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Always excellent service and quality (2022-11-05)
Im extremely happy with my holster. Arrived early and in perfect shape. Color is great and it fit my six inch barreled revolver perfectly. As always the products here are high quality. I never worry about ordering items from What Price Glory!! Thanks everyone for great service and products!!

Elwood - CA
very good and fast (2021-11-01)
great just like the real thing

lees - UK
fast delivery!!! (2021-03-29)
Now Im gonna to buy the other holster Raiders style!!

lagos - CL
Great Look (2020-10-09)
Completing my Indy costume with the gun holster and it looks great!

Hepfer - US
Great product (2020-10-04)
Well made, and fits my old Smith and Wesson perfectly.
delivery was fast!

a great period piece. (2020-09-29)
I had one of these a few years ago but this batch seems much improved. the leather is dark brown and the studd holding the flap in place is reinforced.-the original one i had popped off, not good, but this works just fine and seats my .38 Webley in style

Astle - US
Excellent item and service (2020-08-03)
I'm just getting started in the Indiana Jones hobby, and Jerry and the crew were shipping, and the holster is top-notch. I will definitely buy from WPG again!

Dawkins - US
AWESOME! (2020-05-03)
Great product, great price, outstanding service!!!!!

Krueger - US
Great holster. Looks authentic (2020-01-15)
Product was great and so was ordering and shipping

Spenser - US
Best 1917 holster made today (2018-11-17)
I'd wanted a holster for my Colt and S&W 1917's for decades. When I found this one I was astonished at the high quality and low price. It fits my other New Service Colt and N-Frame Smiths as well. Very versatile with full protection for these rugged old warhorses.

Campbell - US
Raider's Holster (2018-08-13)
Another great and well made leather holster from Jerry. I hit it with some mink oil to loosen it up then stuck my US Army 1917 revolver in side it for 2 days to stretch it to a custom fit. Buy one you won't disappointed.

Zack - US
Holster 6 (2018-08-06)
After getting the 4 barrel holster I definitely wanted the 6" and still high quality leather goods from WPG. Jerry keep up the good work!!!!

Zack - 625D3
Indiana Jones style Holster (2018-07-25)
Received this holster yesterday and it is awesome! Fits my Webley like a glove and the material and craftsmanship are top notch! Shipping blew my mind! I ordered this, a belt, a MKVII bag, and leather strap on a Thursday and they all arrived, from the UAE, on the following Monday! Communication from WPG was excellent as well. FYI, this holster matches the "Indiana Jones Leather Belt (2018 Production)" perfectly. I won't hesitate to order from WPG in the future.

Great quality and fast delivery (2017-12-27)
The holster is real leather, looks, good, and came quickly. Now I just need to get a 1917 S&W.

Lally - US
Very fast delivery (2016-10-27)
I am pleased with the quality of my item and arrived on time!

Munoz - US
Absolutely First-Rate (2016-08-07)
Delivery of the holster was amazingly fast, considering that it was shipped from a foreign country. The holster's quality is exceptional. The leather appears to be of a high grade and its flexibility is perfect for the holster's design. The holster looks great and fulfills its function admirably.

Juszczyk - US
Great Surprise (2016-08-05)
The holster arrived promptly, and I was impressed by its quality. The workmanship and materials used appeared first-class. No reservations in recommending this product.

Frank - Silver City, NM, USA
Excellent quality (2016-02-12)
Good job on the holster, had to modify it a little to lodge my k 38.

V - SE
holster (2015-12-30)
nice good deal

Thomas - US
Indiana Jones style holster (2015-09-21)
Amazing leatherwork.Using it to put my archaeology trowels in.Delivery prompt. Price extremely reasonable considering the exceptional quality.

Piper - UK
Excellent quallity (2014-10-02)
Very well made! Only problem I had was that the goofs at Canada Customs held my package, and demanded I tell them what I planned to do with the holster! Idiots.

