurs, M1911 (2017-04-14)
I have purchased several pairs of these spurs for myself and others. They are correct in appearance, and structurally well made.
The only change I would make would be to lengthen the top straps.

burns - US
1911 Spurs (2016-04-29)
An outstanding set of spurs. This is the second set I have purchased, one for me and one as a loaner set. I picked this set up to replace my originals that had cracked so I could retire them. Jerry's match up better than I could have hoped for.

Maddox - US
M1911 Spurs (2014-12-06)
As usual, top class product and top class service. This is the second pair of spyrs I have vought from WPG, which speaks for itself.

Holford - IE
Cavalry Spurs (2014-11-09)
Brilliant spurs. No complaints, faults or issues. Just need the stirrup guards now to complete them.

jamie - Northern Ireland
M1911 Spurs (2014-10-01)
You should check with your warehouse. The spurs arrived with heavy corrosion. I was able to clean them up, but the leather was stained also.

Otherwise, these are very good. I appreciated having two sets of straps.

Rairdon - US
Good copy compared to real M1911 spurs (2014-09-22)
These are a good copy of US M1911 style spurs. I have an original set my grandfather purchased in the 1930s along with other various horse tack at auction, as the US Army eliminated Horse Cavalry and remounted those units into Mechanized forces. The original spurs I have do not have US markings on them, nor do the M1911 spurs on display at the US Cavalry Museum at FT Riley, KS. Also my original spurs had the buckle attached via a very short chain length, while the spurs at FT Riley are attached with a short leather tab. As with contracted supplies now and then, there are slight variations in the originals. These WPG Spurs make a fine addition to any early 20th Cen US Horse Cav impression.

good buy (2013-12-30)
You'll need a bit of elbow grease and Flitz to remove the verdigris from the brass, and acetone to remove the coating from the leather, but they look gorgeous when the brass is shined.
Just make note of the direction that the spurs point before you disassemble everything for the preparatory cleaning.

John - US
US M1911 Cavalry Spurs (2013-08-19)
These were a bit narrow for my heel. Consequently, they ride up higher than is usual. The strap is also a bit short. Even if I bent the spurs to drop them down, the strap holds them up because the buckle is on the last notch. I could punch some more holes, however, which is not an unreasonable requirement. Good work. Thanks, Jerry.

Speer - US
Spurs (2013-07-18)
Nice spurs, good thick metal. Came with both WWI era straps and the later style as well, which is appreciated.

Leonard - US
M1911 Spurs & Stirrup guards (2013-05-26)
Spurs: Excellent examples and fit beautifully, am in process of colouring them to match boot colour.

Stirrup guards, excellent, but appeared a little narrow - however they look great when coloured and polished.

Bracewell - GB
riding spurs (2012-11-10)
what I was looking for

Mesiti - US
Colonel, Retired (2012-04-23)
Totally satisfied with timely delivery and quality of the spurs.

Clark - US
US Spurs, 1911 (2012-03-15)
I'm very pleased with the construction of them. Good job!

Patterson - US
1911 Spurs (2011-02-10)
The spurs are great. The leather straps leave a bit to be desired in quality.

Peterson - US
Excellent (2010-06-05)
Well made spurs and straps. Customer service and super fast shipping as always top notch.

Harris - US
US Spurs, M1911 (2009-12-07)
Good honest replica of a sought after item.


M1911 spurs (2009-10-26)
I am an active duty Cavalry Scout. I will wear these with my modern day combat boots, for all of our cerimonies. The straps are very snug, and cause the spurs to ride up above the heal. I am used to wearing them below the heal just above the sole of the boot. But I'll get used to it.

Butler - US
Great fit (2009-05-21)
These fit my WPG M1931 riding boots (size 13) very well. I was able to bend the metal spurs with just my bare hands to get it to the right fit.

North Carolina - US
US (2009-04-24)
All the gear I purchased from WPG will outfit me fine for my Cowboy Action Shooting
WILD BUNCH match...

thanks again

Saarinen  - US
Spurs (2009-02-17)
The spurs arrived quickly...delivered FedEx on President's day via express. Stirrup straps were short as others had noted in their comments. I guess we don't grow 'em like we used to.

Foley - US
US Spurs, M1911 (2009-02-16)
Very beautiful spurs. Will be using them as my 'combat spurs' for ceremonies with my active duty unit. Great job

Sexton - US
Feedback on Spurs M1911 (2009-02-05)
Beautiful reproductions; very speedy delivery. thanks much.

Prendergast - US
good shape (2008-12-09)
The order was received in good shape. The spurs are in good shape. The spur straps are problematical for me as I have big feet (about a 12E). The spurs shaped nicely using a standard anvil. The spur straps just barely go over the arch of my boot (Dehner M1941s). I suspect I'll need to remove the strap sent, use it as a template, and then cut a new, larger strap. You might want to note this issue for future reference. Thank you for the prompt delivery.

Bill Kambic - US
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