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Great Product! (2024-03-29)
I only had 1 issue, the soldering around the neck of the canteen leaks, when you filled the cap up past the neck, it would leak from the neck. Its not a major issue, but with time while walking it can leak a small bit out.

overall aspect it was a great product!

(Disclaimer for the other reviews i read)
I ordered the aluminum cap, it didn't come with both like how some reviews were saying,

Jaffar - Kansas United States
Excellent (2023-12-17)
This is the second canteen I have purchsed from WPG and both live up to their reputation. More than happy with the purchase.

Thomas   - CA
Best Repro on Market (2023-11-24)

Like the original, the canteen is welded from 2 parts. A little lighter than the original. the rivets of the cup are not smoothed inside, The Canteen an cup is wort the Money !

Rueegg - CH
Super fast (2023-10-21)
Got it and looks great

Pace - US
Great canteen (2023-09-12)
First impressions out of the box the canteen seems very well made and historically accurate. The cover I purchased with it seems well made as well. After looking at reviews on the cheaper knockoffs sold elsewhere I went with What Price Glory. And I am glad I did. I ordered it with the plastic cap but like others have said. I received an aluminum cap along with the plastic one! Nice! Also I was surprised at how shortly I received it given where it shipped from. The only thing I would suggest to What Price Glory is that if you would offer a canteen cup stove I would have purchased that as well. Thank you WPG.

Adam - USA
Very accurate reproduction of M1910 canteen (2022-11-14)
This reproduction WPG M1910 canteen with aluminum cap is by far the most accurate, with only very minor difference from the original wartime canteen comparing them side by side. Give this canteen an actual field use and after a while, it is hard to tell them from the original. Great item from WPG and again, the delivery is extremely fast as always. Thank you.

Dizon - CA
Very fast delivery (2022-10-25)
Very satisfied customer, many thanks Jerry Lee.

Grazioso - US
Great Repos but… (2022-07-17)
I bought one each of the metal top canteen kits and one of the plastic top canteen sets. Both sets came with metal tops connected and one set had a loose plastic top thrown in the box for me to install? Both sets are nice quality but installing the plastic top replacing the metal top version looks interesting?

Grout - US
Very good! (2022-06-11)
10/10 feels and looks like the real thing!

Robert - PA
Consistent high quality (2022-06-03)
Every item I buy from WPG is of consistent high quality and delivered quickly.

Stephenson - US
Excellent quality (2022-05-18)
I just love this canteen and canteen cover.Excellent quality ALL THE WAY!!

Mattscheck - US
Very close to original (2022-05-16)
Nice set, good price!

Rob - US
Nice canteen (2020-12-18)
I purchased the aluminum cap canteens, look very similar to my originals, I really like it.
The cup is ok, and good quality, but the kidney shape is a little different than originals. It came as a set, and I probably would not order the cup separately, but it’s fine for campfire use.
I would rate the set at 4.5, so I rounded up.

Steve Va - US
canteen order (2020-12-10)
Both canteens were ordered with the black plastic caps. Neither canteen had the plastic cap affixed. One canteen we were able to switch the cap but the other one we were not able to correct. Really wanted the WW2 version of the canteen

Brandt - US
Love this canteen (2020-10-25)
My son loves the canteen!

List - US
very pleased (2020-04-10)
Very good repro,fast service.No complaints

severson - US
Amazed (2020-09-07)
5 stars a nice set and fast shipping, awesome!

Great reproduction canteen (2020-09-07)
Great reproduction canteens
for drinking out of you make the
best reproduction canteen. I mean
without WPG on the canteen it can
be mistaken for an original one.
It’s that good.


Langston - US
Outstanding (2020-09-03)
Very pleased with the product, fast and efficent service.

Thomas - CA
Solid product (2020-05-12)
Arrived on time and well packaged. The product itself is solid and feels just like the real deal. Customer service is great.

Flynn - US
Good equipment (2020-03-31)
Am never dissatisfied with items and service.

Littlejohn - US
Excellent (2020-03-15)
Thank you for these very difficult product to find today.

Parfait (2020-03-14)
Rien à redire juste à la patiner

Super (2020-02-17)
They are awesome. Thank you guys for producing them !!

Von - US
5 (2020-01-18)
looks great and it doesn't leak.

Wilson - US
Incredibly fast delivery! (2020-01-04)
Delighted with all of the items that I have received. I look forward to ordering other items soon.

McCabe - LU
Incredibly fast delivery! (2020-01-04)
Delighted with all of the items that I have received.

