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No disappointment! (2022-02-19)
Fast shipping and great quality as always

Robson - CA
Happy like a child (2022-01-21)
nice quality i just love it and very fast delivery

Giannis - Cyprus
Mistakes corrected (2021-05-11)
They screwed up my order big time. They did, however, correct it eventually. Very happy with them for that.

France - US
Super fast (2018-07-23)
This the best of the best., Your President could learn from your company. Canadian Customers, are not the enemy of the USA, This company service is Super Fast, great Quality, and affordable. Thank you.

Mackenzie - CA
Quick ship! (2016-11-28)
Great item & quick ship!

Cleary - US
feedback (2013-09-24)
verry good quality fits verry good and hooks fit the amo pounches exelent thank you

kuipers - NL
L Straps (2013-04-09)
Jerry, great product. Keep them coming.

Bracken - US
Mr. (2013-03-13)
Very pleased with all the items I have ordered,
The L straps are top notch! Also you guys have great customer service!
I'm a very satisfied customer. Keep up the good work.

John Pyne - US
Great (2012-10-25)
These are awesome! They look great, and by extra long, they mean extra long.

New - US
UK P-37 L-Straps (Extra Long) (2012-09-24)
great service and the excellent items, many thanks!

Romanovskiy - UA
Excellent (2012-08-21)
They are exactly what I needed for my small pack. In fact, they are even bigger than what I thought, but, hey man... good for me ! Now, I can finally put my small pack on my British 1937 webbing equipment. Thanks guys ! and of course, always the fast shipping...

Duruz - CH
Great Repro Shoulder Straps (2012-08-10)
Nice reproduction, about 90% exact to the originals in my collection. Perfect for my Sinai War impression.

Jedediah - Illinois
Rather Nice, Really (2012-08-07)
Having been a living historian for over 20 years, portraying British Highlanders in WWI, the 1st Inniskillings in WWII, and the Glosters in Korea, I am a bit of an absolute authority of all things related to British webbing. I must say that I am very impressed with these XL pack straps. The brass fittings are strong. The weave of the cotton is dead on to what one would find in South African and Indian webbing of WWII. With the proper use of blanco (which all living historians should be using), these straps are the perfect color. I highly recommend all my troops!

Roger - Illinois
L-straps (2012-07-05)
Can't tell the difference from my originals, that's how good they are.

Jenkinson - US
UK P-37 L-Straps (Extra Long) (2012-03-07)
These straps are great. They look/work like the real thing.

Irving - US
Straps (2012-02-10)
Great repro. Thanks jerry. Keep it up.

Armbruster - US
Paratrooper (2012-01-10)
Better than what I was expecting.
Keep up the good work.

Urlich-Vivar - US
DAVID GB (2011-11-10)
Great L Straps that fit the larger person thanks WPG

palmer - GB
L straps Extra long (2011-04-22)
Thank you for offering this product for my size so im comfortuble when im out playing .
Thank you Jerry Lee
P.S. Im a big W.P.G. groopey HA HA
thaks for everything ( products) you offer

Taylor - CA
UK P-37 L-Straps (Extra Long) (2011-03-28)
Hallelujah!, finally some L-straps that fit!
Nice product!

Graus - NL
strap (2011-02-15)
Very nice, longer than I thought it would be.

Pearson - US
L-straps (2011-02-08)
A really practical item that looks great too.

Arroyo - PH
P 37 Straps, extra long (2011-01-29)
As usual, a fine product. It really helps when wearing extra clothing under the Denison. They look as good as original and are the answer for the modern reenactor.

Black - US
Very happy (2010-09-29)
Really good product, and the extra length means that the pack can actually be worn. Only thing is, the shipping advice was sent to me the day that the parcel arrived. A minor hiccup I suppose

Beuzeville - AU
L-straps for Goofy (2010-07-04)
Im'm very tall( 195 cm ) and thats why a choose
theese extra long L-straps. Makes my small pack sit well on my shoulders. Coulors on the strap match perfect with my original small pack.

Wallin - SE
Another very accurate piece of gear... (2009-11-23)
Go perfectly with the P-37 small pack. Had to look up a website on how they attached to the pack, as I couldn't figure out how they were meant to go together. However, once I knew, couldn't help but be impressed with the rugged simplicity of how the whole thing works and can be re-configured to suit different needs and usages...

Griffiths - AU
xl L-straps (2009-03-13)
Well made.

Hinkley - US
UK P-37 L-Straps (Extra Long) (2009-03-07)
Well made reproduction product, fast shipping as always with Jerry.

Cook - US
L Straps (2009-02-19)
Excellent repro. The brass shigned up nicely with Brasso and elbow grease. I am always happy with WPG items. Thanks again.

Tatham - CANADA
mr (2009-01-27)
very happy with items many thanks

kenny - IRELAND
straps (2009-01-25)
Good items , very long, which is good for me beinf 6ft 3 :)

driver - UK
B kenny (2009-01-22)
great items no complaints

kenny - IRELAND
UK P-37 L-Straps (2008-12-10)
really great quality items thanks

kenny - IRELAND
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