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Narrow (2023-02-20)
I wear a US 9.5W shoe/boot. As this size is not available, I ordered the UK size 9 (supposedly US 10 equal) but it is rather narrow and not at all like the roomy BRIT Ammo boots, BRIT Officers Ammo boots and French Mle 16's all of which are US 10's.
With these, however, a thin insole and thin socks still results in "Big toe" pressure both on the side and on the top of the toe. Barefoot and no insoles relieves the top pressure but not the side constriction.
It's almost like they are size 9 US instead of UK 9.
Construction is first rate though and they appear to be really well made.
I'm hesitant on ordering UK 10's as replacements if they are just as narrow.
Gave them a 4 for size issues but if you have "normal" feet, you should be ok.

William - VA
Desert Boots (2022-09-10)
Quality good.
New this crape rubber on a leather sole should make them last even longer.
Previous pair lasted 20 years.
Delivery fast.
No response to emails or questions

Pooley - GB
Good boots, great service (2021-10-26)
The boots are amazingly comfortably right from the start, and look great. They came very quickly, with no hassles. Thanks!

Wilmeth - US
Good boots! (2021-07-13)
I wear a US size 10, so I ordered the UK size 9, and they fit just fine. Nice construction, and they are comfortable right out of the box.

Dunn - US
brilliant Boots (2020-11-19)
really comfy boots, good firm sole with soft suede leather. only hassle was I'm a size UK 8 and the boots delivered were too tight, Sent them back and replacement size 9 arrived and they are spot on. great service and the communication is excellent. only dropped from 5 to 4 star due to the size issue.

Will - UK
Great look, durable - industrial chukka boots (2020-04-24)
So good I bought two pairs.
I waited a few months before posting a review to see how durable these boots were. They did not disappoint!
I've dyed both pairs. Tan and sandy beige respectively and they turned out great.
My usual UK size 9 (would be US 10) fits really well.
They have a unique look. Complimentary Comments from various people too.

Ralph B - UK
Superfast delivery!!! (2019-12-29)
Toe cap is a bit soft, but the sole is superb.

McCabe - LU
Fast delivery (2018-10-11)
I wear a size 13 and these boots fit perfectly. my only complaint is that most of the metal eye holes are popping out of the leather. But I think the leather is thick enough that it should not be a problem.

Dickerson - CA
UK Desert Boots. (2018-09-27)
Great pair of boots. Highly recommended. Well made, should last a long time.

Furlotte - CA
UK Desert boots (2018-09-12)
Item arrived quick. These boots are great. After having worn them, they are quite comfortable to wear. Thank you WPG!.

Laino - US
UK Desert Boots (2018-09-05)
Received them today and i am amazed at the quality of these boots!. They fit rather nicely and are very comfortable!. Thank you WPG !.

Tony - US
UK Desert Boots (2018-09-05)
Received them today and i am amazed at the quality of these boots!. They fit rather nicely and are very comfortable!. Thank you WPG !.

Tony - U.S.A.
Excellent service. (2018-06-06)
Very pleased, boots fit perfectly.

taylor - UK
Desert Boots (2018-03-29)
Bought these for a trip to the desert this summer. They fit great and are comfortable, extremely well priced and look incredibly fashionable. Looking forward to testing them.

Mario - USA
Very quick deliver and great quality (2017-12-20)
These boots arrived in a very quick time-frame and they are of a much improved quality. Very happy

Hobbs - NZ
Terrific (2017-10-06)
These boots are well constructed and made of quality materials. The soles and heels are extremely thick and tough, should last for years. Very well satisfied with these and all other purchases from WPG.

Williams - FR
eyecatcher (2017-07-25)
no other commercial offer comes close to the original design.Even on the first day wearing these shoes I have been asked multiple times for supplier

Interholz - AT
Fast delivery (2017-06-23)
Great boots, light uppers and durable soles. Exactly what i needed.

talty - CA
The boots are perfect (2017-02-15)
Very nice object, very well made, high quality, very similar. Perfect !

Chabot - FR
Tricky Sizing (2016-12-02)
I'm not a reenactor or a collector of military gear. I'm just an office worker who injured his ankle last year and has had to switch over to boots.

These boots caught my eye because of their retro look. At $65.00 they are a steal and I highly recommend.

A) They look great - I got a lot of compliments at work. The grey color is very distinctive and attractive when combined with dockers or jeans.
B) No break in period due to the supple leather. Right out of the box they feel like a pair of boots you've owned for a year.

A) The UK sizing combined with the fact that you need to leave room for inserts (the boots have no padding or arch support at all) can make ordering the right size a bit tricky.

In the end (after having to return the first pair) I bought a pair 1/2 size larger than my US size shoes - this left room for both my feet and the inserts. (I wear an 11 1/2 in US shoes and bought these boots in 12 UK).

Very happy with my purchase!

Kevin - USA
great boots, but... (2016-08-26)
The lace hole grommets are pulling out.
I'll likely take them to a cobbler though.

great pair of boots (2016-08-14)
I have been wearing the boots for a week now and they are great and comfortable. Only issue has been an eylet that popped out but thats no big deal.

Treichel - US
Good boots (2016-06-17)
Very pleased. Feel a bit tight with KD socks but will stretch a little as suede

Fast delivery. Wonderful boots. (2016-06-09)
Was worth the wait while they were restocked.

Fassett - CA
Mr. (2012-05-18)
Like wearing yor favourite slippers. Awesome! Will be buying more. What's the best way to waterproof / protect them?

