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FAST DELIVERY (2019-12-30)

Hutson - US
Great quality garrison belt (2018-05-02)
Very fast delivery on the Garrison belt. The belt and pouches and frog are very well museum quality.

Kroegel - US
Belt (2018-04-07)
Attention to detail sets this belt in the same catagory as the original. It is a beautiful replica. Thank you

LCDR Hobie - Peabody,Ma
mr (2014-01-30)
Service on everything that I have ordered from
WPG has been great. the items purchased are hard to tell from original. With the Mills M1910 belt, I found that I could not insert a
5 round stripper clip in the ammo pouch far enough to close it. I simply wet both pouches. inserted a 5 round stripper closed the pouch and let it dry. So I am pleased!

White - US
none (2013-10-24)
Great Product. I am completely satisfied

Kay - US
US M1910 Mills Garrison Belt (2013-08-19)
This is another reproduction piece that is good enough to be called "museum quality". The markings look so good, that really only the fact that it is in really good condition betrays that the belt is not original! Thanks for another outstanding accomplishment.

Speer - US
Mills 1910 garrison blet (2011-07-02)
Really gave up trying to find an original in a large size. Received the belt quickly and am very happy with it.

Jimmy - Madison, Mississippi
Great! (2010-11-22)
After the application of personal and unit markings, a wash and use this belt fairs very well next to my original.

Well made and a good buy.

Mickey - Hummelstown PA
Thanks! (2010-09-28)
Nicely done. Looks even better with use.

Mike - PA
M1910 Mills Garrison Belt (2009-04-01)
Put it next to my originals and can hardly tell the difference ( except it''s cleaner ). Great service, too!

J - Illinois, US
Mills Belt (2009-03-27)
Great detail. Excellent repo. But watch that waistline. I am a 42 and used almost all the adjustment available. Definitely get the XL if you are a 42.

Jones - US
Outstanding!! (2008-06-12)
This is the finest repro I have ever seen of ANY repro of ANY type. I put this next to my mint original and this repro is exceptional!!! Great price too. Can''t go wrong with this one!!

Rel - Colorado
1910 Garrison Belt (2008-05-08)
VERY high quality reproduction! Robust enough for gunbelt use and metal fittings look quite good.

K. - Chicago, Il
1910 Garrison Belt (2008-03-10)
WOW..looks just like the original belt in ad photo and better..even in the flesh..!!
I bought two..!! Even the snaps are 99% correct..!!

Hugh Storite - USA
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