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Brilliant (2021-07-13)
All great but I cant get the net to fit, otherwise brilliant

Almond - UK
Good Value (2020-03-30)
Much better than the one I had from a competitor. Ordered a size 58 liner. Came marked 59 but fit well. Some paint chip on the shell, but ok. Chinstrap no problem. Net takes some work, but will fit well. You have to knot off a couple of corners first, which seems counterintuitive by making it smaller, then stretch and tie off other corners. Frustrating, but I've done it twice now.

Sferra - US
great helmet and liner (2019-01-26)
Helmet in great shape, assembly fairly easy

Morgan - US
Good to work with (2018-12-17)
Ordered webbing, great! Helmet liner was supposed to be a 60, measured as a 58.Worked with me to make it right.

Sanchez - US
Good product, fast delivery (2018-04-25)
I'm pleased with my new helmet. Came with a few scratches on the side perhaps being stacked on top of each other and stuck a bit when seperating after storage. Good quality parts and was simple to assemble. Fits well also luckily. Very fast delivery which was great.

Kibell - AU
Super fast delivery (2016-11-22)
One of the helmet have several paint chip off on the rims. Need to repaint it back.

Ahmad - MY
MKII Helmet (2016-08-25)
Great helmet, it was exactly as described, a steel shell, with liner, chinstrap, and net. Fast shipping

Mike - Canada
UK Complete Mk II Helmet (Package) (2015-10-28)
Overall nice MKII helmets, need some installation. I always wanted a MKII helmets. Thanks

Peter - SG
casque MKII (2014-07-19)
Leliner est bien ainsi qu ela jugulaire par contre la coque est assez horrible les pattes de jugulaire sont trop large et pas adaptées à la jugulaire (plus large) donc à demi satisfait
Sinon le service ( livraison) est très agréable

David - FR
Love the Helmet. (2013-12-26)
Great helmet, it was exactly as described, a steel shell, with liner, chinstrap, and net.

As the listing says, “needs some assembly”. This is of course true, and while it is relatively straight forward, I will do my best to assist those who further purchase this helmet.

First off I attached the chinstrap, as it can be difficult to attach it with the liner already in place. Next, I removed the nut from the bolt, and set the rubber crosspiece aside. I then put the screw through the helmet, and bolted the liner minus rubber crosspiece to it. The liner itself has some threading, and this threads onto the screw. Next, place the rubber cross piece on, and then screw the brass nut onto the screw. It should all fit together snugly, and not move about at all.

With regards to the net, it will not fit immediately, but will fit if it is wetted, and then placed with the addition of an extra pair of hands. When it drys, it will fit smartly.

All in all, great helmet.

Ben G - US
UK Complete Mk II Helmet (Package) (2013-11-28)
Well done, excellent services, thank you very much.

Lee - HK
Complete WW2 British Mk II helmet (2013-10-13)
Great product. Fast delivery. Assembled the pieces in no time. This is a great item.

Popiela - US
British MkII refurbished helmet. (2013-06-27)
Really happy with my purchase. Great quality. Took a little tim eto figure out the net but once that was done it looked really great. Just have to paint the nut.

Ballment - AU
mk11 helmet set (2013-04-24)
agree about the screw but otherwise great buy and delivered in a reasonable time thanks

mr (2013-03-24)
very good ...great helmet

leck - AU
MkII refurbished helmet package (2013-03-06)
All good , delivery on time , perfect done

Bloch - PL
UK Complete Mk II Helmet (Package) (2012-08-16)
Excellent helmet and components at decent price. Netting did not fit so easy. Screw had to be painted

Mr. (2012-07-27)
Nice helmet, just remember that you need to paint the screw!

Drodge - CA
Very good ! (2012-07-17)
This item is exactly what I was thinking about ! the only problem is the net, too little to be used... but I can use it without it (and with a little paint on the screw...). So I consider this as a very good article. And I thank WPG for the very good service, and for the quick shipment : it took a week to come to Switzerland.

Duruz - CH
UK Complete Mk II Helmet (Package) (2012-06-11)
I'm bought this helmet again. Outstanding helmet & quality liner, nets.

Peter - SG
Review (2012-03-20)
Very pleased with the helmet however the helmet net doesn't seem to fit.

Mcginness - GB
MkII helmet (2012-03-06)
Net was easy after wetting and a bit of stretching. Size fits exactly. Did I mention I painted the screw? Very satisfied.

Vanovcan - SK
David uk (2011-11-10)
Great package had to paint screw no hard to do net is a bit of a job to fit looks great thanks WPG

palmer - GB
helmt liner (2011-10-10)
helmet liner was very large, though I ordered smallest size. Not sure if I received the correct size. also, screw has to be painted. a nice package though.

Scaife - US
MK II helmet (2011-09-03)
Netting did not fit. Fortunately, I already had a net to fit. Screw had to be painted.

King - US
helmet package (2011-07-08)
I was impressed but I had to remove 2 inner rubber peices cause it hert the back off head and also front fore head but still worked out fine

Taylor - CA
Nice helmet. (2011-06-28)
Had a bit of a challenge sorting out the cam netting, and agree with previous comments about the unpainted screw, but overall very pleased with the end result.

O''Neil - AU
British Army MkII helmet package (2011-06-23)
Your British MkII refurbished helmet package is just perfect ! The package is also easy to assemble and looks great. Thank you, What Price Glory ! Very well done !

Stephane ARLT - CH
helmet (2011-02-15)
Very nice, fast shipping! Fits my massive head.

Pearson - US
UK complete Mark II helmet package (2011-02-04)

Hansen - US
Dr (2010-11-16)
Good was a little slow to Australia, but product was excellent.

Callaghan - AU
UK Complete Mk II Helmet (Package) (2010-09-22)
Excellent item. Couldn't be better!!!

Thumbs up!!!

Triffoni - BR
Good package (2010-09-02)
Getting the chinstrap bales took a bit of work but after that everything went together great. Tip- after mixing your Olive Tarrago Shoe Cream and Carrachan Green Gams Workshop paint to make KG3 blanco substitute, use the leftover paint to do up the screw on this helmet set. Matches perfectly.

Jicha - US
HELMET COMPLETE (2010-05-12)
Great helmet as usual BUT the liner had 3 rubber bumers missing from around the edge. And of course the middle scew SHOULD be painted green.Otherwise perfect.

Radford - AU
MkII helmet (2010-05-02)
Great fit.

Godi - US
MkII helmet complete. (2010-04-07)
Other than the upainted liner screw I am very imressed with the helmet and its parts. Its nice to be able to get a completely restored original helmet. Very happy with my transaction and the speed of delivery

Warren R - AU
UK Complete Mk II Helmet (2010-03-22)
Outstanding helmet & quality liner, nets. Thank you.:)

Peter - SG
Great Helmet (2010-02-18)
Fits perfect, will look great to my WWII uniform

schmidt - DK
$75 (2010-01-26)
Liner fits perfect. Excellent price and excellent quality.

Gavel - CANADA
Very good, but. . . . (2009-12-20)
Overall, very nice, but the shiny screw is a problem and I suspect the original would have had it painted over. Also, the camouflage netting is a pain in the a**.

epstein - US
Mk II (2009-12-02)
Excellent helmet and components at decent price.

Seerey - US
RMA (2009-11-26)
Outstanding quality

Fenech - MT
British Mk II Helmet (2009-05-15)
Outstanding. Great quality, ordered Monday, delivered Thursday, absolutely first class. Great job guys!

Glynn - Brampton, Canada
Very good (2009-03-11)
Excellent replica

Faggion - ITALY
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