Ellis - NZ
Capt. USMC(R) (2012-04-25)
I have never been disappointed with product received from WPG & these boots were no exception...they are very comfortable with about 30 minutes break-in, very nice reproduction & lightning fast shipping...but then again what do you expect from the best!

Hocutt - US
Excellent Quality at a Bargain! (2012-02-16)
I was able to still get these amazing boots at the reduced price before they were all gone & am VERY pleased. I take a 11.5 in a Wide with so went with a simple 12 & there was basically no breaking in aside from some initial chafing on the right heel that was gone after a couple of wearings. The quality is simply amazing and I highly recommend them. Hopefully they will be restocked in the future.

Michael - Staten Island,Noo Yawk, USA
boots (2012-02-07)
just what i needed to finnish of my.
middle east rachd uniform.
very happy.

hawkins - GB
Desert Boots (2012-01-24)
Well made boot great for any desert impression. Will wear these in the summer going to work.

Armbruster - US
Mr. (2012-01-19)
Very quick shipment with these desert boots. I wear a US size 13 and the fit is right on the money. Supple suede uppers and a substantial sole enhance the appearance and comfort of this boot.

porterfield - US
Mr (2011-12-19)
Excellent Quality and the sizing is perfect.

Wilby - GB
UK Desert Boots (2011-11-09)
These boots look great. Very soft leather. Doesn't look like there will be any breaking-in time. Thanks Jerry!

Crocker - US
Excellent (2011-07-07)
Fast shipment of boots! Excellent quality. I wear a 12 and I bought 13's They fit perfectly. I've been looking for a pair of British Desert Boots for years. Thanks WPG!

Fred - USA
Desert Boots (2011-06-21)
They are slightly too large, but a size 9 would be too small. My vast experience with the Quartermaster is he has two sizes of everything, too big and too small. I can work with big, but there is nothing to do with small. I will custom fit them like I have done with every boot I've ever owned. Wet 'em down and wear 'em until they dry. They will, in their life get wet, might as well get it over with. Overall, I really like them. The souls are the best part. The speed of shipping just boggles my mind, UAE to my little village in less than a week. This is the second product I've purchased from your company and I'm very satisfied with both.

Hatcher - US
Desert Boots (2011-06-21)
Wet ''em down and wear them till they dry for a custom fit. The Quartermaster has two sizes for everything, too big & too small, I can work with too big. I really like the soles. Very hard core pair of shoes.

Mark - Florida
UK Desert Boots (2011-06-08)
great boots, great price. sized a bit large. I added some very heavy insoles and they are still a bit loose. If you have wide feet these are the boots for you

Hart - US
Another top job (2011-06-02)
The Desert Boots are very well made. They are comfortable and look like they will last a long time.
Also super fast delivery. It took about 3 days from the UAE. Thanks again!

Giovanna - US
UK desert boots (2011-05-22)
I like these boot very much. Shipping was super fast. good Job well done.

Cunningham - US
Desert Boots (2011-05-17)
Ordered on Sunday, arrived on Thursday (UAE to NYC) Beautiful construction, incredibly comfortable.

Birch - US
Desert Boot (2011-04-28)
Quaity boot, break in time is short .Am well pleased with them .Will work well over groud I travel

Hunnewell - US
Comfy (2011-04-19)
Fit is perfect even though I wear a 10 1/2 (these are elevens). Nice material, I hope they can hold up on treasure hunting expeditions, time will tell.

Jake - SW
Desert Boots (2011-03-30)
Very pleased with price, quality and delivery time. But, a little too short - no sweat, I sold them to a friend at cost! I've always been pleased with WPG, and have referred a lot of people to them!

Bartlett - US
Nice boots but I returned them for size issues (2011-03-27)
These are very well made boots, and soft, but overall they didn't fit. I wear a 9.5 and got 10s, but the ankle area was so big and I had a lot of room in my toe area. I sent them back and am expecting the new size shortly.

Scherrer - US
UK desert boots (2011-03-25)
Model good. Soft leather.
The size 45 euro = 12 us is a little small for use with wool socks

quattrina - IT
UK Desert Boots (2011-03-25)
Another great product from WPG. When they first arrived thought they were too tight, as I have a 13 EEE foot. Stupidly, I did not pull out the light foam inserts! They now fit great. The light grey color was a little unsual, however, after I sealed them with a quality suede sealer they toned down just fine. So thanks to WPG, I now have a very nice set of very soft, excellent fitting, slightly darker (my preference) boots that Wajeed really went out of the way to ensure I was fitted well and happy. I am very happy to recommend, be sure to clarify your size carefully. These boots appear to be handmade, and have replaceable soles and heels if you still have a cobbler or shoe maker. Worth every penny of purchase and shipping. Very courteous and fast response. THANK YOU Wajeed! Dean

DeSoto - US
UK Desert Boots (2011-03-07)
They arrived quickly and fit well. Put in some different insoles and the are very comfortable. Dyed them black to go with my Rough Rider outfit.

Radford - US
UK Desert boots (2011-03-06)
Nice boot. The size 11 fits my 10.5 EE foot well. These will be my "daily drivers".

Terry Pratt - Maine, USA
Guy who pays the bills (2011-02-10)
Good quality, great price and nice looking boots. You do good work, Jerry. ( and don't take any nonsense from these guys!)

colihan - US
Tus GER (2011-02-03)
great fit , good rubber soles

Dr - DE
UK Desert Boots (2011-01-10)
Great pair of boots - so supple! First time customer - speedy delivery, fantastic customer service. Thanks.

Hawkins - AU
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