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good item (2021-07-11)
It was wayyyyyy to big on me but I'm satisfied with the quality of the uniform

Ardley - US
Excellent reproduction (2020-09-29)
Wrong feedback lack in my previous comment as was meant for another item - This tunic cannot be faulted in any way - just an alteration to the sleeve and perhaps one or two darts at the back to look more of a tight fit.

Micallef - MT
Fantastic reproduction. (2020-09-29)
Well done in every aspect. I suggest that you offer a cloth belt with this jacket which will come useful in re-enacting RAF.

Micallef - MT
UK Khaki ORs Service Dress Tunic (2020-08-20)
Well made, fits well and very close to the original.

Queensland - Australia
Wonderful outfit (2018-12-27)
With very few modifications I was a to make a passable Rough Rider tans for my Spanish American War cosplay. This was great

Burke - US
Great delivery (2018-07-10)
The coat is just what I wanted.

sattilaro - US
Like it (2018-06-29)
Very good quality for a small price! I like it! Will buy again!

Dierk - Germany
O/Rs Tunic (2018-05-23)
O/Rs British Tunic was a fabulous fit & super fast delivery. Great value.

Binns - AU

Amazed (2016-09-03)
All good.

Kurtz - AU
Fast delivery, (2016-03-26)
Goods well received. Fits well. A question - the trousers I ordered were UK Officer Khaki Drill Trousers, but only because you were nil stocked on my size "38" in the UK TROPICAL KHAKI DRILL SERVICE DRESS TROUSERS, which I was seeking. Will you be restocking in size 38 and 40 in that style?

Sterling - AU
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (2015-08-04)
great looking tunic and service was super fast.

Lopez - US
British KD WW1 (2015-03-24)
Looks like well made and authentic kit. Good price too and delivered quickly Thanks

doyle - UK
British OR khaki drill tunic (2014-10-02)
Very nicely done; lots of interesting details, good buttons; it fits like it should; a great value.

Ryder - US
Fast KDs! (2014-09-10)
My Other Rank Service Dress Tunics (one British and ine Scottish) were delivered withing a few days. They fit perfectly and will with a little effort convert to earlier 1890s pattern tunics.

MC Heunis - Bloemfontein, RSA
Good looking kit (2014-07-31)
I left this on the trousers by accident, but my only qualm about the KD tunic is the fact the buttons aren't sewn, but are attached via metal loops. It makes shining the buttons a trickier process.

I'v seen some better examples of KD on the market, but they are much much more expensive. This is a good value kit, for the $$.

Harrison - CA
Drill Service Dress Tunic (2014-03-04)
Excellent service; top quality workmanship at an affordable price; looks great. Being used for an Australian Boer War impression as well as Aus WW 2 tropical uniform.

Binns - AU
SD Tunic & Trousers (2014-02-13)
Very nice reproduction tunic and trousers,unfortunately I ordered the wrong sizes, trousers very large. Lighting fast delivery excellent service.

Binns - AU
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (2013-12-19)
Simply wonderful!

roberto.dragoon - IT
1902 Khaki SD Tunic (2013-10-17)
Fantastic! Makes me want to march up and down the dusty plain then swill some Gin and Tonics afterward. Why Gin and Tonic? Simple! When you spill it on your immaculate tunic, it wont stain! Well done Jerry!

Luscombe - CA
Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (British Pattern) (2013-07-07)
Great price, great service, almost as quick as domestic parcel post here in the UK. Quality good, a few problems (tiny) with the hook and eye fasteners at the collar as they'd disappeared into the collar itself - easily sorted.

Will certainly look forward to receiving my trousers, but will order more definitely. Top supplier, very impressed.

Bracewell - GB
Good all round product (2013-07-02)
This is a splendid product let down only by the hook and eye fittings at the neck. These were very loosely sewn in, and as it arrived today 02/07/13 (excellent delivery time) it was a little early to have to repair them. That said, great jacket and I''ll be ordering again.

Rob - UK
KD Tunic (2013-06-04)
Great fit - as stated will require tailoring of the cuffs - would like to see a better finish on the button holes!

Kennedy - US
SD tunic (2013-06-03)
Excellent quality tunic. Sleeves needed to be shortened, but it was a simple tailor job to do that. I went with the next size up and I'm glad I did. I normally take a 42, but thankfully I went with the 44. Fits just about perfectly with just a little room to spare. Just a tad snug under the arms, but that could be the authentic cut of the tunic. Repro brass buttons are very well done and are fitted with a removeable ring for washing.