Harris - CA
Holster (2014-09-17)
Good quality leather but very stiff at first. I added a little neatsfoot oil and left my revolver in the holster. Now it is softer and it fits my revolver perfectly! It had a bit of mildew and some signs of corrosion on the pin. A little conditioner fixed it right up.

Smith - US
Indiana Jones style Holster (2014-08-20)
Very stiff leather holster, which would hold the weight of a metal replica pistol with no problems!

Gibson - GB
Holster (2014-07-10)
Great value

Fenech - MT
mr (2014-06-29)
Could not be better. Very pleased.

Fenech - MT

Indiana Jones holster (2013-05-04)
high quality leather work. a bit tight for a large frame pistol. Saddle soap takes off the slight mildew that was evident but I am pleased with the product. The delivery goes without saying..amazing.

Jones - US
Indy Holster (2013-04-23)
Arrived fast and it looks great. Hold my S&W perfect. Great product!

Doolittle - US
Amazing worksmanship (2013-03-08)
Sturdy, well built however, it bears little resembles to the movie prop used in Indy movies.

Ervin - NY/USA
Mr. (2012-10-30)
Great service,fast shipping fit my S&W 1917 perfectly!

Keith,OR - US
Great Holster (2012-10-25)
This item is well made and seems a great value for the price. Looking forward to housing a Smith & Wesson in this item.

Sweeney - US
Clark, US (2012-09-23)
Great quality and craftsmanship. Quick delivery.

Ramsey - US
Excellent (2012-05-07)
I received the holster very quickly and at a very good price. Awesome holster.

Lenerville - US
Indy Holster (2012-01-26)
Excellent craftsman ship!! Great price too!! Won't get a better one anywhere at this price!!

White - US
Webley Holster (2011-11-15)
I have had this holster for three years now. It has been used extensively and it is very hard to tell it from a new one! It looks like a briand new and unissued WWI Webley holster. I am certain it will outlast me and whomever comes accoss it after me!! A great addition to my Indiana Jones kit.

Kevin - Hemet, California
Mixed review (2011-11-14)
Quality of leather and craftsmanship is better than most I have purchased in the past however there is no way I can close the strap on my Webley.

Williams - US
Great Holster (2011-10-29)
Greeat service and a great product!

Flap Holster (2011-10-11)
I ordered the Indiana Jones flap holster to protect an old S&W revolver while in the woods. From the price I didn't expect much. I was wrong. I've paid three times the amount for a such a well made holster. This is an excellent product and price, quickly shipped.

Sparry - US
Indiana Jones Holster (2011-07-09)
Impressive delivery time. Good quality leather, however it will not fit a Smith & Wesson Model 20 (1917) unless modified.

Standard, James - US
fast shipping and top quality (2011-05-03)
very best quality ive seen in leather holster

ferrer - US
Good holster (2011-03-10)
Hey i received my indiana jones holster very very quickly and i'm very happy with that :).
Very good quality and very nice color.
Thanks WPG

Randall (2011-02-09)
Very pleased. Thank you.

Hayes - CA
I Jones Holster (2011-01-12)
A great value. One small problem is that the strap hole is not correct for a Colt 1917; requires punching another hole further down strap to accomodate the large revolver.

Dommers - US
Great Holster. (2010-10-21)
Fantastic quality leather and craftsmanship. Fast shipping. Will need breaking in but that is to be expected. Thank You!

Timmer - US
Southern California (2010-10-14)
Very good quality and impressive delivery time.

Miller - US
Excellent (2010-09-08)
Excllent quality, so beatiful,arrive in excelent conditions, regards

segoviano - MX
Indiana Jones style Holster (2010-08-26)
I was very surprised when this holster arrived! Great quality and what was the best is seeing my S&W model 1917 fit so well in it. I was very pleased with it and the fast delivery. Way to go WPG!

Holster (2010-04-29)
Nice holster, although a bit stiff.

Pierre - CA
holster (2010-02-07)
Great product...Arrived in record time too....

sheriff - GI
Good fit (2010-01-31)
This holster is well made and easily fits both my Webley and S&W revolvers. Leather is good quality for the price.

Larry - KY
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