McCabe - LU
Can't beat it! (2019-12-10)
The canteen and cup are well constructed and conform to the originals!

Rob - US
Incredibly fast delivery! (2019-09-26)
WPG, your repro 1quart canteen and cup exceeded all expectations. So much so I retired my GI 1943 canteen cup set to display. The 1917 date on my canteen was a nice touch and the best repro out there! Forego the knock off Chinese copies! Also I used it while riding my tractor. It keeps fluids cool in its felt canteen cover! No more messy, warm, funny tasting camel pack ....retired it too!

Rivas - US
US WW1 Aluminium Canteen w/ canteen cup (2019-06-22)
Just the thing I need to portray a U.S. Soldier of the era from the Mexican Punitive Expedition under Gen. J.J. Pershing thru the great war.

Oxx - US
Good Value (2019-04-11)
Better than trying to clean out an original canteen and cup. Also had an extra chain and two extra corks.

Perkins - US
excellent reproduction (2019-03-14)
great canteen, not farby looking like other ones, fits cover good

jim - US
M1910 Canteen Set (2019-02-04)
I replaced the chain and installed an NOS cork gasket. Otherwise it's an excellent reproduction canteen set. Nailed the canteen perfectly. Cup is a hair short, but still a superb reproduction, with a nice sturdy handle. No 70+ year old gunk to worry about either.

Fox - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2019-01-17)
*IIIII* Très belle Gourde US Q+++++

US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2019-01-17)
*IIIII* très belle gourde super bien emballé pas de problème pour une prochaine commande Q+++++

Super (2019-01-17)
ery well packaged and very good material..

Fast delivery (2018-11-08)
Very good quality. Sturdy canteen and cup not thin metal like a lot of repos out there.

Niedbalski - US
nice (2018-10-10)
Very nice and useable

Isenhart - US
Very nice items (2018-10-09)
Fast delivery...good items...I shall use WPG again

Isenhart - US
Could have 6* (2018-08-14)
Yes ! This product is amazing, and friends told that to me too ! It looks exactly like a period one as well ! Great product !

Decent Quality (2018-07-22)
The canteen and cup were of decent quality for the price.

M1910 anteen (2018-07-11)
Good reproduction canteen although the cup is a little too big for my USMC cover. But other wise really good and saves me from having to use my originals.

Pylant - US
Quality repro. (2018-07-04)
Quality repro item and decent international shipping!

Felsted - UK
Fast shipping, great quality, (2018-04-17)
I'm very pleased with the canteen, cup, and cover. Looks great.

Mark - US
canteen (2018-04-06)
I received the canteen, I like the product. I have been searching for a long time for a decent reproduction. The canteen fits my needs for reenacting and to retire my original.
Thanks again.

Bathserrano - US
great service (2018-04-03)
all stats over here

Valadez - US
Canteen (2018-04-01)
I now have the period correct canteen for my doughboy impression.

Ryan - AU
Great canteen, cup is just ok (2014-04-04)
This canteen and cup set was my first purchase from WPG. The canteen I received is solid and functional but has a couple of small drawbacks - 1. the threaded sleeve on the neck spins, making it a chore to unscrew the metal cap one-handed. To correct this, I carefully peened the neck over the top of the sleeve with a mallet. Problem solved. 2. The chain has to be molly-coddled or it will break under normal use. Mine hasn''t completely broken yet, but it''s not far off it. The canteen cup which comes with the set looks the part, but it''s the wrong shape and doesn''t taper like an original. No big deal, but something to be aware of if you intend to use the set in the wilds. I swapped my cup out for a current Aussie stainless steel cup which is identical to a 1950s US cup. The best thing about the canteen is that it can actually keep the water cool - far more effectively than a plastic canteen which seems to keep water tepid regardless of the temperature outside. Great item.

thejungleisneutral - Au
M1910 Canteen (2014-03-17)
This is a well-built canteen that will last for years. Unlike the cheap canteens I had as a kid, these are heavy-duty and appear very much like the original M1910. Thick metal, strong welds and absolutely no leaking. I have no regrets with this purchase and would highly recommend to anyone who wants a sturdy canteen that will last. The chain is the weakest part of the canteen, but is not a deal breaker.

Haley - US
M1910 canteen (2014-03-06)
Glad I bagged the last one...! A very nice and well-made canteen, the welding seams give it a very rugged character! Mine came with a small dent, but never mind, let''s just say someone''s horse gave it a kick. Excellent customer service as usual!

Philip - GB
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