Donovan - US
feedback for KD (2013-03-11)
Well constructed uniform, fits me well, had to move buttons slightly otherwise perfect.

heath - GB
OR KD tunic (2012-12-03)
Excellent quality exceptional price

Borg - AU
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (British Pattern) (2012-11-18)
Excellent reproduction of the british service dress tunic. Good quality and well made. Thanks WPG.

roberto.dragoon - IT
Khaki Drill Dress Tunic. (2012-07-24)
I am very pleased with the tunic and how fast it came thank you.

Weaver - GB
mr (2012-07-07)
The quickest delivery I've ever had almost next day

Stuart - GB
Mr (2012-07-04)
Very good quality for very reasonable prices.
Good communication regarding my request of merging shipments. Costumerfriendly attitude combined with amazing deliveryspeed.
Will order again.

Zeventer - NL
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (British Pattern) (2012-06-18)
Excellent reproduction of the original, easily tailored to fit properly.

Horse Soldier - US
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (2012-05-10)
Great quality at a great price, fit is spot on. More great service from WPG.

McCleaf - US
Very Nice (2012-03-14)
Wonderful product, great color, and an excellent price. Now I need to get the trousers. :)

Wadkins - US
khaki jacket 1902 (2012-02-19)
lovely piece of work, nice price as well

baker - GB
You past the test (2012-01-04)
With a few adjustments like changing pocket flaps and shortening the arms I will make this tunic into a perfect Boer War item. This was a test item before I purchase more, and I definitely will. Thank you for your professional service, excellent pricing and great items for sale.

Mickey G - AU
UK KD OR Service Dress Tunic (2011-11-07)
This is an excellent tunic and very reasonable for the price. To make inprovement to the quality of the fittings you could fit correct brass belt keepers (not painted metal)and brass split pins or "R" clips on the back of the high quality brass buttons. The small split rings are difficult to remove. Our reenactment group will now be adopting this tunic as our tropical dress tunic.

Ron S. Australia.

Stehn - AU
Excellent (2011-10-18)
As advertised, good price, great fit. Excellent service, received down this end of the world just a week after ordering which is impressive. We tailored them for a perfect fit and made the collar standing to fit with our requirements.

Heinsius - NZ
1902 patt tunic... (2011-07-26)
great..will be ordering more..

muir - NZ
Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (British Pattern) (2011-07-10)
Perfect match to the trousers and again highly recommended. Even my tailor was impressed when I told them the price!!

Ulrich - GB
uniform (2011-05-30)
good Uniform

Petros - Germany
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (British Pattern) (2011-04-23)
Fits very nicely. I've decided to roll up cuff the sleeves instead of tailoring it. Very nice and authentic Khaki color!! Will be buying from WPG again!!!

Murphy - US
Mr (2011-04-23)
Very speedy delivery and great value for the price. Very pleased with this item. Thanks.

Hurley - GB
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (British Pattern) (2011-03-08)
Actually, better than expected- and I have great expectations.

Ashford - SE
Tunic (2011-01-23)
Great! Fast delivery.

Rae - NZ
KD other ranks SD (2011-01-06)
Excellent service and prompt delivery. Well made tunic - needs tailoring to cuffs. Ideal for Australian Colonial impression with period buttons and badges. Cheers, Kim

fawkes - AU
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (British Pattern) (2010-11-02)
Nice item. Can't wait to wear it in summer instead of my Blanket wool tunic.

Tuohy - NZ
KD Service Tunic (2010-10-28)
This is a very nice repro tunic. I was surprised by the detailing, eg. brass belt hooks, brass collar hooks, button rings, cuff scallops...Budget price but super quality. And delivery in 3 days. Many thanks

Greene - US
British pattern OR tunic (2010-10-27)
Great jacket. Good fit, color, style. The sleeves were nice and long and adjustable to arm length. Good job Jerry. Thank you.


Simmons - US
AMAZING SERVICE (2010-10-09)
Could not believe the speed with which I receieved this, and also the qualityof items.
Thank you for your excellent service. Will buy from you again without a doubt.

UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (British Pattern) (2010-09-13)
Good quality item, as mentioned above tailoring rquired but good quality item for the money.

de - GB
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